Book I – Legend, Chapter 12 – Sly

After passing out, Jodye Trill’s consciousness drifted to a strange place. He felt like he was floating in the middle of the pitch black bottom of the ocean. He could not see anything.

“Am I…Unconscious? No that’s not right…I’m clearly thinking. This is consciousness,” Jodye Trill was growing sick and tired of waking up in weird scenarios.

“I would…better host…cheese wheel.”

“Powerhouse…too risky…imbecile.”

“It’s so dull! Let’s play goldfish?”

“Go away.”

Jodye could hear two voices that sounded far away. They were faint but becoming more evident. After awhile Jodye was able to make out that they appeared to be speaking with each other. Even though voices were far off everything they spoke seemed to echo in his heart.

“But seriously, why couldn’t I be the host of the souls, Sly? If you didn’t want to do it, you should’ve just let me do it,” said the voice that sounded childish and cute.

“Pah,” the other voice made a spitting sound. He spoke in a cold and indifferent tone, but still had a boyish young voice, “Who the hell would ever be dumb enough to let you steer the ship? The situation is bad enough already.”

“Now we’re talking ships? I know I don’t have my space license yet, but this is a petty excuse, no? Are you kidding me? I, your granddaddy, have been piloting since the womb. Plus, I would make an excellent host to those souls! Mom always says people are drawn to me,” The childish voice spoke proudly.

“Who has a dumb ass ancestor like you!? Plus, its HOST. SOUL. You dummy,” Shouted the cold boyish voice in exasperation. “Do you even know what a host soul is, X? No, you do not. This is the reason why you are unqualified. Honestly, why do I even bother talking to you?”

“Well, duh, who else would you talk too? Don’t forget we’re stuck in the abyss of boring doom until this soul’s host guy gets stronger, or whatever,” said the childish voice of this ‘X,’ matter-of-factly, before mumbling under his breath, “Besides, does the host even know what he’s doing? If it were me, I would’ve been like boom! Zap! Pow! Oh yeah! Free slaves! Let’s rock!”

“When we finally get our lives and bodies back, I’m going to kill you.” Said the cold and indifferent voice of this ‘Sly.’ He had just returned to calm, when he noticed a familiar soul fluctuation, “Huh?”

‘Sly’ and ‘X’ suddenly went quiet. Jodye then felt a tingle from the inside and heard that cold and indifferent voice again. Merely, this time it was like it was right next to his ear.

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“Holy crap kid, you made it here already? Decent talent, indeed, you have managed to barely satisfy my standards. Though you’re merely a soul thought, it can be considered as an achievement. After all, with consideration for your mundane competence, I never expected you to have such a strong spirit until at least 30 years later. Impressive, impressive.” ‘Sly’ casually said these insulting words to Jodye.

“Who in the hell are you?” Jodye Trill called out into the darkness feeling indignant.

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“I am the prince Syl…well less of that. It’s now irrelevant. All you need to know is that we are in the same boat. I need you, as you will need me,” said ‘Sly’ in his cold and indifferent voice. “I see you’ve begun the path of body transformation. Interesting. This saves us some time. However, your current path will hinder the advancement of your spiritual powers. Luckily, your Sage body is shocking. If Luerong were like you that year, perhaps this would have never happened. From the look of his eyes, that little T’Zhane punk should know a rather powerful soul art. Perhaps he has passed it to you. If so, then I suggest you study it well. I shall also prepare a gift for you. Think of it as an investment… “

Jodye was instantly bewildered by the things this fellow had said. Especially when he referred to the fierce Jupiter Titan from his memories as a little punk. Could this fellow be an acquaintance of Jupiter? He seemed to be familiar with him.

“You will naturally come to know the answer to these questions,” replied this ‘Sly’ dryly, once again bewildering Jodye who hadn’t spoken. ‘Sly’ let out a long sigh, “I am surrounded by incompetence. At any rate, your soul thought is beginning to fade. Remember well, boy. The artifact you choose must be a Grimoire!

“You can recognize it as an ancient looking tome, or anything that has a draconian ouroboros. You will understand when the day comes. Anything other than contracting a grimoire will limit us greatly, do you understand? Grimoires are one of the 5 Source Artifacts that are formed by the divine, each grimoire possesses knowledge of the Universal Dao! The best one for a hero! With your fate, I’m sure you’ll be able to secure a grimoire.”

More greed? Wait for what? Jodye had no idea what this voice in his heart was talking about. ‘Who exactly is this guy? Furthermore, where are we? Wait, a gift? Perhaps, this guy is not so bad. Besides with the condescending way he spoke he sort of sounded like…’

“Hero? Ah! It’s you! Wolf boy!” exclaimed Jodye Trill, which was accompanied by the giggling of the other voice, ‘X.’ Jodye Trill wondered if that voice was the dragon he saw, “Wolf boy, what’s going on? What happened after the dragon ate us? I had thought that it was a dream.”

“On the destiny platform you will be given a myriad of options based on your potential, merely none of them will be more compatible then a Grimoire! You are not the same as typical warriors.” ‘Sly’ completely treated Jodye’s question like a wind that blew past his ear. He didn’t even stop his thought, he just kept going, “Without a Grimoire, it will be near impossible to return to your home before your realm reaches certain unspeakable heights. A Grimoire is a must if you wish for strength in a short amount of time! If you want to be a true Sage!

“Only those chosen by divine artifacts can be considered true Sages. Titanic strength will be of a critical aide, but do not underestimate the experts of this era! If you wish to conquer the stars and return to your home, being a Titan will never be enough! In the land I came from the ancient Titans were long past dead! ALL OF THEM! Not a single warrior with the name Titan remained, but do you know who there was an abundance of? Hero Sages and Saints! Saint Beasts and powerful Fey! Even the mighty Heaven Slaughter race2Heaven Slaughter racethe first race created by Pangu, leader of the Nova, to prevent the God and Devil races from growing too arrogant. They only have three clans, the Ancient Giant clan, Mighty Mayhem clan, and Ancient Titan clan. Ancient Giants were born powerful and gargantuan, the Mighty Mayhem clan members to even taller than giants, but incredibly lean and thin, where as Ancient Titans were born small and puny. However the Ancient Titan clan was the strongest of the Heaven Slaughter race. was forced to practice Saint cultivation due to the risk of annihilation! Think about it kid, don’t waste your time. Fight by my side, and we will break through the skies and soar through the heavens, conquering those who dare to challenge us!”

Suddenly in this pitch-black world an enormous green fire with little black flames erupted and roared into existence. Jodye Trill somehow felt nostalgia and déjà vu. An intimate feeling suddenly revived inside of him, making him trust the words of the boy from before. Inside the flame, a gigantic wolf silhouette erupted into existence before Jodye’s eyes, as it let out a world-shattering howl that rocked Jodye’s consciousness until it scattered away.

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