Chapter 285: Extreme Anger!

“Hehe! With me around, what are you afraid of? Can’t you be more confident in me?” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Heh heh, of course not. Senior Brother is the best. I’m just afraid that these mosquitoes would defecate here, dirtying our surroundings!” Tian Xing rubbed his head and laughing awkwardly as he tried to cover up his previous nervousness. How could that person be comparable to Senior Brother? Cheng Yu was the elite of the elite.

“Of course. I’m going to take a rest first while they have some fun!” Cheng Yu laughed before sitting down.

“You must be joking! Senior Brother, you do remember that these things can absorb spiritual Qi, right? They will suck us dry!” Watching Cheng Yu really sit down and rest, Tian Xing got anxious. Their lives were at stake here! Look at those few Golden Realm experts previously. It didn’t take a moment before their existences had been extinguished. Tian Xing didn’t want to die so early. Cheng Yu slapped Tian Xing’s forehead, and lamented, ”You coward. Can’t you use your brain? Look at what those are,” Cheng Yu pointed at the eleven spiritual veins above him.

“Aren’t those just spiritual veins?” Tian Xing looked at those spiritual veins and commented, as if he didn’t seem to comprehend it.

“You also know they are spiritual veins. We have so many spiritual veins here, so why are you afraid of being sucked dry? Before they can finish sucking it, they would already have exploded,” Cheng Yu retorted.

“Right! How can I possibly forget this. Senior Brother is still the wisest. Everything is all within your calculations. But Senior Brother, aren’t this method beneficial for that guy; allowing his bats to grow stronger?” Tian Xing finally saw the light but still couldn’t fully understand it.

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“En. In theory, you’re right. However, for him to control so many bats, he would need to consume lots of Qi as well and the spiritual Qi absorbed by these bats couldn’t be turned into Qi for him immediately. Thus, looking at the whole situation, he’s at the losing end. We just need to look for the appropriate time to attack and not allow him to recover,” Cheng Yu explained. Cheng Yu knew the reason why they were so worried was because they had no understanding of such techniques before. So, Cheng Yu gave them an explanation to allow them to know more about such absorption techniques.

Raising and training such Qi absorption bats needed an extremely sinister method. A lot of demonic sects possessed such methods in their ancient records. Although Cheng Yu did not learn such techniques, he still knew of them. The so-called Qi absorption bats were actually a kind of technique that absorbed all kinds of energy from their target and they changed such energy into spiritual Qi for it’s caster.

However, Cheng Yu also knew of the technique’s weakness. The spiritual Qi absorbed by the Qi absorption bats can’t be changed into Qi immediately as they need the caster’s body to do the conversion. This was similar to how Cheng Yu possessed eleven spiritual veins, essentially having large amounts of spiritual Qi to support him. Unfortunately, he couldn’t utilize all of them because Golden Core Realm could only utilize basic Qi.

Meanwhile, soul artifacts use spiritual Qi. So, regardless of how much spiritual Qi was absorbed by the black gowned man, he couldn’t convert all of it into usable Qi immediately while his Qi was being consumed by his technique. A moment ago, that man had just absorbed five Golden Core Realm experts’ Qi. A majority of it was still contained within the bats. If Cheng Yu were to go out and fight against him now, he would certainly be at an disadvantage because these bats were his Qi storage. However, these bats couldn’t endlessly absorb. After they had absorbed to a certain limit, they needed to transfer the energy back into the black gowned man’s body. Otherwise, they would no longer be able to absorb.

Cheng Yu wanted to wait for the man to finish using up his Qi while allowing all these bats to be filled with spiritual Qi. Until the black gowned man had finished using all his Qi stored within these bats, he would no longer have any Qi to replenish his consumed Qi. At that point, he could convert the spiritual Qi stored within those bats.

“So it’s like that. Senior Brother, not only is your strength unrivalled, your knowledge is also so overboard. Little brother here truly admires you,” Hearing Cheng Yu’s explanation, Tian Xing and Tian Xue finally understood what was going on.

“Haha, less bootlicking,” Cheng Yu smiled. He had lived for thousands of years. Although he didn’t dare to say he had seen everything, he was at least more experienced compared to these people.

An hour passed. The black gowned man was filled with sweat, looking somewhat weary. He was extremely shocked. Why would the soul artifact be filled with so much spiritual Qi? Furthermore, it even let him absorb it willingly. Was it trying to use spiritual Qi to fill his bats to death? Trying to fill him to death? The black gowned man tried to understand the situation.

“Alright. Almost there. Doesn’t he like to stick himself to us? Today, Senior Brother is going to let you all try some roasted bats!” Cheng Yu joked. Cheng Yu flung his hand. Six phoenixes suddenly flew out from Jewel Cauldron, immediately cooking a group of bats. Following that, another six bats that were encircling the Jewel Cauldron started to burn up.

“Pill fire? How did this happen?” The black gowned man was startled. He quickly retrieved all the bats into his body.

“Don’t tell me this is a Pill Cauldron?” The black gowned man looked at the six phoenixes that were spiralling around the cauldron as he considered. Suddenly, the Jewel Cauldron headed towards the black gowned man. The black gowned man brandished his sword and slashed at the cauldron. The Jewel Cauldron was repelled. Cheng Yu knew that doing so couldn’t possibly eliminate this guy and he needed to make the killing move himself. He retrieved his pill fire. With a flash, he flew out of the cauldron.

