Book I – Legend, Chapter 11 – Rebound

—— Saint Anubis City, Magus District – House Trilleck

At the same time, in a large and beautiful courtyard, one little boy spoke to one a little girl as they sat next to a pond full of milky white water, watching two mid-sized fish play. One fish was black with a white runic pattern on its sides, while the other was the opposite of this, white with a black runic pattern on its side. These fish were magical beasts named Yin & Yang fish, and Jodye Trill had caught them when his mother and third mother took Kamila and himself out on a picnic at the Lake Nicaea.

At the time, Jodye asked his mom if he could fish in the lake, which had tickled lady Isis. She assumed that her son learned about fishing from one of the servants. She knew very well how inquisitive and insistent this little pup of hers could be. Thus, she condensed a blade made up of a teal colored energy and cut out a rod from one of the nearby trees. She even gave him good bait! However, to her shock, the boy was like a real fishing prodigy. If he were born in a small village, he would be like their god.

The first thing he caught was a mid-sized yin fish! This was more than good luck, as yin fish were known to only appear for legendary warriors blessed by serenity, and in possession of a significant destiny. This was a good omen! Even crazier was that this yin fish had a mate already and was still willing to be caught! This caused its mate, the mid-sized yang fish, to swim towards the shore of its own accord. These two fish, once paired, could not stand to be too far away from each other.

Once paired together they also released an extraordinary kind of resonance. However, Jodye didn’t know about any of this. To him, they were merely beautiful trophies for him and his older sister to enjoy! He always felt his spirit power increasing when he sat next to this little pond, though he hadn’t overthought about that. There were many places in the estate where this happened, and this pond just so happened to be his favorite of such locations.

“Milly once had a dream about us being fishies, two fishies,” Kamila Trilleck had her long, wavy, and epically black hair hanging loose as she dipped her little toes in the pond. Every time her foot touched the water, she would shiver, like she just got shocked. Yet and still, she would instantly repeat her actions.

“As in, we were both fish in your dream?” Jodye Trill sat in all gold garments with a gold linked wolf tooth necklace around his neck. Jodye was busy running battle simulations in his mind. At this time, on the platform within his mind, an American style boxer was fighting against a Thai style boxing martial artist. The clash was rather intense, and Jodye had yet to see the outcome. As a result, his focus was waning, but he didn’t forget to divert a proper amount of his attention to entertaining his darling sister.

“Yes!” Said Kamila Trilleck, who was suddenly in Jodye Trill’s face staring into his pretty blue eyes. “Well, no. Milly was a fish. Little Joe Joe was a water snake.

“A snake? Me?” Asked Jodye Trill with a puzzled expression.

“Yes! Oh, oh, then, and then, we got bigger and bigger, then you grew horns, and then Milly grew a horn too. Until one day, you went vroosh! And jumped over the waterfall and never came back. So Milly just chased after you and tried to jump over the waterfall too, but Milly couldn’t do it,” Kamila Trilleck was very animated as she used her hands to describe the scene. Jodye couldn’t help but be reminded of an old Chinese legend as he listened to his sister’s latest dream rant.

“Until one day, after trying a bunch of times, Milly finally did it! But~~, before Milly could find little brother, she got a head pain and woked up.” Kamila Trilleck was rubbing her little head as if reminiscing over the pain.

Jodye was rather tickled by the antics of this older sister of his. Also, the hidden philosophy in her dreams scared him a little. Were these mere dreams? Such a strange land suggested otherwise, but since he was somewhat powerless and rather ignorant, he put it in the back of his mind. Despite his intelligence, who would take a brat’s concerns seriously? In his own words, Jodye Trill was the most hip to his current circumstances.

Nonetheless, Jodye’s days would typically pass like this. During the day, he and his sister accompanied either his own mother, Isis Trilleck, or Kamila’s mother, Omotolani Congo. Then, after dinner in the evening, he would return to his bedroom to train once again.

The one year, seven months old Joseph Trilleck had been immersed in cultivating his spirit every night for several months. Every night of the first month of skin refining was nearly as painful as the first night. After that, it gradually became less strenuous. Until three months later, when it became downright comfortable. He loved how it felt when these energies came in contact with him now, it was so pleasing!

After three painful months, little Jodye had fully refined his skin with astral might. The astral winds were no longer capable of corroding his skin, he was able to absorb them with ease. Now that he had a foundation, it was time to officially rush into the first stage of the Titanic Rage Law4Lawthe rules and principles that create, govern, and maintain the energies of the universe. When laws come into harmony they form different systems naturally, with as many functions as the laws in harmony. For laws to enter a state of harmony, they must be compatible and have a proper conduit such as a star, or anything with its own unique Origin source law. With a good enough conduit it is possible to make incompatible laws reach a state of harmony, but in such a scenario there is a high chance of the force turning cancerous. The condensation of law energy produces what is known as Force or Qi...

Thanks to the ancient Titan’s memories, he had a mental outline of every stage of the Titanic Rage Law and had a thorough understanding of the first five stages. It was as if he was personally taught by the elders of the Titan Clan. In the first stage of the Titanic Rage Law, the Wimpy Man Realm, there were seven levels of completion. Jodye could advance in level by washing the spiritual points of the surface of his body with astral might, cleansing the impurities within. This would unblock the spiritual passages behind each position and let the astral energies slowly fuse with him. Spiritual points link physical strength to the spiritual energy network inside the body.

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This process transforms the spiritual points into astral points, making them more power based. Astral points were able to store a set amount of astral force, and could also distribute this mighty force to the corresponding energy passages in the body. For every astral point created, Jodye would gain additional strength equal to the weight of 50 pounds to each astral point! At level one, this might not sound so amazing.

