Chapter 287: Two Cheng Yu?

“Teacher!” Tears flowed down from Cheng Yu eyes as he looked at the person in the picture. His heart was filled with extreme sorrow.

The image was taken on the day in which his teacher had brought him to tread on the road of cultivation. It was also the last day he saw his mother.

“Mother! Wuwuwu! I don’t want to be separated from you. I don’t want to cultivate! I want to be together with you!” Young Cheng Yu heard that the old man wanted him to leave, he immediately started crying as he hugged onto his mother tightly, weeping.

“Yu’er be obedient. Once you start cultivating, you will no longer suffer any more mortal hardship. You will also become an immortal that everyone respects.” His mother eyes swayed as she mumbled.

She only had one son, how could she possibly bear it to happen? However, following her would only make him suffer even worse hardships, living his life forever as a peasant.

Now that he had been taken fancy upon by an immortal, this was a heavenly opportunity. As long as he followed the immortal to cultivate, he will definitely make a name for himself and need not to suffer any hardship. He would also slowly become someone everyone respects.

Although she herself wasn’t willing, for the sake of her son future, she could only endure the unwillingness.

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“Mum! No! No! I don’t wanna leave! Mum! I don’t wanna go! I want to stay here together with you!” Ultimately, Young Cheng Yu continued to weep as he struggled to break free from the old man.

“No! No!” During then, Cheng Yu’s eyes were also filled with tears as he wept in grief.

“Senior brother! Senior brother!” Seeing how heartbroken Cheng Yu was, Tian Xing duo was baffled as they shouted out to him in worries. However, Cheng Yu still showed no response.

“Senior sister, what should we do? Senior brother seemed to have been completely hypnotized!” Tian Xing turned around, asking Tian Xue anxiously.

“Seems like he could only rely on himself. Although I have no idea what was he looking at, I can only hope he would be able to overcome it!” Tian Xue was also anxious but she has no means to help Cheng Yu overcome the hypnosis.

The image, in front of Cheng Yu, changed once again. It was still the crude house but it was already crushed. Few of the walls had already collapsed. The vegetation field his mother worked on was filled with grasses, making everything look very desolated.

Beside the house, a small stele was placed there. On it, there were a few words, ”Mother, rest in peace. Need not to worry about your son!”

Cheng Yu cried as he shuddered his way towards the stele, kneeling in front of it!

“Ah……!” Cheng Yu howled towards the sky, sounding extremely inconsolable.

“Mother, your unfilial son has come back to see you!” Cheng Yu wept. He hugged onto the stele as he bawled, making him look like a kid.

“It’s all my fault. I should have obediently listened to the teacher’s word. Else, I could have come back earlier! Mother, I’m sorry. Your son is unfilial!” Cheng Yu continued to weep.

“Senior sister, senior brother is so pitiful. He must have recalled something tragic!” Watching how Cheng Yu was weeping so tragically, Tian Xing couldn’t help but started to tear as well. Although he couldn’t see what Cheng Yu was seeing, from how he saw Cheng Yu was acting, he felt that it should be something very tragic.

“Right. He must have experienced something tragic last time!” Tian Xue eyes had also turned hazy due to tears as she sighed.

All of a sudden, the Cheng Yu within the image stood up as he walked towards the genuine Cheng Yu in anger.

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“It’s you! It’s you who killed my mother! I want you to repay for my mother’s death with yours!” The image ‘Cheng Yu’ actually took out the similar Purple Light Sword as he roared at Cheng Yu. Followingly, he slashed over.

“Right. It’s all my fault. It’s because of me. If I have returned earlier, the mother wouldn’t have died. It’s me. It’s me. It’s all my fault!” Cheng Yu wept sorrowfully. It was as if he seemed to have ignored what was going to happen to him.

Bang! Pu! A sword qi attacked over, crashing onto Cheng Yu’s body. Cheng Yu immediately vomited a large pool of blood as he flew back a few meters.

“Senior brother! Senior brother! What exactly is going on? How did the senior brother get injured?” Witnessing Cheng Yu being sent flying inexplicably and even vomited blood, showing signs of him being injured, Tian Xing duo was shocked.

“What should we do? I wanna go out! I wanna go out!” Tian Xue yelled anxiously. However, Cheng Yu’s consciousness had restricted them inside. He had been permeated into the grieved of losing his mother. Other than himself, he couldn’t hear anyone else’s voice.

“All this is your fault. You should not even be alive in this world. You should use your blood to offer sacrifice for my dead mother!” ‘Cheng Yu’ roared. He launched another Purple Light Sword image, slashing it over.

Bang! Pu! The Heavenly Dipper Armor on Cheng Yu flickered once again before he flew out another 10 meters, vomiting another puddle of blood.

“Cheng Yu! What the hell are you doing? Wake up! Wake up fast!” When Tian Xue saw the scene, she turned frantic as she howled.

Cheng Yu laid on the ground as he slowly clenched his fist. The Purple Light Sword immediately appeared on his hand.

“Yes, yes! Senior brother is showing some response!” Watching the scene, Tian Xing cried out in excitement. Similarly, Tian Xue displayed an expectant expression.

