Chapter 181: Nothing to be Afraid Of

At the same time, at King’s Cross district, there were groups of men and women from different backgrounds having fun on the streets. There were young men wearing short sleeves and shorts revealing their chests and backs, ladies in sexy and enchanting outfits. Some of them were even office workers in dress shirts and suits, their leather shoes gleaming under the light as they had fun with the attractive ladies.

Instead of drinking the mugs of beer, they chugged it down their throats. It was one of the main reasons why drunk foreigners could occasionally be seen on the street singing or throwing tantrums. Some were even hugging trees while swaying their hips and thrusting their bottoms. Although their behavior looked embarrassing, no one around them would mock them.

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This area was the infamous red light district. No matter who acted in a weird manner, they would still be treated normally because everyone had seen weirder things.

The room had been soundproofed well. No matter how loud it was outside, the room would still remain very quiet.

Ye Jian sent the signal out before waited silently for Xia Jinyuan’s next instruction. Once he knew where her address is, he would definitely rush there immediately.

She placed her trust him just like that.

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“Let’s rest for a bit, we’ll talk later.” After she finished, she realized that Gao Yiyang was still contemplating how to remove the glass. Ye Jian, who sat on the floor, blandly said, “Rest first, what are you in a rush for?”

When Gao Yiyang’s fourth attempt to push the window open failed, he sat down after hearing that, but he did not sit beside her. Instead, he sat facing her, his thick brows furrowed together, and he mumbled while staring at her, “You don’t look even a bit afraid.”

“Aren’t you the same, unafraid.” Ye Jian laughed lightly, her faint expression remaining absolutely calm. “Things have already happened. As long as there is still hope to solve it, we don’t have to be afraid. For the unknown in the future, even if you are afraid of it before it happens, there will be no use.”

The thousands of question which he had originally planned to ask her were choked back after her single sentence.

After remaining silent for a long while, Gao Yiyang laughed self-deprecating. “You’re right, I’m the one who doesn’t understand yet.” As if he realized something, a tinge of mockery surfaced on his cold face, then he fell silent.

Ye Jian, whose hand was inside the paper bag, did not continue the dialogue. Her slender fingers moved gently inside the bag, her fingertips gently rubbing against something, … A gun in her hand, really made her feel safe.

The glass window was bolted shut. She could take care of it with one shot, but the time was not now.

She still had to wait for Xia Jinyuan’s contact.

She had no idea where the Red Scorpion and the Vietnamese boy were. However, she could confirm something… Since the foreign suspects who were dealing with Red Scorpion were here and they had mentioned that they would take care of them after 12 o’clock,… it seemed that the Red Scorpion and the Vietnamese boy would be trading in this area.

The Chinese military had their eyes on the Red Scorpion, who was on the move outside the whole time. They certainly would have kept the drugs’ location under tight surveillance. Now, what she had to do was wait patiently, then lead Gao Yiyang out of here.

Outside, the Western Man who had lost his gun walked through the hotel, then he searched outside for it. After a fruitless search, he swore, “Motherf*cker”, then went back into the bar.

He had no idea when he lost his handgun, and he had no one to be suspicious of; all he could blame was his own carelessness.

In this part of the country, private guns were legal. Even if someone were to pick up his gun, keeping it for themselves wasn’t impossible.

Upstairs, the foreign criminal suspect had established contact with the Red Scorpion. He had changed the dealing location from the Red Scorpion’s marked spot to his bar. The reason behind it was simple; that was because one of his student was too disobedient!

A Vietnamese student was curled in a corner of the car after being beaten by Red Scorpion. He did not have the courage to even let out a cry of pain. The other Vietnamese boy in the car hugged the black bag and sat shaking beside him. He was so scared that his whole body was trembling.

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