Chapter 576: Six-Winged Angel

Fiddling with the glittering, translucent jade-like lance in his hand, Long Yi felt as if he had the power of a god. This lance was almost certainly a divine grade weapon of the light attribute and was only a grade below the Lightning God Hammer. He pondered whether he should hold this lance for Ximen Wuhen or Si Bi. However, both Ximen Wuhen and Si Bi excelled in long-range light magic, but this lance was a close combat light-attributed weapon.

Liuli began to explain how they had found this location after Long Yi had left. It turned out that after Long Yi left to examine the terrain, Barbarian Bull had suddenly comprehended a form of his Evil Vanquishing Technique. Being unable to endure the anticipation, he had practiced that technique, but who would have thought that the green light shot out from Greenstone Rule would hit the wall of this cave and cut open the magic gate? Thus, they discovered these historical remains that had been buried for an unknown number of years. They were greatly shocked upon seeing these ruins. Just the remains of that Dragon God were enough to shock the entire world; in addition, there were angels and that unknown strange monster.

“Young Master, Young Master, what happened?” After speaking, Liuli saw that Long Yi was in a daze, so she couldn’t help but call his name out.

Long Yi came back to senses and said with a smile, “Nothing, just thinking of something.”

Long Yi was thinking about that warning voice he had heard when he had first grabbed the lance stuck in the head of that monster. He found it very hard to express that voice. It had been very indistinct, but was also very clear. It had seemed like a female voice but also like a male voice, very conflicting. He was very eager to figure out whose voice it was and also wanted to ask him what that monster was. But, was it all just his hallucination? What was going on here? After that monster had disappeared, the dense pitch-black mist had appeared in his sea of consciousness; what was that?

All these made Long Yi feel uneasy, especially that pitch-black mist that had materialized out of thin air in his sea of consciousness. Every time he used his spirit power to examine it, a kind of bloody, cold and ruthless feeling would appear in his heart. It was different from dark magic. Dark magic only had a murkily threatening inclination, but this pitch-black mist was completely evil. It was equivalent to a ticking bomb in his sea of consciousness that could explode at any time. But, what made Long Yi even more worried was the vast evil qi it contained. If this evil qi corroded his mind someday, he feared that he would degenerate into a real devil.

He would exist only for the sake of destruction.

“Boss, should we pack up these skeletons?” Barbarian Bull asked.

“No, how can you say that? This was found in our Dragon Island! We should be the ones to decide how to deal with them,” Midi’er opposed before Long Yi could reply.

“That is also true. This indeed is your Divine Dragon Island, but if these skeletons insisted on going with me, I can also do nothing about it,” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Brother-in-law, I never thought that you would brag more than me. If you can make them follow you, I will listen to whatever you say hereafter,” Leguxiya proclaimed, not believing Long Yi.

Long Yi spun the lance in his hand a few times and pointed at the skeleton of the six-winged angel. Then, along with the slight movement of his lips, a layer of dim light flashed through Long Yi’s black eyes.

“Kacha, kacha” That skeleton of six-winged angel unexpectedly stood up and walked toward Long Yi step by step. Suddenly raising his hands, he grabbed the translucent lance in Long Yi’s hands.

Long Yi was surprised. He had used undead magic to awaken this skeleton, but he had not ordered this skeleton to grab the lance. Was this some strange skeleton?

Long Yi loosened his hand, and the six-winged angel took the lance away, before standing still in front of him. Everything was so natural. It seemed that this lance had indeed been his weapon. Was there still a bit of his consciousness in this skeleton?

“You…… are you using undead magic?” Midi’er exclaimed in surprise.

“Have you ever seen an undead that snatches a weapon by himself?” Long Yi frowned and asked a question in reply.

“Are you saying he is conscious? But, that’s impossible!” Midi’er shook her head, watching Long Yi and the skeleton incredulously.

