Chapter 180: The Attacking Major Xia

From the moment that she presented the sanitary pad to them, it was a gamble to test how prideful and cautious they were against her.

What happened proved that she had won this gamble.

Leaning her back against the icy cold wall, she breathed deeply in relief again. She had a tracker and communication device with her, all she had to do was to give her location to Xia Jinyuan!

The officers at Interpol…Ha, she didn’t trust them enough!

At the side of the room, Gao Yiyang had already started to scan the room for any windows to escape from. With a swish, he pulled back the heavy curtain and noticed the green translucent glass window and the view of the traffic light outside in front of him.

He reached over to pull on the window excitedly…however, the window didn’t budge, it was evidently sealed shut.

“Ye Jian, come over here.” Unwilling to give up, he turned around and faced the statue-like Ye Jian, who had been leaning against the wall, and told her, “It’s glass, we need to find a way to break it.”

Ye Jian felt slightly reassured after she noticed the unhurried and calm Gao Yiyang who knew to find ways to escape. At least he didn’t break down and have a panic attack.

There were no cameras in the room and she did not feel the presence of anyone  keeping watch of them. Her back was facing Gao Yiyang when she fastened her earpiece that was previously too far away to send a signal. She then pulled out the tracker device, which was smaller than her palm, and inputted her signal. Immediately she heard the beeping sound of the signal being transmitted.

After the transmission was organized and went through a few transfers, it showed up on Bell’s laptop application.

“Xia, Over here!” Bell was the police officer who contacted Ye Jian in the hotel because he had experience working with the Chinese military. When no one volunteering to deal with the current situation, he took the initiative to cooperate with the Chinese soldiers.

Xia Jinyuan and Xu Yu were present in the room. Once they heard the sound of the signal being transmitted, both of them immediately rushed to the computer screen at the same time.

Selecting, zooming in, orienting, confirming…They were able to locate Ye Jian in a mere 2 minutes.

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“This is in King’s Cross district, the area of drugs, prostitutes, and gangsters. There is a lot of dirty stuff down there. Sh*t, that area is their territory and they have plenty of their own men there. If we want to save Jian, it will be difficult,” Bell stated after confirming the location. His hands were clenched into fists and he slammed them against the table. He then said in frustration, “You guys still need to arrest the Red Scorpion. Xia, leave Jian for us to handle.”

After Xia Jinyuan confirmed Ye Jian’s location again, he whispered to Xu Yu, “Depart in three minutes.” He turned to Bell, “Thank you my friend. But this problem can be solved by anyone, let’s take care of Red Scorpion first.”

Bell wasn’t a front line police officer and could not proceed with Xia Jinyuan. Upon hearing this, he said worriedly, “Be careful, we have dispatched many police forces to deal with the gangs and have never able to get to the bottom it.”

After thinking for a while, he reached under his pillow and took out a gun. “Buddy, take it, it will be of good use later.”

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Though Xia Jinyuan and Xu Yu were armed with guns, Ye Jian wasn’t.

After accepting the gun, he checked the magazine, it was full with fifteen bullets present. After switching it to standby mode, Xia Jinyuan raised his eyebrows and elegantly let out a serious laugh. “If only there was another spare magazine. It would be better; having a spare puts me at ease.”

Bell, shrugged his shoulders as if there was no other way and laughed as he took the spare magazine out from under the pillow and handed it to Xia Jinyuan. “Good luck, buddy.”

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