However, at level two that would be equal 100 pounds of additional strength in each astral point. That’s 200 pounds in total. Level 3 would be 450 pounds, and it just kept increasing! Besides, with the astral forces, he absorbs constantly fusing with them and transforming his body, with each level increased his default physical capabilities would also be slowly enhanced! This could be considered insane.

That means any Titan clan member at the peak of the first stage already had the strength to rule a country on 21st century Earth with an iron fist! Who would fight him? You could only shoot him. Even then, he would need to be shot with a massive gun.

“Wait for a second…” on this night little Jodye Trill was clad in his signature cute little white clothes while sitting in the lotus meditation posture his father showed him, “How intriguing? It seems the Titan Clan members only have seven spiritual points, but with my mind’s eye I’m able to see that I have eleven. There are extra points in my hips and my ankles, compared to the heaven slaughterers. I don’t have to stop at level seven, I can advance straight through Level 11…and this is because I’m a human and not a heaven slaughterer.”

Jodye gasped, and his blood begin to boil a little, as his heart raced in excitement. If one were to look deep in his eyes at this moment, they would see a tiny green flame flicker for an instant before vanishing. Jodye, himself, was unaware of this as he marveled over the possibilities. Didn’t this mean that from the very first stage he would have an advantage over even the young titans of the same rank?

While it was true that it would take Jodye a lot longer to reach the second stage, at the peak of the first stage, he would possess more than double the strength of the seventh level. This was important because the first stage was just building a foundation by transforming the body into a Titanic Rage physique! With a firmer foundation, he would be able to build up heavier and higher. At least, in theory. To him, it was like comparing someone’s blueprint for a house to his design for building a skyscraper! They were simply on entirely different levels.

“I’m ready to enter the first stage already.” Said Jodye Trill with an air of heroism. “Originally I was worried, but my body’s recovery speed seems to match my previous life already. That means it will only exceed this standard in the future. In that case, I can be a bit less cautious.”

Sansa46Sansamysterious witch responsible for banishing the souls of Jodye, Sylvester, and Xavier. Her origins are unknown, her whereabouts are unknown, and her motives are unknown. She was once the parential guardian of Jodye. told me that it was my soul that was special…” little Jodye Trill pondered for a moment. Matters of the soul were utterly foreign to him. It was currently still difficult for him to focus on some of his more complex inherited memories. “Forget it. I’ll first rush into the first level. That way I can begin practicing the first technique of the Titanic Rage Law, the Fist Of Might! By combining that with boxing and muay thai I should have some capital to defend myself with.”

Jodye was very anxious to grow strong. Then again, being obliterated can do that to a guy. Unfortunately, in this life he was still much too young, he had to take everything slow, or he may end his little life early. Luckily, his abnormal recovery abilities from his last life seem to be slowly manifesting in this one as well. Hurting himself was, in fact, no longer so easy to do.

Without further ado, Jodye chose the spiritual point in the web of his left hand, between his index finger and thumb. He activated Mind’s Eye to observe the energies of heaven and earth before using his spiritual sense to create a whirlpool that absorbed the astral might into the spiritual point on his left hand. Through his mind’s eye, this point looked to be a really dark greyish wall being attacked by a drill made of starlight.

The astral might speedily begin to corrode the cloud, but it was excruciatingly painful. The pain didn’t come from his hand, but rather his entire being felt like it was concrete getting jack-hammered. After three hours of this, the dark grey cloud was close to one-tenth of the way gone.

For the next six days, Jodye Trill spent every evening in the same way. It was as if he was replacing sleep with torturing himself. This was, in normal circumstances, not great for his growth. However, Jodye only needed to meditate for an hour to recover most of his energy. Finally, a full week later, while Jodye Trill was sitting cross-legged next to his serenity crystal container, his body suddenly shook, as he vomited out the peas he ate for dinner, some blood, and black goo. His hand was also covered in a black sticky substance.

These were impurities from the body!

This was the sign that Jodye Trill had successfully completed his first round of cleansing and cleared his left web spiritual point of contaminants. Next, he once again activated the mind’s eye to observe. The spiritual point now appeared to be a dark tunnel with a small light at the other end. Jodye Trill’s next step was to fill the spiritual position with astral might.

As the astral might flowed into his spiritual energy passages, Jodye Trill felt and warm current run through his body in various places, mainly up past part his lower back, all the way to up to his brain. The energy made those parts of his body feel as if they were suddenly as heavy as stone. The veins along his arm and part of his back were bulging as if they would burst.

Merely he didn’t feel weighted down, this weight felt to be apart of him. However, his arm was on fire and felt like it was about to explode. Jodye grimaced and begin to utilize the energy circulation method recorded in the Titanic Rage Law. Three more hours passed and Jodye Trill’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“HOH!” Jodye Trill’s little voice suddenly sounded ancient and powerful as he stretched and shouted out. A wave of air pressure spread out from his body that knocked all his constructed toy block cities and rock men into pieces and dust. The serenity crystal container, however, didn’t budge.

“Keep it down, baby! You don’t need to pay so loud. Oh my, it’s late, why are you still up? I’m coming in, it’s time to rest.” Joseph Trilleck heard his mother’s voice from outside the room right before he passed out still in meditative posture on the little twin bed.

Isis Trilleck thought it was odd that she suddenly felt a slightly dominant aura before it vanished. Quickly linking that with the sounds she just heard she swiftly sent her spiritual sense into Jodye Trill’s room and let out a small scream. She rushed in the place immediately, already pulling out her serene sound mirror.

“Osiris get over here, now!!”


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