Chapter 19 – Fire-Wielding Butcher

[Fire-Wielding First Mate (Special)], from its name, it was a Rank 2 Job Token that Lin Xiao Bei needed.

Therefore, Lin Xiao Bei rejected Bai Yiyi’s request to leave the Instance and continue to search for it.

As they passed through the tunnel that was filled with Glow Pearls, fortunately, they did not encounter anymore terrifying elite monsters like the Resentment Aggregation Body.

Along their way, only Lv. 5 Common Skeleton Pirates appeared.

They wiped them out and eventually reached the Great Hall of the Blazing Pirates safely.

The Blazing Pirates Great Hall was a 100 square meters area. Its design was simple, except for tables and chairs used for meals, there were three tightly sealed stone doors and nothing else.

Lin Xiao Bei suspects that the Fire-Wielding Butcher was behind one of the stone doors. However, after searching the entire Great Hall, he was unable to find a key that could unlock the stone doors.

[Ding. Your team has killed a Lv.5 Skeleton Pirate]

After killing monsters through the tunnel, Bai Yiyi had also gotten used to fighting with skeletons.

Currently, she was excitingly fighting the last Skeleton Pirate that was inside the Great Hall.

During this time, Lin Xiao Bei was seating in one of the chairs and reading <Charlie’s Handbook>

The mission had mentioned that reading <Charlie’s Handbook> might be helpful in finding the Fire-Wielding Butcher, his thirst for his second Job was making him impatient.

[Item Name: <Charlie’s Handbook>] [Grade: Orange] [Function: Mission item, please discover it’s function yourself]

Orange, it was the highest-grade Epic item he has seen. Lin Xiao Bei flipped a couple of times but did not find anything special about this thing.

This was basically a damn love diary of a small pirate.

[Alderman Calendar Year 1300, October 24]

I am Charlie.Howard, a sailor from South’s Champagne Region. Today is my 18th birthday, my father gave me this handbook as a present. I really liked it and decided to use it to record my everyday life.


Until the Year 1302 May, it was all about the daily life of Charlie the sailor. He also mentioned the matter that he was secretly in love with a Miss Hannah.Constantine, a young noble lady that he met on the ship by chance.

When Lin Xiao Bei flipped to the next page.

[Ding. Your team has killed the last Skeleton Pirate within Blazing Pirates Great Hall. Note: No Skeleton Pirates will spawn the next time you entered the game]

Along with the notification.

‘Swoosh’, Bai Yiyi reached Lv.3.

“Damn Money Lover. Saw that? I have personally a Lv.5 Skeleton!”

Having killed a monster alone the first time, Bai Yiyi was slightly excited and quickly showed off in front of Lin Xiao Bei.

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“Yes, yes! Boss quickly help me find if there is a secret door around here. We do not have much game time and I need to quickly locate the Fire-Wielding Butcher.”

As he continued reading <Charlie’s Handbook> Lin Xiao Bei felt urgent, they have less than an hour of game time left.

“Damn Money Lover, you have already checked every corner of this place and did not found any contraptions, this Young Mistress is not going to waste my energy.’

Bai Yiyi rolled her eyes, she was killing Skeletons while constantly feeling fear, yet Lin Xiao Bei only focused on searching the area and did not bother about her.

“If you are not finding then so be it. Help me look at this handbook, the mission says that reading this handbook will be very useful to us.”

Bai Yiyi’s words might be blunt, but her logic was correct. Lin Xiao Bei would have really discovered something if there was a switch or contraption here. Therefore, his only hope now was this handbook.

When he brought up the handbook, Bai Yiyi quickly ran over to him.

All women possessed a soul of gossip, reading someone’s diary had ignited her interest.

“Hey, Damn Money Lover. Why are you being nosy about someone’s crush when you are looking for the Fire-Wielding Butcher? Jump over it, jump over. Look for his life as a pirate.

Charlie did not confess, all he did was write some painful longing and unbridled words of a lover in the handbook. Being Valentine’s Day today, the single Bai Yiyi felt it was an eyesore.

“Good reasoning!”

Lin Xiao Bei quickly flipped to the year when Charlie joined the Blazing Pirates.

[Alderman Calendar Year 1303, July 2]

I did not expect that I would abandon my pride as a sailor and become a pirate because my life was being threatened. My deceased father would have felt ashamed of me. Miss Hannah.Constantine, please forgive me.


[Alderman Calendar Year 1304, April 1]

The bloody, honorable and respected Captain Bill and the rest of the crew were treating me pretty well, especially the beloved Great Chef Steve. After some drinks, he would secretly teach me his trademark skill, Fire-Wielding.

Now that I have gotten used to life as a pirate. Goodbye, my dear Miss Hannah.


[Alderman Calendar Year 1302, February 14]

Valentine’s Day, when the roses bloom. Today, I returned to South’s Champagne Domain. Who did I saw? Miss Hannah.Constantine, she has been waiting for me and did not turn her back on me even when I am a pirate. She and I are going to elope, dear heavens! I am feeling so blessed!

[Alderman Calendar Year 1305, February 15]

The Captain did not agree to allow a woman on the ship, I am feeling frustrated and could only secretly sneak Hannah into the bottom decks, within a hidden compartment. When we return to base, I will find a way to settle her on Crying Crab Island. The Tidal Race was close to humans, it should be a good place to settle her.


[Alderman Calendar Year 1305, July 1] [Fire Lich (Farmar)] and the Tidal Chieftain have a close relationship, it seems to be very interested with Hannah who was staying there temporarily. No, I cannot allow that damn lich to get close to Hannah, I must hide her.

From here on, several dozen pages had been torn away.

[Alderman Calendar Year 1307, January 20]

The New World Entry Pass has gone missing! The Captain and the other core crew have gotten into a huge fight. I guess my time as a pirate is about to end. I need to bring happiness to Hannah, I must use this opportunity to escape here.

Hannah, today is February 14, I will certainly fulfill my promise and give you happiness.

[Alderman Calendar Year 1307, January 22]

Hannah, I am deeply disappointed. Sorry, sorry, my dear…

After the word ‘dear’ the words had been smudged by blood and no longer readable. After that, Charlie had likely died before the door and no longer wrote his diary.

After reading the handbook, Lin Xiao Bei was still feeling confused.

“How is it? Did you discover anything?”

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“I did not notice anything. However, Fire-Wielding Steve did appear inside, it might provide us a clue to start.”

‘the beloved Great Chef Steve. After some drinks, he would secretly teach me his trademark skill, Fire-Wielding.’

The two of them went into deep thoughts.

[Ding. Your team discovered an information shard regarding (Fire-Wielding)] [Fire-Wielding Information Shard (1)] [Information Description: Fire-Wielding is the secret art of Captain Bill. It belongs to a type of General Skill and will not occupy a Job Skill Slot. The skill allowed Bill to control fire and even allowed him to turn his body into a fire element form. In addition, it enhances the effects and damage of other fire skills. Captain Bill used this skill to dominate the entire East’s Storm Domain without any competition.]

Suddenly, Lin Xiao Bei and Bai Yiyi’s eyes shined at the same time.

“Captain Bill’s secret art?”

“Steve taught it to Charlie?”

“Steve secretly learned the Fire-Wielding skill of Captain Bill!” both of them spoke at the same time.

At that instant.

‘Rumble Rumble.’ The right stone door within the hall suddenly opened.

From the dust, appeared a stitched monster wearing a chef’s hat and stepped into the Great Hall. It was wielding a human-sized half-moon chopper.

It released a deep roar that resounded through the entire hall.

“Who told Bill that I have secretly learned his Fire-Wielding Skill? Who!?”

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