Chapter 167: Pegasus Racing Track!

Wei Lan then got on her bike. Even though her face wasn’t as cold, but compared to her usual self, she seemed less talkative.

After Su Ke2Su KeMain Character mediated, the tension had been alleviated.

“What are you doing tomorrow?”

Su Ke didn’t understand why she would ask such a thing, so he was at a loss as he asked, “Tomorrow? School?”

Wei Lan had a burst of irritation, “It’s Saturday tomorrow, are you a fool?”

She didn’t expect Su Ke to forget what day it was.

How could he be a student?



Su Ke had too many things going on recently. He didn’t even pay attention during class.

This had caused him to neglect what day it was. Only after Wei Lan reminded him did he remember. However, he was suddenly aware that on Saturday he had to race Zuo Ming Ming.

“A few of my friends want to go out tomorrow!”

Su Ke could tell that Wei Lan had plans, but he had already arranged to race Zuo Ming Ming tomorrow. Also, since Li Fei Fei was going to be with him, he definitely couldn’t let this girl know.

“Oh!” After Wei Lan heard that, she didn’t have any expression on her face.

However, Su Ke could feel that her mood had dipped, so he quickly said, “But I’m free on Sunday, why don’t we go out then?”

Wei Lan’s eyes lit up as she turned her head and asked, “Sunday? Where do you want to go?”

“I want to get my mother a necklace since it’s almost her birthday. Help me pick one out?”

Su Ke did think of getting his mom a gift a while ago, and now he finally had time.


Hearing that Su Ke actually wanted Wei Lan’s help to pick out a gift for his mother, her face flushed, feeling like she was about to meet her in-laws.

Her gloomy mood vanished in the face of these words, as she shyly acknowledged him.

Since Fang Fei Yi Ren1Fang Fei Yi RenThe beauty parlour Su Ke works at and the one Luo Fei Yan owns was closed, Su Ke sent Wei Lan back to her house before heading to his family’s shop. In this period, since he had 2 jobs, he rarely went over to help.

Su You Fu saw his son come back and casually asked, “Su Ke, have the results been released?”  

This grabbed Mother Su’s attention.

Su Ke shook his head as he responded, “Dad, didn’t I say we have to wait until Monday for the results to be out!?”

He knew that his parents didn’t really support him working, so he continued, “Don’t worry, I scored quite well this time! If this continues, don’t mention a degree, looks like even Yanjing university is a small matter!”


Yan Jing university was one of China’s most famous universities.

Not only was it ranked 211, but it was also very reputable in Asia.

Almost every parent would set this school as a goal, so after Su Ke finished speaking, both Su You Fu and Zhang Xue felt that it was inconceivable.

Su You Fu put down the account book and turned to look at Su Ke before saying, “Boy, don’t lie to your dad! I heard before that this Yan Jing university’s requirements are very high. Seems like only a few people from Wei Hai city will be accepted every year!”

“Dad, just wait! My goal is there!”

Su Ke could tell that his parents glanced at each other after he spoke.

They didn’t just dismiss his words, but gave satisfied smiles.

Su You Fu saw that his son was full of confidence, so he smiled until his wrinkles were showing, “You brat, don’t boast! Let’s not mention Yan Jing university; if you’re able to get into a good university course, your mum and I will thank god!”


“That’s right, boy! If you really are so outstanding, wait until you graduate and open up a large shop for your parents, okay?”

Zhang Xue was also casually speaking, but it pierced Su Ke’s heart.

Using Wu Yi Ren’s money to set up a shop wasn’t impossible.

“Okay! Then you guys just wait! The supermarket is rather near, so I’ll immediately set it up for you!”

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Su Ke then walked over to the shelves and started to work.

“Okay, then your mum and I will wait for that day!”

Su Fu You seemed like he saw Su Ke future filled with outstanding success.

He looked around his 30 square foot shop and thought about the busy 100 square meter supermarket outside, causing him to smile and shake his head.


After keeping busy for a while, only then did he go home.

Su Ke’s cooking skill had long reached the intermediate level.

However, he had never used the skill before.

Usually, after he returned from Fang Fei Yi Ren, there would be leftover food at home.

Even though he reached home early, there were a lot of ingredients leftover.

He casually stir-fried two dishes and cooked some rice.

Only then did he go to his bedroom and look at his phone.

As expected, there were two missed calls and a text.


“Where did you go?” (Li Fei Fei)

Su Ke sat on his bed and sent a text in response, “Eh! Sorry, I just went to Namek (1), the signal there is not very good!”

It seemed like Li Fei Fei was holding onto her phone since as soon as Su Ke sent the text, his phone immediately rang.

After he picked it up, Li Fei Fei’s voice sounded through, “Oh! Namek? Did you meet Son Goku (2)?”

“Not Goku, Ba Jie (3), okay?”

As Su Ke spoke, his lips curved up into a smile as he leaned against the headboard.

At the same time, Li Fei Fei was also in the dormitory; she hadn’t gone for self-study yet.


Seeing that her roommate was doing her own thing, she covered her mouth and softly said, “Boss, give me half of the pig’s head!”

“F*ck! I’m not seeing a pig’s head, how about a pig’s p*n*s (4)?”

Only after Su Ke finished speaking did he realize that his words might be considered flirty, making him feel embarrassed for a moment.

His words were too informal since he just blurted out whatever.

Li Fei Fei didn’t expect Su Ke to react like this. Her face flushed, not because of Su Ke’s words, but rather because the two of them seemed to have a tacit understanding.

Or maybe this was called, ‘when hearts are one’?”


Thinking until here, Li Fei Fei’s heart became erratic.

Only after she calmed down did she gently ask, “Su Ke, how’s the wound on your arm?”

Su Ke raised his arm to take a look before saying, “En! It’s fine already!”

The place where the skin tore had already scabbed over.

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“How’re our plans for tomorrow/”

Su Ke thought about racing Zuo Ming Ming tomorrow.

This b*st*rd would definitely not contact him, so naturally, he had to ask Li Fei Fei.


“Oh? We’ll meet at the school gates tomorrow. Zuo Ming Ming said that he booked the Pegasus Racing Track already. At that time, we’ll head directly over!”

Actually, this is the real reason Li Fei Fei called Su Ke.

However, the two of them bantered flirtatiously instead, causing her to forget her purpose.

“Pegasus Racing Track!” Su Ke repeated.


  1. An alien planet in Dragon Ball Z
  2. The main character in Dragon Ball Z and in Journey to the West, aka Sun Wu Kong
  3. Zhu Ba Jie, a character from Journey to the West, who is half-man half-pig
  4. Just FYI, Su Ke meant it as a dish (yes, it exists), but this could have been misconstrued as a dirty joke.
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