Chapter 179: Pale Blue Soul Spirit

“This stalk of herb is the earth class, low-tier Seven Colour Glazed Grape. If a martial artist who is of a 3 star bone frame and below consumes it, they can upgrade their bone frame by 1 star. Father, you are a 1 star bone frame. So after you consume one, you will be a 2 star bone frame. Mother, you are like me, a normal bone frame, you can upgrade your bone frame to a 1 star bone frame after consuming one of the grapes.”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist said while pointing to the Seven Color Glazed Grape.

Looking at the glistering Seven Color Glazed Grape, Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan looked at each other. Li Tianhan asked, “Fuchen, what if you consume two of the Seven Color Glazed Grape?”

Li Fuchen laughed and replied, “The second one would be ineffective, a person can only have one.”

“Sure enough.”

Although it was a pity, but Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan were still in an excited state of mind.

The bone frame was one’s foundation. Pills and other resources were just temporary effects, but one’s bone frame was with one for life and it was more important than anything else.

The upgrading of one’s bone frame was something even the strongest fighter in the East Unicorn Continent could not do. It contained the mysteries of the world’s secrets.

“Here are 3 Seven Color Glazed Grapes. Father and Mother can have one each. The other one I wish to give Li Xiaodie.” There were a total of seven, he had one himself while the rest were for Li Tianshi, Li Jinxiu, and Li Xuantu. These three were the ones who had the most potential within the Li Clan other than himself.

Finally, Li Fuchen pointed at the manual, “This is a yellow class, peak-tier technique, the Ternary Technique. I obtained it during a sect mission, it isn’t a sect technique.”

“Yellow class, peak-tier technique?”

Li Tianhan’s and Shen Yuyan’s reaction weren’t as intense anymore because they were now close to being numb.

But when Li Fuchen told them it was a yellow class, peak-tier technique, their eyes still lit up.

Even if one was a 2 star bone frame, if one didn’t have a good cultivation technique, it would be impossible for one to progress to the Earth Realm in this life. The importance of a technique was just second to one’s bone frame.

Tonight, Li Tianhan and Shen Yuyan were so excited that they only fell asleep when the night had already become late.

Three days later, with assistance of the Origin Return Herb, Li Tianhan advanced to the 9th level of the Origin Realm.

Shen Yuyan had also progressed to the 5th level of the Origin Realm.

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The two of them could see an intense fighting spirit in each other’s eyes.

If one was martial artist, there would always be a desire to seek a higher realm. As long as there was a trace of hope, they would never give up.

Right now, in front of them wasn’t a trace of hope, but a definite possibility. If they still didn’t have a fighting spirit, then they were like a pile of mud.


The Li Clan had many matters to deal with. It was impossible for Li Tianhan to totally pull out from the busy affairs. He was still the Li Clan’s Patriarch and at the same time the temporary city lord of Cloud Mist City. It was only after the true city lord was here, would Li Tianhan be able to relax a little.

2 weeks later, the new city lord arrived.

This city lord was Lian Jinshui, an inner sect deacon of the Azure Water Sect. Due to the vacancy in the city lord position in Cloud Mist City, he was promoted by one rank to become a city lord, which was of the same status as an outer sect elder.

When Lian Jinshui arrived at Cloud Mist City, he didn’t head to the city lord’s residence right away, but to the Li Clan first.

It was clear in his heart that even though he was Cloud Mist City’s lord, the Li Clan was still the true governor of Cloud Mist City.

As for Li Fuchen who was the backing of the Li Clan, even an outer sect elder would have to respect his existence.

The Li Clan passionately served Lian Jinshui, Li Fuchen was personally there to greet him as well.

No matter what, Lian Jinshui was still Cloud Mist City’s lord and was the link between the Li Clan and the Azure Water Sect. When he was not around, the Li Clan could contact the Azure Water Sect’s upper echelons through Lian Jinshui.