“It’s you! How can you be here?!” Seeing Cheng Yu’s sudden appearance, the black gowned man was shocked again. Previously, when Cheng Yu had gotten into a conflict with Tianshan Sect, he had already taken notice of Cheng Yu. Before he left, he even gave Cheng Yu a smile. Unexpectedly, he would meet Cheng Yu here again.

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“Hehe! I was almost hidden inside this!” Cheng Yu laughed.

“So you are saying I was being played all long?” At this moment, how could the black gowned man not understand the situation?

“Hehe! Why put it in such way? From the start until now, I was always inside. It’s you who chased after me,” Cheng Yu chuckled.

“You will need to pay a price for your actions then!” The black gowned man spoke icily. Although Cheng Yu had also broken through to Golden Core Realm, with his strength, he did not place Cheng Yu in his eyes at all.

In this period of time, the amount of Golden Core experts that had died in his hands had surpassed ten. A Golden Core initial stage cultivator would never be fit to be his opponent.
“Hehe! Make your move then!” Cheng Yu smiled nonchalantly. He took out his Purple Light Sword allowing the black gowned man to initiate the fight.

“Another soul artifact?” The black gowned man was shocked! This brat actually had two soul artifacts. The killing intent in him grew even stronger. One displayed splendid swordsmanship while the other showed exquisite swordsmanship. Furthermore, both of their strengths was no weaker than each other’s. At the very least in this situation, this man was the strongest opponent Cheng Yu had met to date. However, the black gowned man was not feeling so nonchalant. After exchanging more than ten moves, he realized that his opponent’s strength was no weaker than his. This caused him to feel surprised.

The reason why the black gowned man was so strong was because he had yin spirits within him. Yin spirits were an object that feasted on others. During the time he spent in Death Forest, his yin spirit had grown by a lot. In fact, its strength had already exceeded that of a Golden Core late stage cultivator. Such a powerful yin spirit had merged together with his body, allowing his strength to soar. But what about Cheng Yu? Could there be an external power assisting him as well?

The more the black gowned man fought, the more stunned he was. Regardless of how fierce his attack was, he realized that it would all be blocked. Some of it was even repelled with another attack. As a result, the black gowned man had fallen into the losing end.

“Crazy Devil Confusion Dance!” The black gowned man roared. His sword was immediately covered with killing intent, making it look like a devil itself as it pounced on Cheng Yu.

“Primeval Chaos Slash!” The purple light sword in Cheng Yu’s hand grew intense. A large purple light sword image slashed towards that devil. However what caused Cheng Yu to be surprised was that the devil was like smoke. Even though it had been sliced into two, it was still able to merge itself back together. Once again, with its devil image, it charged towards Cheng Yu. It then spiralled itself starting from Cheng Yu’s sword until his body. Unexpectedly, it actually penetrated through Cheng Yu’s heavenly dipper armor, entering his brain, causing him to suffocate and face illusions.

When the black gowned man saw the perplexed expression of Cheng Yu’s, he was in joy. With a wave of his hand, the bats flew out in full strength, pouncing onto Cheng Yu. Cheng Yu was only able to feel his body being controlled. All kinds of frightening scenes kept on playing within his mind. Self mutilation, committing suicide, giving up. All kinds of thoughts kept on appearing in Cheng Yu’s mind.

“Senior Brother! Cheng Yu! What’s wrong!” Seeing their surroundings had turned dark and Cheng Yu being surrounded by bats, Tian Xing and Tian Xue got anxious as they yelled. As the two of them were within Cheng Yu’s treasure, their voices were also being relayed directly to his mind. As a result, those few yells of theirs had disturbed the hypnosis and waking Cheng Yu.

“Not good! Killing intent entering the brain!” Cheng Yu finally reacted. He sensed that the Qi on him was being absorbed away and he turned pale in fright.

“The Dao of Holy Spirit, cleanse my distracting thoughts and calm my heart. COME OUT!” Cheng Yu used a dispelling chant to force the killing intent out from his brain. It was at this moment, the black gowned man called out his tin spirit to get it ready to excavate Cheng Yu’s golden core. All of a sudden, six fiery red phoenixes appeared on Cheng Yu. This was Cheng Yu’s pill fire, the Six Phoenix spiritual flame. Cheng Yu knew that pill fire belonged to the yang while yin spirits belong to the yin side. Previously when he was at Mt. Wutai, Cheng Yu had already tested it out. Spiritual flame was the best technique to deal with those yin spirits and Qi absorption bats.

The Qi absorption bats on Cheng Yu immediately turned to ashes. Meanwhile, that yin spirit had stretched out its claws, advancing towards Cheng Yu’s dantian. However, the moment the spiritual flame came out, it got into contact with the spiritual flame. It shrieked before returning into the black gowned man’s body immediately.

“How is this possible?” The black gowned man had previously seen Cheng Yu using the pill fire to eliminate the bats. He felt the situation was still understandable, but his yin spirit had never been scared of fire. How could it be injured by this fire of Cheng Yu’s?!

“Two Dragons Attacking Bead!” Cheng Yu leaped out from the crisis, but lots of his Qi had already been sucked away, turning his body weak. He roared, sending two dragon images towards the black gowned man.

“BOOM!” The area which the black gowned man was at immediately exploded! Smoke scattered around the area. Other than a big hole and all the blasted vegetations, nothing was left.

“He actually escaped!” Cheng Yu sighed.

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