Book I – Legend, Chapter 42 – Elevate

— Eastern Badlands, Desolate Wilds, Frozen Night Camp

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The noble House Trilleck was a large organization with nearly 2,000 years of heritage and history. There were over 100,000 active noble members and at least 50,000 junior disciple40discipleone who accepts the knowledge of and assists in spreading the doctrines of another, taking them as a master.s, senior disciples, and holy disciples. Including the non-noble members of the house, such as the mortal relatives of a Noble who joined the house, the population of the entire House Trilleck was a little under 200,000 people. The 35-year-old Osiris Trilleck had been the House Lord for nearly ten years. There were two critical factors in Osiris Trilleck winning the House Lord position.

The first was his rise to fame and his achievements in cultivation. Osiris slaughtered his way through the competition in the West Ward and proved himself to be one of the most charismatic of young sage warriors at each realm. Meanwhile, First Lady Isis and her famous Frozen Mist mercenary group were other variables that led to his position. The Frozen Mist mercenaries were a top class mercenary group that specialized in high-profile missions. They worked hand in hand with the Pharaohs of both the South and West Wards.

The Frozen Mist and their Lady were terribly merciless and efficient. After marrying into Osiris’ household, First Lady Isis merged her company into the House Honor Guard, the Saint warrior army of House Trilleck. This new division was named the Frozen Night, in honor of its leader the Mistress of Frozen Night, the Frozen Night Master Isis Trilleck, formerly the Lady of the Mist.

Ten kilometers outside of Saint Anubis City, deep in the barren plains of the Eastern Badlands, there was an enormous desolate forest that went on for miles.

The Desolate Wilds!

On the outskirts of this region, there was a strange new phenomenon that all the local cultivators and mortals alike had been discussing. There was a very unique path that had appeared in the last month. There were 20 huge cherry blossom trees, ten on each side of the trail. This was a very stark contrast to the mostly grey and dying trees that flooded the area. Though there were other healthy trees spread around, none were near as eye-catching as these 20-meter tall cherry blossom trees.

However, this was not the most disturbing and mystical aspect. The truly eye-catching sight was that within a 10-mile radius around these trees, there was fluffy white snow everywhere! Merely, it wasn’t snowing, there was just snow. How odd was this? When did a blizzard blow through? It didn’t take a genius to figure out there was some secret here.

However, the temperature was still freezing! It was like a winter wonderland. The gentle breeze that was ever-present in this region carried the cherry blossom petals in an arc over the path, making it appear like a beautiful tunnel. The strangest thing was that whenever someone stepped on to the trail, in the crowds view it looked like the cherry blossom petals just spirited these people away!

Many mercenaries and thugs had come to explore this strange new area in the past few weeks, seeking treasures, but no more than three had returned. For the ones who had returned, they only recalled walking endlessly through the cherry blossom path. One man even discovered truths about himself and had a breakthrough in his cultivation!

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Unfortunately, the fate of hundreds of was still unknown. Eventually, people begin to avoid this area like there was a plague, though some brave individuals always would try their luck.

This was, in fact, a convincing illusion formed by a magic array formation. On the other side of this formation was a convoy of hundreds of warriors and tents of varied sizes. There were several training fields and a hundred magic beast mounts in a pasture. The design on the flags and on every one of the tents that was larger than midsize was a Seven-Colored Celestial Serpent. Though each of these tents looked like the standard issued tent, on the inside, they were far more vast then what they appeared to be.

On the desk of an essential woman, the magic mirror that sat face up on the table was receiving transmissions in an unending flow. She felt herself growing more anxious and exasperated, perhaps even aging by the second, as these shenanigans of her son continued.

