Chapter 281: Everyone is a Coward in Love (17)

Zhuang Nai Nai’s heart beats loudly inside the small room.  She feels like she has exhausted every bit of courage she has in asking that question.

Life has been so hard that she has long lost the liveliness that she used to have, back in school.  And she has been hurt too much in love, to ever regain her confidence in it.

Everytime she goes to bed, she would wonder if he had ever loved her before, even for a little.

She had used everything she had in liking him, but the result was…..

Her heart feels a little pained as she asks him the question that has been bothering her for years. 

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She raises her head to look at him and is surprised by what she sees.  Affection, desire and confusion linger in his eyes.  He appears as though he had not listened to her question properly.  He trains his eyes on her.

Si Zheng Ting’s head is a little clouded.

What did she ask?  She asked him if he has ever loved her?

That question is so naïve and funny to his ears.  He loves her, and deeply so, to the point where even he even fathom how deep that feeling is.

When he sees the tense look on her face, his face turns considerably gentler.  Is she worried that his feeling has changed?

Si Zheng Ting sighs, “Zhuang Nai Nai, all these years, I have never………..”

Before he even finishes speaking, Zhuang Nai Nai suddenly leans towards him and covers his lips with hers.

He stiffens.  He looks at the fluttering lashes of the girl who has mustered her courage to ask him something, but couldn’t spare the said courage to listen to his answer.  His heart is moved.

He deepens the kiss as something stirs in his heart.

He opens his lips.

Zhuang Nai Nai’s head is empty, his voice keeps repeating inside her head, ‘Zhuang Nai Nai, all these years, I have never…..’  Never what?

Never liked you?  Never forget about you?

She suddenly does not wish to listen to his answer.

And so, without even thinking, she blocks his lips with her own.

In the end, she lets go of the question that she has been waiting to ask for years.

In her heart, she tells herself that what happened 5 years ago is history, there is no need to poke that wound in her heart.

Their kiss this time is an earth-shattering one.

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They only part from each other when they are tired.  A silvery string connects them in the lips, looking very ambiguous under this atmosphere.

Her cheeks are red.  Seeing her like that, Si Zheng Ting cannot control himself anymore and lifts her up.  He returns to their bedroom while carrying her, before gently placing her on their bed.

Then, he climbs on top of her.


Downstairs, Si Jing Yu finishes her meals before returning to her room.

Just as she enters her room, her phone vibrates from inside her bag.  She takes the phone out. 

The name flashing on the screen is ‘Husband.’

Her heart tightens when she sees that name.

All the façade that she keeps when she is outside immediately crumbles.

Grief and desolateness fills her face as she looks at her phone.

She accepts the call and speaks in a voice so cold that she frightens even herself, “Have you signed the divorce paper?”

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