Chapter 180: Extreme Perception

“The pale blue soul spirit has a perception that is a few folds higher than the green soul spirit. But would it allow me to comprehend the Wind Shadow intent, Iron Smelting Hand intent, and Shadowless Leg intent?”

When one’s perception reached a certain level, it could allow one to forcefully perceive martial art intents.

First was the Wind Shadow intent and Shadowless Leg intent.

These two intents were related to the wind and could complement one another.

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On the spacious mountain waist, a void figure of a shadow swiftly traversed across the land.

It wasn’t possible to explain how fast his speed was.

It seemed to be faster than the wind, as agile as a bird, and as he moved around there was neither sound nor presence. He was as fast as lightning.

“When the Wind Shadow intent is combined with the Shadowless Leg intent, my speed has surpassed the Divine Movement Leg and is a few folds more agile too.”

The Divine Movement Leg was extremely useful and fast while using it to traverse the lands. But its speed was only for a straight path. As for the combination of the Wind Shadow intent and Shadowless Leg intent, be it a straight path or a curved path, it had reached the extremity and has exceeded a normal human’s capabilities.

A leaf flew up.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist lightly stepped on the leaf in mid air as he danced along with it.

“Even though the bone frame upgrade helped in increasing all my attributes, when compared to perception, it seems to be pointless.”

When one’s perception was good, it wasn’t terrifying. Yet if one’s perception was exaggerating, it was terrifying.

When there wasn’t any difficulty in comprehending martial arts, it was an amazing feeling. It was like you were able to sense the secrets of the heaven and earth.

After comprehending the Wind Shadow intent and Shadowless Leg intent, it was now time for the Iron Smelting Hand intent.

The Iron Smelting Hand intent was related to fire.

At the completion stage, the Iron Smelting Hand could smelt metals and temper ores. Li Fuchen didn’t know what kind of changes the Iron Smelting Hand intent would produce.

In order comprehend the Iron Smelting Hand intent, Li Fuchen especially brought a furnace here. He threw charcoal in and started the fire.


As the fire grew increasingly intense, it sacrificed itself to shine bright in this world.

“Fire, it needs fuel to burn, if the source of fuel is sufficient, the flame can grow even more ferocious. The intensity of a fire can grow limitlessly but the prerequisite is to be able to maintain a consistency.”

Li Fuchen opened his right hand and poured the true inferno qi into his palm as he constantly compressed it.

Gradually, the air above Li Fuchen’s hand began to distort.

In the next moment, a green flame was released as it covered Li Fuchen’s palm.

Finding a piece of wood, Li Fuchen used his right hand to grab it.

In a few blinks of an eye, the wood burned up and turned into ash.

Li Fuchen retrieved a piece of yellow class, peak-tier metal from his storage bag and held it.

In a short while, the metal began to melt and drips of molten metal cascaded.

“Such destructive power.” Li Fuchen was astonished by the destructive power of the Iron Smelting Hand intent.

He was astonished by the flame’s destructive power.

The reason why the Iron Smelting Hand intent was able to have such power is due to the true inferno qi, as both these arts were of the same blazing heat martial arts style.

A light flashed in Li Fuchen’s eyes as he initiated the scarlet fire intent and combined it with the Iron Smelting Hand intent.


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The green flame turned into a dark green flame. A piece of wood which came into contact with the flame immediately lit up and in a single breath, turned into ashes.

Holding an ore, it melted so quickly that the human eye could see it flowing like molten lava.

“Smelting iron with my bare hands. I wonder if the smithing elder also cultivated the Iron Smelting Hand.”

The Azure Water Sect was a sword dao sect. It was equipped with a sword smithing hall. Be it the disciples’ sword or the swords of the deacons and elders, they were all smithed by the sword smithing hall. Of course, other than the smithing elder, there were many smithing disciples too. For every treasure sword that they forged, they would be rewarded with contribution points based on the quality of the sword.

