Chapter 286: Mother? Teacher?

“Senior Brother, are you alright?” The moment Cheng Yu returned into the Mountain River Diagram, Tian Xing and Tian Xue went to welcome him.

“I’m fine,” Cheng Yu shook his head. With a portion of his Qi being sucked away, it caused him to turn weak.

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“Senior Brother, what happened just now? Why did you suddenly stop moving?” Tian Xing recalled the scene that caused him to be extremely shocked. If something were to happen to Cheng Yu, what should they do?

“That person’s killing intent was very strong and it invaded my consciousness, causing me to lose my mind,” Cheng Yu was still frightened by that incident. If he were to have woken up a little later, that person would have gotten what he wanted.

“Fortunately, you woke me in time. Otherwise, we would be in trouble. I was truly frightened just now as so many bats were sticking onto you and even the yin spirit had appeared. Luckily, that fire on you appeared promptly, shunning away the crisis,” Tian Xing rejoiced.

“Hehe! This time was because I got careless. However, you two had woken me in time, disrupting the hypnosis on me,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“See if you still dare to be so cocky next time. In this world, you are not the only one who possesses such an abnormal strength. Others can also do it too,” Just now, Tian Xue was also frightened. When she saw Cheng Yu taking his carelessness so lightly, she felt that she should remind him to prevent him from thinking that he was truly unrivalled.

“Then I should congratulate you. You can finally act so smug in front of me,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“It’s good that you know,” Tian Xue lifted her head high with complacency.

“Senior Brother, that person’s killing intent was really so powerful?” Tian Xing inquired curiously.

“That’s right. Killing intent itself is a kind of potent poisonous Qi. It is able to cause one to become poisoned, hypnotized or loses one’s wisdom. Furthermore, it can also be refined into strengthening one’s cultivation. How is it not powerful?” Cheng Yu explained. A moment ago, Cheng Yu’s mind had been invaded by killing intent, causing illusions to appear within his consciousness and making him lose his wisdom and control of his body.

“Since killing intent is so powerful, why don’t we, the righteous sect, use it to cultivate?” Although they had heard of killing intent before, they did not have much understanding of it. Righteous sects had always judged those who cultivate killing intent to be performing an act of demonism.

“Killing intent is known to be sinister. Only those malicious cultivation techniques would be able to refine killing intent. If it was not passed down specially, it is very easy to cause the killing intent to devour its master. Furthermore, even if there’s such a heritage, whenever they cultivate, it is very easy for them to go into Qi deviation. Furthermore, those who cultivate killing intent are usually a group of bloodthirsty people. Therefore, the righteous sect always judge those who cultivate killing intent to be performing an act of demonism,” Cheng Yu explained.

“So it’s like that. No wonder that person’s methods were so malicious. Every move of his was so terrifying,” Recalling those Qi absorption bats and the formidable yin spirit as well as the vicious killing intent, every move of his truly aimed to kill. No wonder those who were killed by him were all turned into bones.

“Alright. I need to rest for awhile. Help me take a look outside. If there’s any abnormality, wake me up!” Cheng Yu commanded before walking back to his camp.


Within a cavern hole, a black gowned man sat inside. He vomited a mouthful of blood as his complexion turned even paler.

“Unexpectedly, there was such a formidable flame that was able to be able to injure my yin spirit!” The black gowned man recalled to how his yin spirit was injured. It displayed a sense of fear towards that flame, transmitting it to his brain, which caused the black gowned man to feel a sense of dread. As he and his yin spirit were fused together, whatever each of them felt, the other party would also be able to feel it. Otherwise, the black gowned man also wouldn’t have escaped.

“Furthermore, this person isn’t simple. Not only was his strength overwhelming, his skills were also extremely formidable. Even that last move of his was enough to kill me. Fortunately, I made a narrow escape. Otherwise, I would have exploded into smithereens,” The black gowned man spoke weakly.

“What a pity. If I had made my move earlier, I would have definitely succeeded. His Golden Core is certainly top-grade. Besides, he also had two soul artifacts. Truly a pity,” Recalling to that fight, all the black gowned man felt was regret. If only he made his move earlier, whatever that person owned would have been his.

“However, I need a period of time to digest these five Golden Cores. I’m pretty sure my strength will definitely rise once again. When the time comes, I will look for him again!” The black gowned man muttered to himself. Yin spirits belong to a devouring-type object. During the preceding period, it would promote very quickly, but when it reached Golden Core Realm and above, it became a lot harder.

He might even need to devour nascent souls to upgrade the yin spirit. This was also the loophole of the devouring skill. Otherwise, if it continued to rise so unobstructedly, the world would have long fallen into chaos.


