Chapter 182: Promises are Worth a Mountain of Gold

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Red Scorpion drove the car himself. After the trading location had been changed, his originally gloomy eyes were now filled with a heart-stopping viciousness. He did not spare a glance at the two students as he slammed a foot at the accelerator, charging towards the King’s Cross district.

A pickup truck was faster than his car. With a “Vroom”, it overtook his car. With another beautiful motion, it drifted in front of his car.

It’s action looked intentional, yet it didn’t seem to block Red Scorpion’s speeding car intentionally.

“G King, it’s your time to shine.” In the pickup truck, Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon’s eyes had a naturally light smile, so leisure that it seemed like he was playing a racing game, telling the other agent who was acting with him to speed and overtake him.

Another pickup truck overtook Red Scorpion’s car with a vroom, then drifted towards the front of Xia Jinyuan’s car…

Red Scorpion glanced at the two pickups before him, which were overtaking countless cars while drifting. He stepped on the gas and headed towards the outermost lane and turned into another street heading towards the King’s Cross district.

Xia Jinyuan realized that they had successfully forced Red Scorpion to take a longer route. The faint smile between his brows slowly started disappearing, his cold pupils gazing forward with the sharpness like that of a sword, and he started heading towards Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine’s current location.

Men and women from different backgrounds could be seen inside the KTV dancing crazily, gulping down beer; no one paid any attention to the trade happening in the shadows. Even if they knew, they didn’t care about it too much.

That was because this place was a drug-infested trading ground.

At 21:40, Xia Jinyuan’s deep voice shattered the silence from the earpiece. Ye Jian, who was resting with her eyes shut, opened her eyes. She could hear from his tensed voice that there was a subtle laugh coming through. “Are you afraid? Or do you feel very excited?”

“You know me well, Captain Xia.” His voice resounded as if it were coming from a valley of mountains, and it had the power to calm anyone. In an instant, it caused her tensed up nerves to relax. “Everything’s okay, we’re stuck in one of the rooms on the fourth floor. I believe we’ll be relatively safe before twelve. After twelve, I cannot guarantee.”

Gao Yiyang, who was also resting his eyes, opened his and gazed at Ye Jian when she started talking. He thought for a second that… Ye Jian was talking in her sleep.

But after she spoke another sentence, Gao Yiyang stood up abruptly, giving her a confused gaze and staring at her with a surprised expression.

Captain Xia? Who? Who was she talking to? How did she even communicate with someone on the outside?

An infinite number of unanswered question marks started surfacing in his mind. He noticed that the corners of her eyes had a light yet natural smile. She talked unhurriedly. Gao Yiyang, who had stood up abruptly, felt his vision started to blur a little and he almost thought he was hallucinating.

“There’s nothing much happening. We’re still students, even if we were kidnapped, they weren’t quite wary of us. You guys start your operation. I still have some self-defense capabilities here.” It had been a few minutes after an hour since she had sent out her signal, and he had already arrived. It could be seen that he did not waste even a second.

She always knew that he would definitely arrive. She had never doubted him.

XIa Jinyuan knew from the moment that he heard her slightly sentimental yet extremely calm voice that his little fox was safe and sound. A thin, warm smile emerged on his icy cold face. “Alright, wait for the good news from my end, we’ll meet before twelve.”

He was telling Ye Jian that he wouldn’t allow her to wait till the moment that danger arrived; he would definitely meet her before that happens.

A man’s promise didn’t need to have an oath. It was more reassuring if it came without the intention to do so.

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“If I could leave by myself, then I wouldn’t have to bother you to come.” Ye Jian’s smile did not fade, her brows curved while she replied him. Her crescent-like pupils were filled with expression like that of a sly fox. “This is a rare chance for real combat; I would like to participate.”

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