Chapter 288: Heart Demon! Nightmare Beast!

“Oi! Cheng Yu! You scoundrel! Can you hear me? If you can, get your ass back in here!” Seeing Cheng Yu had ignored her and was still fighting frantically, Tian Xue shouted out again.

“This bitch, can’t she see me fighting with my other self?” Cheng Yu was clearly fighting with his other self and yet she kept on disturbing his concentration. This caused Cheng Yu to be extremely angry.

However, Cheng Yu didn’t know that only he was able to see the other him. Tian Xue and Tian Xing could not see it at all. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have kept on bothering him.

Cheng Yu continued to ignore them. The other him not only fought the same way as him, it even knew all the sequence of his movements. In addition, his injuries had yet to fully recover. Having exchanged over a hundred moves, Cheng Yu had already started to be at a disadvantage.

“Senior sister, we should just wait for senior brother. Senior brother seems to have run into some troubles.” Although he felt that Cheng Yu’s behavior was very strange, Tian Xing could see from Cheng Yu’s grave expression that the situation wasn’t as simple as what they thought it to be. They should let Cheng Yu handle the situation on hand peacefully.

“We must be cursed. Why would we reach such an odd place for no reason.” Both of them were helpless and could only sit inside the Mountain River Diagram, looking at Cheng Yu.

“Primeval Chaos Slash!” Cheng Yu was truly angered by the other him. No matter what skills he used, the other him would always be able to break it. This became a headache for him as it was like fighting a sure-to-lose battle.

With the imitation being repelled back, Cheng Yu exploded forth with all his strength, ruthlessly slashing down.

“Primeval Chaos Slash!” Being forced back, similar to Cheng Yu, the imitation also used the same technique to counter the incoming attack.

Boom! Both swords clashed into each other, causing an intense explosion to happen as they were both jolted back.

“Die!” Cheng Yu yelled. The other Cheng Yu’s strength and actions were totally the same as the original one. If this continues on, it will never end!

“Two Dragons Attacking Bead!” This time, it was the imitation that initiated the attack. Two dragons soared up, roaring. It caused the surroundings to jerk before it charged towards Cheng Yu.

“What!” Cheng Yu turned pale. Ever since he discovered the Arts of Derivation From All Living Things, this was the first time he experienced the same attack from it. Although he saw the Arts of Derivation From All Living Things in the Obsessed Palace before, those were just bits of it.

But now, this attack from the imitation actually contained the same might as his and not something that was comparable to just a thread of spiritual qi.

Looking at the incoming two dragons roar, Cheng Yu did not have any time to execute a similar technique and could only receive the attack head-on.

“Firmament Shield!” Cheng Yu yelled. The sword point of the Purple Light Sword immediately lighted up as the qi on Cheng Yu rapidly coagulated on it. Very quickly, it turned into an enormous vortex shield in front of Cheng Yu.

Boom! The two dragon image collided into the qi shield, exploding out.

Pu! Once again, Cheng Yu was exploded out. Although the qi shield had blocked the majority of the attack, the force of the explosion was not any weak. Furthermore, being at such a point-blank distance, he was jolted by the full force of the explosion impact.

“God damn it. This is the first time I was attacked by my own signature move. No wonder all my opponent looked so miserable. Even I couldn’t defend against it.” Cheng Yu sighed at the might of his signature move and at the same time also for his patheticness. Although the imitation wasn’t the real him and was formed from an illusion, it was still able to execute his techniques like a genuine one.

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Therefore, to Cheng Yu, it was like he was being defeated by himself.

“Primeval Chaos Thousand Chop!” While Cheng Yu was still sighing in regret, the imitation erupted with another attack.

“Damn it! It’s endless!” Cheng Yu was shocked. Without delay, he prepared to defend against it.

“Senior sister! Do you think senior brother is really fighting against an enemy?” When Tian Xing saw how intense Cheng Yu was even when he was fighting against the air, so much that it could be said to be desperate, he was drowned in admiration.

“Who knows! Acting so mysteriously. He’s just going crazy!” Tian Xue was angered but when she saw Cheng Yu had gotten injured again, she couldn’t help but started to worry about him.
“Senior sister, do you think senior brother had run into someone invisible?” Tian Xing questioned.

“What invisible! Nonsense. If that person were invisible, how could this scoundrel not be able to tell?” Tian Xue felt that the possibility of it was close to none. However, the current Cheng Yu seemed to be fighting against an invisible person. But if so, how was he able to spot his opponent?

“You can’t be sure though. Senior brother is so strong. What we can’t see, doesn’t mean senior brother can’t.” Tian Xing spoke.

“If it’s so, we can’t do much to aid him. Truly vexing!” Tian Xue spoke irritatedly.

“This invisible man seems to possess a strength even stronger than the senior brother.” Tian Xing commented worriedly.

In his opinion, to be able to injure Cheng Yu meant that it must be a group of enemies. Otherwise, if it were a one on one battle, Cheng Yu would certainly be able to easily defeat his opponent.