After the battle with the black gowned man, Cheng Yu, Tian Xing and Tian Xue no longer met any human cultivators. Instead, they were confronted with numerous sieges from the wolf packs and lions. This had also gotten them to realize it was not that these animals didn’t know how to attack, but only the carnivorous ones would initiate it. Furthermore, these animals all had the strength of Golden Core middle stage. As for the Wolf King and Lion King, they possessed the strength of Golden Core late stage, causing Cheng Yu to be extremely tense. Fortunately, Cheng Yu’s Jewel Cauldron possessed very strong defense. The trio had never once needed to make an entrance as they continued hiding.

A few days later.

“Senior Brother, don’t you feel that this place is very weird?” Tian Xing sat beside Cheng Yu, looking at the pitch black surroundings outside.

“Even you can tell, do you think I can’t?” Cheng Yu was also paying attention to their surroundings attentively. If he hadn’t guessed wrongly, they should have flown for a full three days. But what caused them to feel bewildered was that within these three days, they had never once seen the sun. This caught Cheng Yu’s attention.

“Senior Brother, then what should we do? Having experienced such a long nighttime, what happened to the daytime?” Tian Xing enquired.

“We have very likely entered into a illusion formation. Or perhaps, we have entered into another space!” Cheng Yu voiced his doubts. Other than these two possibilities, Cheng Yu could not think of any other situation that could cause this. Besides, Cheng Yu had tried to fly above the skies numerous times, but regardless of which direction he went, it seemed like there was no limit to it.

“Illusion formation? Another space? What should we do then? Does this mean that we are stuck here?” Hearing Cheng Yu’s words, Tian Xing and Tian Xue got even more worried. Although they had yet to experience much, they still knew what that signified. If it was illusion formation, there was still the possibility of them breaking it, but if they were to have intruded into another space, they would truly become helpless. At least in their opinion, if they wished to go from one space to another space, then they would need to be like Cheng Yu, having a storage-type artifact and becoming the space’s owner.

However, if they invaded into someone else’s space, unless they had the ability to breakthrough this space, they would have to wait for their death.

“I will go out and have a look first,” Cheng Yu was unable to figure out their current situation and could only speculate. For him to fully understand their current situation, he needed to go out and observe their surroundings.

“Be careful. If there’s danger, quickly come back in,” Tian Xue advised. Although they were inside Cheng Yu’s artifact, without Cheng Yu, in such a unfamiliar place, they couldn’t feel any sense of security. Cheng Yu flew out from the Jewel Cauldron and stored the Jewel Cauldron back into his body before walking out alone. Although Cheng Yu was able to see during the night, the distance he could see wasn’t very far. Only within a few meters, as everything else was fuzzy. The surroundings he saw were similar to when he arrived at the core area. Everywhere was filled with vegetation. The first response Cheng Yu felt was that they did not actually enter into another space.

“Could it be an illusion formation?” Cheng Yu thought. However, he felt that if it was an illusion formation, then the surroundings couldn’t have stayed the same and instead it should have given him a feel of another world. Cheng Yu leaped up into the sky and got ready to fly around to survey their surroundings. However, not long later, he saw a picture appear in front of him, causing him to be shocked. Within the picture, there was a middle-aged woman working within a field while a ten-year old boy suddenly ran over holding a chicken.

“Mum, look at what I have caught!” The small boy stretched the chicken out, speaking excitedly.

“Yu’er is so strong to be able to catch such a big chicken. Let’s kill it and have it for dinner tonight,” The woman stopped working as she patted the small boy, giving him a doting expression.

“No. Mother, let’s raise it and let it lay lots and lots of eggs so that mum can use it to nourish her body, okay?” The small kid hastily shook his head.

“Yu’er is so thoughtful. Truly mum’s favorite child,” Seeing how filial her son was, the woman immediately carried the boy up with tears flowing down her eyes.

“Mum! Mum!” Cheng Yu looked at that familiar images as he teared and walked towards that woman.

“Senior Brother, Senior Brother! Senior Sister, what’s Senior Brother doing?” Within the Mountain River diagram, Tian Xing saw Cheng Yu was actually tearing up and spreading his arms wide as he walked forward sorrowfully. No matter how much they called out to him, Cheng Yu showed no reaction.

“He seems to have been hypnotized. He must be seeing something tragic!” Seeing how sad Cheng Yu was, Tian Xue wasn’t feeling any better as she spoke with worry.

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A moment later, the picture in front of Cheng Yu changed. It was still the same small boy and the middle aged woman, but at the field, an immortal-like white bearded old man appeared.

“Teacher!” Tears continued to flow down from Cheng Yu’s face as he cried.

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