Chapter 282: Everyone is a Coward in Love (18)

Si Jing Yu really does not want to accept this call.  Although she is the one who filed for divorce, she still finds herself a little reluctant to separate from him.

He is quiet for a moment, before saying, “Jing Yu, am I not allowed to call you if I have not signed the paper?”

She sighs; cursing herself for being so soft-hearted.

“What do you want?” asks Si Jing Yu, her voice icy.


Si Jing Yu is a little irritated by the other party’s long silence, “If there is nothing else, I am hanging up.”

Before she gets to do that, the other party calls her name, “Jing Yu……………”

Si Jing Yu is stunned, as though she is being controlled by him using magic.  She puts the speaker of the phone close to her ear so that she can hear his voice better.

She does not say anything and can hear the other party’s faint breathing.

She stands in her spot without moving, listening to him quietly.

Shi Jin Yan speaks after a while, “My mother’s birthday is in this weekend.  I am reminding you not to forget to prepare a gift.”

A gift……

She clenches her fists tightly.

When she remembers her last encounter with Bai Yue, she feels like she is the biggest joke in this world. 

What does this man take her for? 

It is true that she loves him, but not to the point where she can discard her self-respect over it.

They have been married for years and he has always treated her respectfully but coldly.  Only in front of their parents would he treat her with love and affection.

And now, he has clearly planned to bring Bai Yue there, what does he means by inviting her along?

Are they trying to get her blessing?

She takes a deep breath, “I am too busy.”

Then, she hangs up without even waiting for his answer.

Her tears fall the moment the call ends.  She covers her mouth with her palm to stop herself from making any sound.

Her body shudders from the emotional pain that she is going through.  She sits helplessly on the floor.

After who knows how long, she finally lifts her head again.  There are hardly any tears left in her eyes; instead, she looks resolute and cold.

She, Si Jing Yu, is a rich young lady and has been raised with pride.  Since his parents came from the countryside and are very frugal, she started to become economical with her food and clothes as well.

She used to wear custom-made clothes, but when his mother started buying her clothes from the road-side shops, she would wear them regardless if they were too small or too big for her.

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She never eat from road-side stalls when she was younger, but had no problem going there to eat hot and sour noodles with her mother-in-law.

She was willing to change so much to appease her mother-in-law, only for all this to happen.

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She smiles; what has become of her life?

After Bai Yue came back into their lives, she ran out of the country for half a year, resolute to leave him.  But, if one thinks carefully, what fault does she have in this, to have to go through all that?  Her only fault is falling in love with Shi Jin Yan.

She must not be weak.  It is time to wake up.

She takes a couple of deep breaths and calms herself down.

She gets up and walks to the couch, opening her laptop.  Then, she starts designing.  She is very unhappy with the recent drafts that she has made these past few days.

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