With such a strong perception, Li Fuchen naturally wouldn’t want it to be put to waste.


A month later.

The number of yellow class sword arts that Li Fuchen had achieved trance stage for was now at a total of 350.

There were 100 low-tier, 100 mid-tier, 100 high-tier, and 50 peak-tier yellow class sword arts.

With the drastic increase in his sword dao foundation, it drastically strengthened Li Fuchen’s sword dao perception.

In just one week, Li Fuchen had attained the trance stage for the mystic class, low-tier Soaring Sky Sword Style and comprehended the Soaring Sky Sword intent.

In another 5 days, the mystic class, low-tier Soaring Cloud Beheading Sword Style had also reached the  trance stage along with the comprehension of the Soaring Cloud Sword Intent.

Then it was the Sunset Sword intent, Striking Fire Sword intent, and Earth Scarce Sword intent.

After coming back to the sect for two months, Li Fuchen had comprehended a total of seven sword intents.

At the same time, Li Fuchen’s True Inferno Technique advanced from the 13th to the 14th rank and was steadily heading towards the 15th rank.

“It is time to redeem a mystic class, mid-tier sword art.”

Mystic class, mid-tier sword arts were hard to grasp even for high leveled Earth Realm martial artists. Among the Azure Water Sect’s direct disciples, there are less than ten individuals who have comprehend the sword intent of a mystic class, mid-tier sword art. Among them are Sword Maniac, Sword Tiger, Emotionless Sword, and the others.


Arriving at the martial hall, Li Fuchen began picking a mystic class, mid-tier sword art.

“Mountain River Sword Style, forceful sword presence.”

“White Cloud Sword Style, solemn and emotionless.”

“Nine Revolution Sword Style, nine spins with each blade.”

“Rotating Flow Sword Style, vicious sword presence.”

“Starfire Sword Style, one starfire with each blade.”


Mystic class ,mid-tier sword arts were valued with a price of at least 30,000 contribution points. Half of that price would mean that was around 10 to 20 thousand points. Li Fuchen now had close to 10 million contribution points, he naturally didn’t bother with these small amounts.

He realized that a few of the sword arts were actually quite suitable for himself, hence he planned to redeem more.

After a few moments, Li Fuchen picked three sword arts, the Nine Revolution Sword Style, Rotating Flow Sword Style, and Starfire Sword Style.

When the martial hall elder noticed Li Fuchen picking three mystic class, mid-tier sword arts, he frowned slightly and thought, ‘Is this lad arrogant or greedy?’

He knew who Li Fuchen was, but in his view, it would be good enough if an Earth Realm martial artist could cultivate a single mystic class, mid-tier sword art to the trance stage. To cultivate all three, didn’t mean three folds the time required, but at least ten fold.

Shaking his head, the martial hall elder didn’t comment.

Every one of the gold class direct disciples were stubborn. Once they were firm about something, no one could change their minds.

Taking three sword art manuals, Li Fuchen returned to his own courtyard.

After some thinking, he decided to first study the Starfire Sword Style.

This sword style was related to fire and should be easier for him to comprehend.

In the midst of his cultivation, Li Fuchen thought that a sword art was indeed a sword art. With regards to killing ability, a cultivation technique could not be compared to it.

Although he has already reached the highest rank for the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique and has also comprehended the Scarlet Fire intent.

Li Fuchen felt that if he could grasp the Starfire Sword intent, its firepower would be a few folds superior than the Scarlet Fire intent.

The Starfire Sword Style was an extreme sword style, even more so than the Meteor Sword Style.

The Meteor Sword Style pursued penetration, while the Starfire Sword Style pursued an extreme one shot destruction.

One shot of starfire was enough to wipe out the enemy. No matter what qi protection or body refinement technique, it would become paper paste in front of the Starfire Sword Style.

But only individuals who cultivated blazing heat techniques could cultivate the Starfire Sword Style.

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