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, young master Joseph’s spiritual sense is confirmed to stop at around 20 meters!! This is the limit of when he can sense us. This is shocking madam.”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, young master Joseph just slaughtered a level 1 vicious beast with his bare hands! The beast was a level Hundred-eyes Spider, and it died to two punches and a stomp. The young master squished it like a bug! Literally, it was gross miss.”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, the young master stole a rare medicinal heard and encountered a Brave Heart Lioness, a level 2 vicious beast. He has started to fight with it!”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, the young master was unable to damage the beast in the slightest and almost got injured! Squad B sent Hopper over to distract the beast, allowing the young master to escape unharmed.”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, the young master has stolen another rare herb. Of the 21 you listed, this should be the third rarest, as this time it was the legendary blue star grass, taken from the territory of a level 2 Desolate Wing Falcon.”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, the young master jumped on the level 2 Desolate Wing Falcon, and the Falcon took to the skies! Hughes is in already in close pursuit!”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, the young master jumped off the instant the vicious beast got lower than 20 meters! He landed in the territory of a Trickster30Trickstermonster clan beast with third rank lifeblood. when a level 9 vicious beast with god beast lifeblood reaches level 10 they evolve into low-level demi-god beasts possessing superior intelligence without their own complete demi-god physique. Due to their frail forms, they use their lifeblood powers to condense a cocoon or origin qi that takes on the form of other beasts. Tricksters fight to obtain the ‘life force’ required to condense a monster core by condensing enough god beast lifeblood. Condensing the monster core allows the trickster to upgrade its physique to that of one closer to a god beast and cultivate different lifeblood inheritances. Vicious beasts with a hint of origin god beast bloodline in them merely become higher level tricksters upon evolution, with a more complete true form. Tricksters are only born through the evolution of a vicious beast. Injuries received by tricksters in their true forms risk reducing their level since they must burn their lifeblood essence to recover and transform again. Level 1 Trickster = 1,000 BP Level 2 Trickster = 1,250 BP Level 3 Trickster = 1,600 BP Level 4 Trickster = 2 AP Level 5 Trickster = 4.5 AP Level 6 Trickster = 9 AP Level 7 Trickster = 14 AP Level 8 Trickster = 21 AP Level 9 Trickster = 30 AP !”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, young master Joseph ventured into the cave of a level 2 Trickster. The Trickster is currently out hunting. We have notified Elite Squad A of the situation. Awaiting further instruction.”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, the young master is running through the wilds with an infant origin beast, presumably found in the cave. Level 2 Trickster is in hot pursuit. Do we engage?”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, the Trickster has retreated from the area and reverted back to its original form. As you predicted, it seemed to have detected our aura and felt outmatched.”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, the young master seems to be leaving away from the camp again.”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, young master Joseph seems to be on the same path as the Limited Apostle camp.”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, young master Joseph intercepted the Limited Apostles and engaged them in battle!”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, Rookie Squads A and B have engaged the enemy!”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, the young master is nowhere to be found here!”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, young master Joseph had returned to camp. He is currently in your quarters, closed up cultivation.”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, we have captured the level 2 Trickster as commanded, but Hughes lost a leg again. Jimmy is dead. Returning to forward camp.”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night, the young master appears to be nearing a breakthrough! Barriers and wards have been set in place, awaiting further instructions.”

“Reporting to Mistress Frozen Night…”

Inside the most massive tent of the camp, there was an elegant salon that had walls that seemed to be made of marble. The floors of this room looked like flawless ice frozen over a lake surface. In the center of the salon, behind a small pond, sat a graceful and breathtaking woman, and two guards who stood as still as statues on either side of her seat.

Isis Trillick was wearing an all black leather soft armor that hugged her perfectly curvy body as if it was showcasing a masterpiece. She looked thin and delicate with her creamy chocolate brown skin. Her bum-length, long, and wavy hair was braided into two long braids, with armored sleeves at the tips, each infused with a serenity gem. Her almond-shaped eyes were currently staring intensely into one of 3 magic mirrors floating in front of her face. As of now, her beautiful face was focused intently on the voice transmissions and images of her son she was receiving. Various reports kept flooding her open lines of communication.