Seeing that the Li Clan was on track with its progression and Cloud Mist City now had a new city lord, Li Fuchen was planning on returning to the sect.


Back at the Azure Water Sect, Li Fuchen immediately went into cultivation.

During the two months he was away, Li Fuchen didn’t waste any time. The Radiance Sword Style was already at the perfection stage and was just one step away from the trance stage and him being able to comprehend the radiance sword intent.

At the same time, Li Fuchen felt that his soul spirit was about to evolve again.

A month ago, Li Fuchen’s soul spirit was already 99% pale blue, it just lacked the last bit to truly evolve.

Just because of this bit, it made the entire evolution extremely difficult. Had it not been for the slight motions from his soul spirit these few days, Li Fuchen would have thought that it would have taken at least a year before it evolved.

Not intentionally waiting for the soul spirit to evolve, Li Fuchen did what he needed to do.

He went to the martial hall to redeem a large quantity of yellow class, mid-tier sword arts.

One after another, he began his cultivation.

Another two weeks had past.

In the spacious yard, rays of radiant lights shot out.

Due to his already firm base of the sword dao, his comprehension of the meteor sword intent, and also because the meteor sword intent and radiance sword intent were slightly similar; Li Fuchen took less than three months to comprehend the radiance sword intent.

With the assistance of the radiance sword intent, the Radiance Sword Style became intensely quick. Much faster than the Meteor Sword Style by a significant amount. As he brandished his sword, he couldn’t feel any hint of resistance.

“It is much too fast.” Li Fuchen gasped.

As he just comprehended the radiance sword intent, he couldn’t really control it. Once the sword intent was released, he needed to execute the sword motion. If not, it would be very uncomfortable.

This feeling wasn’t like man harnessing the power of the sword, but the sword harnessing the power of man.

‘I still cannot control it like I please. Seems like more practice is needed.’ Li Fuchen thought.

The next day morning, when Li Fuchen prepared to practice his sword arts, he suddenly went into a stasis. His lifeless eyes suddenly released the brilliance of a pale blue light.

Within his consciousness, his soul spirit had completely evolved into a pale blue color.

As the pale blue soul spirit was formed, Li Fuchen’s mind was instantly transported into his consciousness.

The pale blue soul spirit was like a pale blue crystal light ball, splendid and magnificent, without any impurities or flaws.

The originally empty and formless consciousness now had plenty of lines appearing randomly. These lines formed a bundle in a messy way, unknown as to which line was connected to which. Only a few lines actually connected and formed a complete route.

Crack! Bang!

A pale blue electrical current exploded and all of the the lines suddenly had electrical currents running through them.

The currents were wild and violent, creating more connection points, developing more back routes.

After a certain amount of time the currents dissipated. The lines became concealed, as though they never appeared.

“So this is the pale blue soul spirit?” It was only then that Li Fuchen regained consciousness.

Looking at the perfectly flawless pale blue soul spirit ball of light, Li Fuchen had no words to describe its beauty.


Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen left his consciousness.

“I wonder how my perception is now?”

Drawing his sword, Li Fuchen began executing the Radiance Sword Style.

He was shocked.

The radiance sword intent which he wasn’t able to execute as he wished, was now as gentle as water. The tamed level had instantly reach the same proficiency level as his meteor sword intent.

His eyes had an intense glow as Li Fuchen began comprehending the rest of the yellow class, mid-tier sword arts.

In 1 hour, one yellow class mid-tier sword art was at the trance stage.

In 2 hours, three yellow class mid-tier sword arts were at the trance stage.

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4 hours later, seven yellow class mid-tier sword arts had attained the trance stage.

Li Fuchen’s flow of thoughts had never been this clear. As soon as a thought flashed across, countless inspirations would gush in. Even the everyday things that Li Fuchen saw, heard, or touched would turn into inspirations. Looking up at the skies, Li Fuchen could even find some sword dao mystics floating in the clouds.

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