Chapter 32: High Grade Spiritual Artifact

An hour later.

The auction finally started!

Hu Mei opened up the curtain within the room and a big hall immediately unfold itself before Mo Wentian. This big hall was the location of the auction!

The whole view of the hall appeared before Mo Wentian!

“Young Master Wentian, the auction is about to commence!”

Hu Mei smiled. In the auction hall, an beautiful yet elegant woman slowly walked out from backstage!

“Everyone, today is our Ocean Skyline Pavilion Sword City’s auction that is held once every 3 years. I shall announce the start of the auction!”

“The first product will be taken out right now! A Spirit Advancement Pill! The starting price, 300 gold coins. Every bid has to be higher than the last by at least 10 gold coins!!”

“It’s actually the Spirit Advancement Pill!”

Lots of the crowd had their eyes beaming with excitement.

This auction was divided into 2 region. The 1st region was the general region which was where the majority of the people were.

The 2nd region was where Mo Wentian was at. It was called the VIP region. The amount of people that could enter this region was extremely little!

Even the Mo Family’s 3rd elder had to sit in the hall!

“I’m willing to offer 350 gold coins!”




Instantly, the price of this Spirit Advancement Pill started to rise dramatically. When the price reached the 500 gold coins mark, it stopped immediately.

This Spirit Advancement Pill was able to allow a Qi Condensation Realm Swordsman to break through into the Leaving Sword Realm.

It was able to increase the probability of the breakthrough to 70%!

In East Sword City, this pill might be very precious but it was still obtainable. To the 3 big families here, it wasn’t very hard for them to purchase a few of them.

“580 gold coins!”

When the price was given a patriarch from a small clan, no one else was willing to contest against him. In the end, the 1st item of the auction was sold to this person.

“We will start auctioning the 2nd item!”

The pliable lady smacked the auction hammer down lightly and in the next instant, a lady carrying an exquisite tray walked onto the stage.

While the lady walked towards the center of the stage, a fierce sword qi could be felt coming from the jade tray in her hand.

“What a fierce sword qi. I’m afraid that this should a a sword formation talisman which is at the late stage of the 2nd grade!”

“2nd grade late stage sword formation talisman is sufficient to kill a 6th layer Leaving Sword Realm expert!”

“There is actually such a good product!”


The hall was instantly filled with discussion.

Even the Mo Family’s 3rd elder’s eyes lit up. A 2nd grade late stage sword formation talisman was extremely rare! Even in East Sword City!

“Young Master Wentian, this is a 2nd grade late stage sword formation talisman. Young Master Wentian might be the Mo Family’s genius disciple, but you have killed Qiu Sanjin. I’m afraid the Qiu Family will not let you off easily. However, if you were to possess this sword formation talisman, you might……”

Hu Mei chuckled lightly.

Her gaze fell onto Mo Wentian as her eyes was flickering in excitement.

2nd grade late stage sword formation talisman was sufficient to make any Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman feel threatened.However, Mo Wentian seemed to be unaffected. He was not interested in the talisman at all!

That indifferent expression of his made it seem as though he didn’t place the talisman in his eyes.

“This brat certainly has an expert behind him! Even a 2nd grade late stage sword formation talisman can’t enter his eyes at all. Only a Four Constellation Realm Sword Master can possess such arrogance!”

Hu Mei’s eyes shined with a bright radiance. In that instant, she was extremely certain that there was a master supporting Mo Wentian!

If Mo Wentian were to know of Hu Mei thoughts, he would definitely find it extremely ridiculous because there was no such expert backing him!

However, he truly was not interested in this 2nd grade late stage sword formation talisman!

He still had a 2nd grade pinnacle sword formation talisman. Why would he be interested in this?

“Everyone guessed it correctly. This is a 2nd grade sword formation talisman. The person who refined this talisman was Grandmaster Ouyang!”

“Grandmaster Ouyang said it himself… This sword formation talisman is sufficient to kill a Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman who is at the 6th to 7th level.”

The pliable lady stood on the stage and explained to everyone.

“Sure enough, it’s a 2nd grade late stage sword formation talisman!”

“It’s actually refined by Grandmaster Ouyang! I’m afraid this sword talisman has a much stronger power compared to ordinary sword talismans.”