“This world is very insane, nothing is impossible.” Long Yi’s left hand flashed with red light, and Long Two wielding the Death Scythe appeared in front of everyone. Now, with Long Two and this six-winged angel skeleton together, they created a Yin-Yang contrast of black and white. One held the holy and pure lance, and the other held the evil Death Scythe, and both of them had six bony outgrowths from their backs. They looked like a pair of twins. Merely compared to Long Two, this angle skeleton looked too weak.

“Big brother.” A dark qi flashed around Long Two, and this six-winged angel skeleton was unexpectedly blown a few meters away. Then, he mechanically greeted Long Yi.

That six-winged angel skeleton crawled up from the ground and returned to Long Yi’s side as if it hadn’t felt any pain.

Long Yi patted the shoulder of Long Two and said with a smile, “Long Two, look, I have found you a companion! Aren’t you satisfied?”

Long Two turned around, and the red light in his eye sockets flickered upon looking at that six-winged angel skeleton. He then mechanically said, “Big brother, I don’t like his aura.”

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Long Yi seemed to be lost in thought as he recalled that scene in the dark space where the light spirit tablet and dark spirit tablet were mutually conforming and said with a smile, “Light and dark are not incompatible. Listen to big brother. Try to accept him, and since it is lonely to stay alone in the dark dimension space, you can discuss passion or whatever with him if there is nothing else to do. If you are annoyed, then you can also beat him.”

Long Two instinctively rejected this six-winged angel, but he would still listen to Long Yi. Even if Long Yi asked him to destroy himself, he would not hesitate in the slightest.

Pa, the Death Scythe in the hands of Long Two suddenly flashed with red light and swatted toward this six-winged angel skeleton. That poor skeleton was sent flying and slammed against the cliff. Cracks spread on his bone hand that held the lance. Clearly, Long Two was carrying out the orders of Long Yi; he was beating the white angel because he was in a bad mood.

Ignoring the dumbfounded Midi’er siblings, Long Yi used undead repair magic. After repairing the cracked bone hand of this six-winged angel, he put both him and Long Two into his dark dimension space. If his vision had not blurred just a moment ago, he had clearly seen that the moment when Long Yi’s Death Scythe had landed on him, that skeleton had actually raised his lance to block. Did that mean that this bit of his remaining consciousness had also been reawakened by his undead summoning magic? Would this skeleton also evolve automatically like Long Two? If that was the case, then he had picked up a treasure.

“Impossible, how can undead be conscious?” Midi’er muttered. It was nothing strange for her to not believe this. Other than the King of the legendary Undead World, undead basically didn’t have any consciousness at all. Even those evil zombies, Golden Skeletons, and other greater undead were no exceptions.

As a matter of a fact, Long Two had appeared in the fierce battle at the imperial palace, but at that time, Midi’er had been seriously injured and Leguxiya had been busy becoming Long Yi’s arrow. They had yet to really see Long Two, so they were now shocked. Nevertheless, the matter of Long Two being conscious was no secret to the other people close to Long Yi.

“As I told you earlier, there is nothing impossible in this world.” Long Yi smiled and walked out. He stopped in front of the broken skeleton of the Dragon God. This Dragon God skeleton was badly damaged. He wondered if he could repair it with his undead repair magic. If he could repair this skeleton and summon it as his undead, then he would have a big helping hand. After all, this was a skeleton of the Dragon God. Even after death, his might still exist.

Behind him, Midi’er and Leguxiya saw Long Yi seeming to have wicked thought about the remains of this Dragon God. They couldn’t help becoming anxious and rushed forward to stop Long Yi. If Long Yi dared to do something, then they would fight to stop him, even if it meant risking their lives.

“Eh…… I am just looking at it with reverence. You two can rest assured. This Dragon God can be considered your ancestor. How could I have any evil thoughts?” Long Yi laughed hollowly, giving up the alluring thought after considering the feeling of Dragon Race. If someone summoned the skeleton of his ancestor as an undead, he would also definitely get violent.

“That would be for the best, you can take away the skeleton of that six-winged angel, but leave the others.” Midi’er heaved a sigh of relief and said, but her tone wasn’t strong; instead, it had a hint of pleading. Divine Dragon Clan venerated the Light God, and they greatly respected the angels of the Divine World, so she didn’t want these angles who had died gloriously in action to reduce to an undead under the control of other people.