Even the black gown man they had met a few days ago. Although that person possessed the strength that surpassed cultivators in a similar realm, compared to Cheng Yu, he was still somewhat lacking.

Yet, the current Cheng Yu was actually being beaten up by the ‘air’. Seem like the invisible opponent of his was truly not normal.

“Primeval Chaos Slash!” Being compelled to stay in a defensive stance for so long, Cheng Yu was somewhat at his limits. He forced himself to slash out the Primeval Chaos Slash to force the imitation to retreat.

However, with the imitation possessing the same strength as him, how could Cheng Yu not know that this slash of his would only allow him to take a breather. But still, he had no choice!

Bang! As expected, that slash of his had only caused the imitation to stop for a moment. Very quickly, the imitation continued to rain attacks back at him.

Cheng Yu could only use his sword to block the attacks forcefully. Bang! Bang! Bang! After a few blocks, Cheng Yu could no longer withstand the impact of being showered by the attacks. Once again, he was exploded back.

Pu! Cheng Yu landed onto the ground, vomiting a mouthful of blood. His internal organs had already shifted position due to the jolt.

“Damn it! Risk it all!” Cheng Yu slapped onto the group as the whole of him flew up. Golden rays reappear on his body as three golden cores reappeared.

“Six Dragons Emerging Out From The Seas!” Cheng Yu had been injured in serial, causing him to consume lots of qi to recover from his injuries. He did not dare to execute nine dragons and felt that six of it should be sufficient. Besides, he was utilizing the strength of three golden cores.

“Haha. You think only you have three golden cores?” The imitation withheld his attacks as he laughed. Golden rays appeared on its body as well before three golden cores manifested above its head.

“What! How is this possible!” Cheng Yu was shocked. Was it really him? How was this possible? Even if it were a duplicate, it couldn’t be that thorough!

“Haha! I said before, I’m you, and you are me! What you have, I also do. Nine Dragons Breaking The Seas!” The imitation laughed.

“This… Is… Impossible!” Cheng Yu conceded the fact. But now that he had executed the attack, he had no choice but to send it over.

Howl~ Howl~ Howl!

Howl~ Howl~ Howl! Both sides dragons soared to the sky. The grandeur of it was extremely terrifying. The dragon seemed like it wanted to break through the heavens. However what was different was that the imitation had nine dragon phantoms, making it even more terrifying. Even Cheng Yu had also shuddered lightly due to fear.

He felt that he was about to die under this attack. It was impossible for him to resist such a powerful attack.

Boom Boom Boom~ Six dragon phantoms collided onto the nine dragon phantoms. Cheng Yu sense that his surroundings spaced had started to tremble.

Roar~ Roar~ Roar! Cheng Yu was alarmed. There was actually three more dragon phantoms charging towards him.

“No!” Cheng Yu yelled. His heavenly dipper armor, the greenish armor given to him by the old man, a supreme-grade spiritual artifact as well as Jewel Cauldron all activated.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The heavenly dipper armor broke into pieces so was the greenish armor as well as the supreme-grade spiritual artifact. Only Jewel Cauldron had yet to broke but it was repelled back to Cheng Yu body.

The instant Jewel Cauldron returned back to Cheng Yu’s body, Cheng Yu vomited blood out. He was sent flying back like a kite that had its string cut.

“Senior brother (Cheng Yu)!” Witnessing such a scene, Tian Xue and Tian Xing eyes turned hazy as they cried.

Cheng Yu flew for hundreds of meters before landing back onto the group. His mouth was covered in blood as he trembled continuously!

“Cheng Yu, how are you feeling? Come on, speak to me!” Tian Xue cried out within the Mountain River Diagram.

“Who the hell are you?” Looking at the imitation walking over, Cheng Yu muttered.

“Hehe. I said before. I’m you, you are me. Why can’t you believe me?” The imitation chuckled.

Looking at its expression, Cheng Yu did not dare to believe all this was true. How could there be two of him in this world?

“Why? Tell me… Cough Cough! Tell me, why?” Cheng Yu emotions were stirred. Not being able to endure his emotions surging, he coughed out a few more times.

“I’m born deep within you. I’m just your the other self within you.” The imitation smiled.

“Then why would you appear here? Since it’s so, why do you wanna kill me? If I die, wouldn’t you disappear?” Cheng Yu was puzzled.

“Right. But you can also call me the heart demon. Although I’m you, my existence was to destroy you. As for why would I appear here, it’s because of your appearance. If someone else were to appear here, I would be the other person! Whoever appears here, I would be who!” The imitation chuckled.

“Heart demon! Nightmare beast! You are Nightmare Beast!” Cheng Yu finally understood.

Heart demon was formed from the wicked side of oneself but it wouldn’t just appear randomly. Suffering from Qi Deviation would cause heart demon to appear. Another place that could cause heart demon to appear was Nightmare Beast!

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