“This child…ugh..” Isis Trilleck sighed and shook her head. However, she didn’t seem upset. Quite the opposite, as her ample chest heaved up and down, and her eyes flashed with excitement. The two guards at her left and right had to discreetly swallow their saliva looking at this incredible woman. They were so mesmerized by her sexy glamor. However, they were actually screaming inwardly to wake up their minds.

Nothing but death awaited if the lady caught them peeping at her.

“When the boy didn’t try and cultivate his origin energy at all last month, I thought he may have become intimidated. Or perhaps even influenced by the allure of sainthood. If this were the case, I would not be able to train him at this point. Learning the arts of serene magic requires a steady mind, and a heart that isn’t easily moved,” Lady Isis Trilleck tapped her pen on the desk, lost in thought. All these reports indicated that Jodye wasn’t only unafraid of danger, he was no better than a reckless daredevil!

Of course, this raised a question to the lady. Why had her son stopped cultivating? Was he worried about herself? Did he not want to bring more danger for the family by exposing his ability? This was not a good thing. Lady Isis realized that she should not have spoken to her son so harshly. She felt the boy was wasting his precious time due to the influence of her words!

“No matter, I will address this with my son, myself. I now see that if I don’t train this boy properly, he will die in a week if I am absent. He is far too daring, to the point of recklessness! I have clearly spoiled him. To venture into the dwelling of a Trickster, the nerve! A second level Trickster at that, great Pharaoh! What kind of fool boy did I raise, tsk… If I didn’t have Elite squads A and B monitoring his activities who knows what would’ve happened.” Isis Trilleck sucked on her teeth, as shuddered at the thought. “Best decision I could have made. Tonight then, we train in earnest!”

Meanwhile, Jodye Trill wasn’t utterly unaware of being monitored by so many eyes at all times, but he couldn’t imagine just how many people were actually following him. Lady Isis had made sure that her experts stayed outside the range of his perception, once she investigated his current limits. Luckily, the lady had a few weapon specialists and alchemists in her camp, those people specialized in spiritual force and were great scouts.

Jodye was currently cultivating within his mother’s personal tent. Inside, there was a three-level lodge, made from smooth and beautiful looking black pine wood. On the second floor within a cultivation room, he was seated on a platform in the middle of the Ascended Heaven Formation. Jodye let his mother’s maidservants give him a bath and then cataloged the herbs she made him collect before settling in.

The five-year-old child was clad in white pants, with his chest bare. Even though he had the appearance of an eight-year-old child his muscles were becoming carved and heavily defined. He was truly abnormal. His shoulder length, wavy, and dreaded black hair was in a bun on top of his head, and around his neck was a loose collar made out of five spirit wolf fangs laced in gold. This was none other than the Brave Fang Collar! On his right was a small stud earring shaped like a purple snowflake. The Serenity Earring!

Clutched tightly in Jodye’s hand was the milky white origin gem, bursting with origin energies. This time, without the help of his combat souls, Jodye was drenched in sweat while doing his best to bridge his remaining spiritual meridians with his origin veins. Previously, he had already connected eight spiritual bridges, before being interrupted.

“Let me help you, kid. You’re in no danger in this camp,” came Sylvester Tricko’s voice via telepathy. Jodye considered this momentarily, before nodding and entering his space.

As Jodye Trill looked around from his dragon bone throne, he discovered that the size of his host space had undergone minor changes. The entire area seemed more prominent and defined. It’s like he could almost see the outline of another piece to the puzzle. There was even a new mid-sized meteorite on the cosmos half of the space. However, these changes were so slight that Jodye thought that this may be a misconception.

“No, you are correct. The development of host space reflects the development of the main soul. As your realm and competence improves, so will the host space,” said Sylvester as he floated up and landed on Jodye’s head. “Shall we?”

“Yes, lets!” Jodye Trill instantly activated his mind’s eye, causing the host space to now reflect the image of the inside of his body.

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