“No problem! How can I not give any face to the first Tyrant Dragon King of the Dragon Clan?” Long Yi said with a smile. After obtaining the skeleton of the six-winged angel, he was no longer interested in these two-winged and four-winged angels.

Midi’er rolled her eyes at Long Yi, but she was happy in her heart because he had listened to her opinion.

Long Yi looked at this huge grotto once again and said, “Let’s go now; we’ll leave this place to your Dragon Clan.”

The entire group returned to the cave, and the magic gate disappeared without a trace. In order to confirm that they could open the magic gate in the future again, Midi’er used her dragon power to hit the wall, but there was no response at all.

“Barbarian Bull, go and try again.” Long Yi said.

Barbarian Bull swung his Greenstone Rule and along with sparkling radiance, the magic gate appeared.

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“Why can he do it, but I can’t?” Midi’er asked. She was a bit miffed that there was something on the Dragon Island beyond her control.

Long Yi thought for a bit and made everyone try it. Li Qing could, Liuli couldn’t, he could, but Leguxiya couldn’t.

“I think this magic gate needs divine power to open. Wait until we’ve rescued Liuxu’s parents. Perhaps, this can be an important condition to haggle with your father emperor; otherwise, only after your father emperor advances to Dragon God realm, will he be able to open it.” Long Yi reached this conclusion after analyzing the situation. Without needing to speak about himself, the Greenstone Rule of Barbarian Bull contained the Mad God’s incomplete soul sealed within it, as for Li Qing, he had the bloodline of a god. Their divine connections made it so they could open that magic gate while the others couldn’t.

Midi’er couldn’t help but sigh. “My father emperor will definitely rebuke me and Leguxiya for being unfilial. Now, I also don’t know whether or not this is the right thing to do.”

“It is nothing that serious. We all have the same purpose, to save the parents of Liuxu. It is not that you are abandoning your ancestor. You also know that your father emperor will not think like this. After rescuing the parents of Liuxu, he will not blame you too much. He would at most put a show of doing something without really doing anything to appease those stubborn elders.” Long Yi smiled and patted the beautiful face of Midi’er.

“Be that as it may, I always feel like my action is a kind of betrayal,” Midi’er angrily slapped off the hand of Long Yi and said. If she got accustomed to such actions from him, that would absolutely not be a good phenomenon.

“As long as you have a clear conscience, it will not be considered betrayal. Your aunt has already been tortured for more than one thousand years in your Divine Dragon Clan’s forbidden area. Could it be that that still isn’t enough?” Long Yi asked.

“Fine, fine, you are correct, I am the problematic one. Now, let’s wait for some thunderstorm weather and leave this main island through that lake. If my father emperor wakes up before we can flee, that would be bad.” Midi’er was upset, but she didn’t think much about it. Since she had already embarked on this path, there was no turning back.


The sky gradually dimmed, and the sky filled with stars. Looking up, one could see countless twinkling stars. Lying on the grassland to admire this scenery while accompanied by a gentle breeze was very pleasant.

“Long Yi, it seems like it’s almost the time.” Midi’er flew over to the side of Long Yi, bringing along a fragrant wind.

Long Yi who was lying on the grassland looked over. He watched Midi’er’s beautiful face. The more he looked, the happier he became.

“What are you looking at? It is already so late, when are you going to make it rain?” Seeing the gaze of Long Yi, her beautiful face became hot, and she was somewhat unable to endure this gaze.

“Why are you so anxious? It is still so early. Why don’t you appreciate this beautiful starry sky. Look, do you see that brightest star? That is me,” Long Yi smiled and pointed at the brightest star in the east and jested.

Midi’er sat down beside him and looked at the direction Long Yi was pointing. She saw a very dazzling star.

“Then, where am I?” Midi’er knew that there was a profession called Prophecy Master who she believed could use stars as their medium to predict the future.