Discussions started ringing out. All of them stared at the jade tray with their eyes burning with excitement.

This sword formation talisman could be used as a deterrence force. Even a Pinnacle Leaving Sword Realm Swordsman would had some restraining fear when they see this sword formation talisman!

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“The base price would be 1000 gold coins. Every bid would increase the price by at least 50 gold coins!”

Along with the start of the 2nd item, the auction instantly reaches its climax!

“I’m willing to offer 1500 gold coins!”

“Mo Yuan Swordsman, 1500 gold coins? You are truly belittling this item. I, Qiu Mo is willing to offer 2000 gold coins!”




The price of it rose dramatically. Even Mo Wentian was somewhat dumbstruck by it. Wasn’t it just a 2nd grade sword formation talisman.

Why is it so valuable?

Before Mo Wentian had reincarnated, a 5th grade sword talisman formation wasn’t even worth his time. Thus, it was natural for him not to know how precious such sword formation talisman was!

“3600 gold coins!”

Subsequently, a Yuan Family elder shouted out the price. All the other auction bidder could only give up on the item unwillingly.

An item worth 3000 gold coins could only be afforded by those in the 5th layer of Leaving Sword Realm and above.

Of course, those as rich as Mo Wentian was another special case!

“Yuan Family Elder offered 3600 gold coins. Is there anyone willing to increase the bid?”

“3600 gold coins, calling once!”

“3600 gold coins, calling twice!”

“3600 gold coins, calling thrice!”


The moment the hammer landed down, this sword formation talisman belonged to the Yuan Family Elder.

When the crowd saw the pliable lady carried the jade tray to the Yuan Family elder, their eyes were all filled with unresignment!

But ultimately, they could only see the Yuan Family elder bringing the sword formation talisman away!

“Followingly, it’s time for the 3rd item!”

The pliable lady returned back to the stage, continuing the auction.

With the 2nd item being sold, the crowd started to become even more excited.

Meanwhile, Mo Wentian expression was extremely dull. None of the items being auction was of interest to him!

“Next, it’s the 31th item. This is also the 2nd free bidding items for this auction!”

The hall immediately quieten down.

Free bidding object?

According to such common practice, this object would certainly be something of superiority.

“Young Master Wentian would certainly like this upcoming object!”

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Hu Mei commented mysteriously.

“I would like it?”

Mo Wentian grew in radiance before chuckling:”How could Miss Hu be so sure?”

“We shall see, Young Master Wentian!”

Hu Mei smiled lightly.

Mo Wentian nodded his head slightly. His gaze fell back onto the auction stage as he saw a big frame that was covered by a red blanket.

“What’s that?”

The crowd was filled with curiosity.

Traces of curiosity could be seen in Mo Wentian eyes as well. For it to be stored in such a big frame only meant that this object wasn’t a small one!

“Everyone please calm down!”

The pliable lady smiled before explaining it to everyone:”This is a Middle Grade Spiritual Artifact!”

“Middle Grade Spiritual Artifact!”

Everyone cried out in surprise. Following after, their gaze instantly turned excited.

Middle Grade Spiritual Artifact?

The moment such an artifact appear, it would certainly caused the 3 big families to contest over it. It was rumored that the previous appearance of a Middle Grade Spiritual Artifact was 10 years ago.

From this, it could show how precious a Middle Grade Spiritual Artifact was!

“So it’s actually a spiritual artifact!”

Mo Wentian nodded his head slightly. Middle Grade Spiritual Artifact was a pretty decent item. But if it wishes to attract his interest, it was still somewhat lacking……

Mo Wentian shook his head.

But at the next moment.

What the pliable lady said caused Mo Wentian pupils to shrink forcefully.

“However, this Middle Grade Spiritual Artifact is also a heavy sword. Furthermore, it’s a failed High Grade Spiritual Artifact!”

“During the forging process, it became a failure because the sword blade was too big. The supposingly High Grade Spiritual Artifact had fallen to become a Middle Grade one!”

The pliable lady sigh.

“It’s actually a heavy sword?”

The crowd sigh in regret.

Heavy Sword?

In the whole Sword God Continent, very little cultivators would use them as their primary weapon!

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