Chapter 283: Everyone is a Coward in Love (19)

She stares at the finished drafts intently for a full 10 minutes.  Then, she crumples in defeat.

She stands up and sweeps the laptop off the table and into the floor.  The coffee cup hits the floor with a crisp sound along with the laptop.  Not long later, the thick smell of coffee fills the room.

She paces around in irritation as she tries to calm her breathing. 

She has tried her best, just she does not have the muse to design anything that can satisfy her own standard.  She really needs to finish this draft so that the series can be released in time.  She only has 4 to 5 days left to hand this in.

She really has no time to spare.  She looks at the clock, it is now 8 pm.   She puts on her robe and walks out of her room.

She has been asking Si Zheng Ting to help her come up with a draft these past few days, and if she remembers correctly, he promised to help her come up with a few designs today.

Si Jing Yu is too preoccupied with her dilemma to remember one very important fact; that Si Zheng Ting is married.  She knocks on his door before opening it directly, “Where is my draft, my beloved brother……?”

Inside the room, the two people have just finished their foreplay and is about to go to the main point when Si Jing Yu suddenly opens the door.  Hearing the sound of the door opening, Si Zheng Ting immediately covers their bodies with a blanket.  Then, he glares at the door furiously.

Si Jing Yu looks at them in surprise, her mouth open.  She finally remembers that his brother is married and is probably in the middle of……

Si Jing Yu looks on awkwardly, her face reddening.  The awkward expression on her face does not linger.  She closes her mouth and instead of leaving, looks at them casually before asking, “Where is the draft that you promised me?”

Si Zheng Ting: ……………..

Zhuang Nai Nai: ……………..

Zhuang Nai Nai feels like she is going to die from embarrassment.  She covers her face with the blanket.

To be seen by his sister in this manner is so embarrassing!

It is ony 8 pm.  Doing that kind of activity at a time like this…… Will it make them appear eager and lustful?

Ahhhhhh!  Is there a hole to hide herself in?

Si Zheng Ting’s heart aches when he sees her in this condition.  His eyes become even colder, “On the study’s table.”

“Oh.  Then, both of you can go on!  I will not bother you two!” Si Jing Yu closes the door again.

Zhuang Nai Nai:  ………….. You already bothered us, don’t you know that?

She really wants to die.

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Even after Si Jing Yu left, she continues burying her face under the blanket, too embarrassed to come out.

She can hear Si Zheng Ting’s clear and hoarse voice saying, “It is alright now, Nai Nai.”

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This is not ‘alright’ at all, you idiot…..

Don’t tell her he expects them to continue even after this?

She pushes him away, “”G-Go away, you!”

Not only did he not leave, he even tries to drag the blanket off of her.  She protests from under the blanket.

Si Zheng Ting really does not know what to do with her.  It is not that he is not strong enough to take the blanket off her, just he is afraid that he will harm her if he accidentally uses too much force.

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