“The sixth one next to me is you. The first one that is sticking to me is Xiao Yi, the second one is Xiangyun, the third one is Liuli, the fourth one is…… aiyo……, what are you doing?” Long Yi innocently looked at Midi’er who was panting in rage.

“All the stars next to you are your women. I am not your woman. How can I be next to you?” Midi’er glared at Long Yi, but her heart was secretly beating rapidly. Why was she sixth!?

“Oh, is that so? If you hadn’t mentioned that, I truly wouldn’t have noticed that. It’s so strange. Why can’t you be next to me even though you are not my woman?” Long Yi smiled and asked looking at Midi’er.

“I don’t feel like reasoning with you.” The beautiful face of Midi’er became red, and she ran away.

Long Yi just smiled and caressed the sparkling prophecy pearl on his chest while looking at that vast starry sky. Xiao Yi, can you feel my heart?

“Xiao Yi, what do the two prophecies that you gave me in my dream mean?” Long Yi sighed and muttered.

The first prophecy had arrived before entering Lightning God Forbidden Area which stated: “Blue waves in chaos, Lightning God descends, jade blood illuminating the human world, cleaving the firmament relying on the sword.” At first, he had thought that the third phrase’s “jade blood” was some kind blood, but later, after considering the problem for a while, he had thought that it might be the metaphor for a spirit that was loyal unto the death. Then, was cleaving the firmament relying on the sword referring to the Lightning God Hammer?

And the second prophecy had occurred in Blue Moon City and stated that, “distant ocean nation, continent vanishing into thin air, evil curse of god, my sweetheart, your end comes at the end of light and dark.”

He didn’t know the meaning before, but now, he understood some. Ocean nation should be pointing out Undersea City which had been built by the sea races. The continent should be the Blue Moon Continent. The curse of god might be the evil curse that led to the fall of Divine World. Merely, he had never been able to guess what exactly the end of light and dark was.

As if feeling the confusion of Long Yi, the prophecy pearl on his chest emitted a milky white radiance, warming his heart. And with that warm aura circulating in his hands, a white beautiful figure seemed to appear in the sky. Her transparent eyes were filled with wisdom as if she grasped everything in the universe.

After a long time, Long Yi stood up from the grassland. Since it was already so late in the night, it was time to leave.

A group of people gathered at a lakeside, and the lightning spirit tablet in Long Yi’s sea of consciousness glimmered with a silverish purple radiance, then he used his spirit power to draw the magic elements in the air. Those lightning magic element spirit cheerfully rushed towards Long Yi, and they intimately ran into him to greet his presence. Immediately afterward, dark clouds appeared in the starry night along with a fierce wind.

Crackle! Lightning streaked across the sky along with thunder. The others were nearly blown to the ground by the fierce wind. Not long after, big droplets of rain fell, which instantly became a heavy downpour.

“This damned weather! How come it is changing so quickly?” A dragon guard patrolling the bottom of the Dragon King Peak cursed then shrunk back into his cave, fearing the lightning might strike him again.

“My husband, I am so afraid.” The attractive wife of Elder Feili shrunk into the bosom of Elder Feili and said coquettishly.

“Don’t fear, don’t you have me?” Elder Feili hugged his beloved wife, but he was helpless in his heart. The needs of this wife were too excessive. Even though his beard was already white, his will was still not firm. He was unable to endure the teasing of his wife, so he began to make love with her to make the next generation of Dragon Clan.

Long Yi and his group snuck into the center of the lake, and when the passage connecting to outside opened, all of them jumped in without any hesitation. Not long after, all of them had already escaped the main island.

After everyone popped out of the sea’s surface, the dark clouds in the sky dissipated, and the starry sky looked even more serene than before.

Long Yi led everyone back to the small island where Xingxing’s family resided. Just when they landed on the shore, they saw Teresa wearing a golden skirt holding Xingxing. Both watched them with smiles on their faces.

“Big brother Long, you came back! Xingxing missed you very much.” Upon seeing Long Yi, Xingxing was very happy. She immediately jumped down and rushed into Long Yi’s bosom and hugged him tightly, promising to herself that she would never let him go.

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