Chapter 31: Auction

“Patriarch, the Battle of The Sword Son is nearing. Young Master Han is only in the 1st layer of the Leaving Sword Realm. If he wishes to claim the top spot, I’m afraid……”

The 3rd elder glanced at Mo Yizhan with worry in his eyes.


Mo Yizhan harrumphed coldly.

If Mo Wentian was willing to contribute a Vermilion Fruit, Mo Han’s cultivation would certainly increase. But now……

“Patriarch, I heard that there is going to be an auction in the Ocean Skyline Pavilion. Apparently, there seems to be some good stuff in the auction.”

The 3rd elder suggested again.


Mo Yizhan eyes grew in radiance before replying coldly, ” I will head over there personally. Pass down my instruction, prepare a hundred thousand gold coins for me.”

“Yes, patriarch!”

The 3rd elder immediately withdrew himself.

Along with the 3rd elder withdrawing himself, his expression grew more and more cold!

“Mo Tianxiao!”

Mo Yizhan spat out 3 words coldly. In his eyes, a trace of fear flashed past. It was as though something was restraining him.

In the Questioning Heaven’s Pavilion.

Mo Wentian frowned. He was not able to detect Qingyu’s presence.

Usually when he returned, Mo Qingyu would be the first to welcome him. But today……

“Is Mo Han up to something again?!”

The killing intent in Mo Wentian’s eyes grew. With a flash, he went into Qingyu’s room. When he saw the sleeping Mo Qingyu, Mo Wentian heaved a sigh of relief.

“This little lass can really sleep!”

Mo Wentian shook his head slightly. Just when he was about to leave, his expression changed abruptly.

“This is……”

It was extremely peaceful in the room but Mo Wentian’s expression was extremely grave!

“The spiritual qi here was a few times denser than other places. Furthermore……”

Mo Wentian eyes grew wider as his eyes scanned the room.

Ultimately, his gaze landed onto Qingyu. The origin of this situation came from Mo Qingyu!

“What kind of secret is hidden inside this little lass’ body?!”

Mo Wentian’s expression became serious!

Such a dense spiritual qi could only be generated by those spiritual object that was at least in the black grade!


It was at that moment, Mo Qingyu turned around as she opened her eyes. It was just in time as she saw that Mo Wentian was extremely close to her.

“Ah…… Young Master!”

Mo Qingyu cried out in surprise. Her small face turned red as she looked at Mo Wentian. She quickly pulled her blanket up, covering herself tightly.

“Cough cough……”

Mo Wentian smiled awkwardly before smiling, ”Did you have fun sleeping?”


The little lass replied subconsciously.

Immediately after, her face turned extremely red before crying out, ”Young Master, I…… I accidentally fell asleep!”

“What’s happening to me? Why do I oversleep all the time?”

The little lass shook her head, making her look extremely cute!

“Always oversleep…”

Mo Wentian’s eyes grew in radiance before moving forward by a step. He grabbed Mo Qingyu’s palm.

“Young Master, what are you doing?”

Mo Qingyu lowered her head as her voice shuddered slightly. Her face was red to the point where it seemed as though blood was going to drip out of it if someone pinched her face.

“Young Master, the sun is still up… If you wish for it, can you at least wait until nightfall?”


Mo Wentian blushed in shame. He only wanted to check on Mo Qingyu’s physique but the way Mo Qingyu was acting seemed as though she was thinking about it the wrong way.

“What a naughty kid!”

Mo Wentian muttered to himself. With a thought, his sword origin energy seeped into Qingyu’s body. A moment later, Mo Wentian’s knitted themselves together.

“Young Master, you……”

“Wait wait!”

Mo Wentian whispered softly. His expression grew more and more complicated as if he recalled something. He looked at Mo Qingyu and said, ”Do you know of your identity?”

“My identity?”

Mo Qingyu was stunned for a moment before replying despondently, ”Qingyu only had Young Master by her side. I don’t have any parents!”

“No parents?”

That pitiful look of hers caused Mo Wentian’s heart to throb.

“It’s actually the ancient emperor veins!”

Mo Wentian sucked in a mouth of air before continuing, ”Come over to Young Master’s room tonight!”

“Young Master, you really want to……”

When Qingyu heard the words, his face instantly turned red as she lowered her head. She gripped her blanket tightly and she seemed extremely nervous.

“What are you thinking about again?”

Mo Wentian looked at Mo Qingyu speechlessly before chuckling, ”Come over tonight. Young Master will teach you how to cultivate!”


Qingyu’s eyes widen up as if she had just heard something inconceivable. She was stunned for a moment before she replied, ”Young Master, do I possess a spiritual root?”

“Not sure!”

“Then how can I cultivate?”

“You don’t have to ask this question!”

“Young Master, can I really cultivate?”

“En en”


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An hour later.

“Young Master, can I really cultivate?”

“En en.”

Another hour later.

Mo Qingyu only entered Mo Wentian’s room late at night. She was extremely nervous and when Mo Wentian saw how anxious she was, he couldn’t help but tease her.

Following which, an ancient scripture appeared in Mo Wentian palm.

“In the future, I want you to cultivate this cultivation method. Remember, only I’m suppose to know about the fact that you are cultivating. As for the others, you are not to tell them at all. Understand?”

Mo Wentian spoke with a solemn voice.

“En en!”

Qingyu nodded her head in return.

Mo Wentian smiled slightly before leaving the Questioning Heaven’s Pavilion!

In the Ocean Skyline Pavilion.

“Welcome in, Young Master Wentian!”

Just when Mo Wentian arrived at the Ocean Skyline Pavilion, Hu Mei came forward to welcome him immediately.

“Mo Family’s 3rd elder is here!”

At the same moment, another voice echoed out.

An elder that was filled with smiles walked in.


When the 3rd elder saw Mo Wentian, he stopped for a moment. After he saw Hu Mei who was beside Mo Wentian, his expression turned grave.

“Wentian greets 3rd elder!”

Mo Wentian bowed slightly!

“Wentian, you are also here to participate in the auction?”

The 3rd elder enquired heavily.

“That’s right!”

Mo Wentian nodded.

“3rd elder, Young Master Wentian is our esteemed guest in our Ocean Skyline Pavilion. We already prepared a VIP pathway for Young Master Wentian. If the 3rd elder wish to have a chat, how about after the auction?”

Hu Mei looked at the 3rd elder and replied apathetically.

“VIP pathway!”

The 3rd Elder’s expression turned rigid. He naturally knew the significance of being able to use the VIP pathway of the Ocean Skyline Pavilion.

Only allowed on

In the whole East Sword City.

The amount of people who was able to obtain the VIP card was extremely little. Even someone like him didn’t possess the qualifications.

However, this Mo Wentian…

“Goodbye, 3rd elder!”

Mo Wentian clasped his fist slightly.

Under Hu Mei’s lead, they entered the 3rd floor of the Ocean Skyline Pavilion. While lying on the soft chair, Mo Wentian’s gaze fell onto Hu Mei’s body.

“Young Master Wentian need not be so anxious. The Physique Enhancement Pill you had requested for os here. Young Master Wentian might as well finish watching this auction before collecting it!”

“Hu Mei can guarantee that today’s auction will definitely not disappoint Young Master Wentian!”

Hu Mei stared at Mo Wentian and there was a huge smile on her face.

“Will not disappoint me!”

Mo Wentian paused for a moment before sitting down with a smile. He was truly interested in the good stuff which was going to appear in the auction today.

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