However, what they couldn’t see was that the other ‘Cheng Yu’ had actually arrived in front of Cheng Yu and spoke.

“Do not resist. Do not resist. Don’t you wish to meet the mother? Relax, very quickly, you will be able to reunite with mother.” ‘Cheng Yu’ looked at Cheng Yu as he laughed sinisterly.

“Mother! I miss you. I’m coming. I coming to reunite with you!” Cheng Yu suddenly let lose of his hand, causing the Purple Light Sword to also disappear.

“What’s going on? Why did it disappear? Senior brother! Senior brother! Quickly wake up! Quickly wake up!” Tian Xing shouted.

“Cheng Yu, you this god damn bastard. What the hell are you doing?! Quickly wake up!” Tian Xue yelled.

“Very good. I will let you reunite with your mother immediately!” ‘Cheng Yu’ looked at Cheng Yu as he smiled. ‘Cheng Yu’ lifted up the Purple Light Sword on hand, stabbing it into Cheng Yu’s chest.

Pu! Cheng Yu puffed out blood, sprinkling the whole area.

Cheng Yu vigor went frail as his eyes gradually lose its strength. Slowly, he started smiling. He saw his mother was smiling at him with affection as if she were calling out to him. Cheng Yu raised his right hand, hoping to hold onto his mother hand.

“Mum. I saw you. I finally see you again. I’m not gonna leave you again.” Cheng Yu mumbled.

“Yu’er. Listen to the mother’s words. You must keep on living! You must become an indomitable man. An immortal who everyone respects!” Cheng Yu’s ‘mother’ spoke.

“But I miss you. Misses you terribly. I do not wish to separate from you. I want to stay behind and show my filial respect!” Cheng Yu mumbled.

“Brat! Have you forgotten what you promised me? As a man, how can you be so soft-hearted? Today, the mother is going to die in front of you, resolving your worries!” Cheng Yu’s mother complexion immediately changed as she rebuked.

“No! No! No! Mother! Your son knows his mistakes!” Cheng Yu was shocked. He used all his strength he could mastered to put a stop to it.

“Go down and enjoy the reunion with your mother!” This moment, ‘Cheng Yu’ smiled sinisterly. He pulled out the sword from Cheng Yu’s chest, raising it up high.

Boom! Just when the sword was about to slash down to Cheng Yu, Cheng Yu body exploded out in dazzling golden light. Three Golden Cores materialized outside of Cheng Yu’s body, shooting ‘Cheng Yu’ off!

“What! Three Golden Cores? How is this possible? Impossible! How could there be someone who possesses three golden cores in this world?” ‘Cheng Yu’ muttered in startlement.

“Who the hell are you?” Cheng Yu finally awaken from the hypnosis as he held onto his Purple Light Sword as his gaze fell onto the other ‘Cheng Yu’.

All of this was too strange. The images that were shown to him just now was his biggest secret. Furthermore, it was before he had reincarnated. However, the person in front of him actually knew of it extremely well. This caused Cheng Yu to feel extremely frightful.

“I am you. You are me. Whatever you think is my thought. Whatever I thought is what you wish for!” ‘Cheng Yu’ smiled apathetically, replying Cheng Yu with some strange words.

“Nonsense! In this world, there’s only one me. That’s me, myself! I truly wanna see what kind of devil are you!” The Three Golden Cores above Cheng Yu continued to flicker in golden lights. Within his Dantian, the nine branches tree was also flickering in radiance as the injuries Cheng Yu received previously started to recover rapidly.

“Humph! Even if you have three Golden Cores, I am still gonna kill you today!” ‘Cheng Yu’ expression turned resolute.

“Then I shall see if you have the ability!” Cheng Yu held onto his Purple Light Sword, charging towards the other ‘Cheng Yu’. He did not believe that that person was truly him and was merely an illusion technique.

Cheng Yu wanted to defeat him to see who exactly was this thing to the point that it knew of his secret. Could he be an enemy of his from the immortal world?

Clang~ Clang~ Clang! Both of them were equally matched and every move of theirs was exactly similar. This caused Cheng Yu to start taking things very seriously.

This thing was actually exactly the same as him. Even the battle techniques were exactly the same as him. Before he even reincarnated, even his closest disciple also didn’t know of the cultivation technique he was cultivating now!

Where did this thing pop out from? Could he truly be his other self? This was too nonsensical, wasn’t it?

“Senior sister! What do you think senior brother is doing?! Although he had woken up, why is he fighting with the air! Is he being possessed?” Seeing Cheng Yu had woken up, Tian Xing duo was extremely glad.

Subsequently, Cheng Yu started a quarrel with the air and even fought with it. Such a scene was truly too weird, causing them to start doubting if he were still stuck in hypnosis.

“Cheng Yu! What are you doing? Have you turned mad? Quickly get back here!” Tian Xue shouted. If she knew this was going to happen, she wouldn’t have let him exit. Now that such a situation happened, it was too incomprehensible for her.

“……” Cheng Yu heard Tian Xue’s shout but didn’t have the time to care about her. He was searching for a loophole in his opponent to be exploited.

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