Chapter 284: Could It Be Him?

“Who the hell are you? We have not offended you, so why are you killing us?” A Golden Core Middle Stage cultivator asked the black gowned man. Almost all of their group had died, leaving behind only five who were all Golden Core Realm experts. He truly couldn’t understand. This black gowned man was clearly a Golden Core initial stage cultivator. How could the five of them be suppressed by him? Moreover, among the five of them, two of them were in the Golden Core middle stage. Such strength was truly intimidating.

“Does killing need a reason? If it is needed, than it will be because I want to!” That black gowned man covered his face as he laughed menacingly.

“Hmph! You vile creature. Want to kill us? It’s not that easy!” One Golden Core middle stage expert roared as he brought along all the others and charged forward. The five Golden Core experts were well coordinated and took turns to attack and defend, causing their strength to grow even stronger. Although that black gowned man was very strong, at that moment, it was truly hard for him to find any loopholes to exploit, making both sides evenly matched.

“Senior Brother, that black gowned man is so strong. He is actually similar to you, able to fight against people stronger than him. I am starting to doubt if we are actually cultivating in the correct direction. Could it be that cultivators no longer use cultivation to measure one’s strength? Just like Senior Brother possessing Golden Core initial stage cultivation, but even Golden Core late stage experts can’t hold a candle to you. Are all the Golden Core experts this useless? This is simply incomprehensible!” When Tian Xing saw there was another person who could fight against opponents that possessed a higher cultivation level, his heart turned to dismay. How could they obtain such monstrous strength and cultivate so quickly?

Yet, he who had been cultivating honestly was only a Foundation Establishment late stage cultivator. Furthermore, he was an extremely ordinary one. Don’t talk about suppressing people who had higher cultivation than him, even if he came across those who were in the same level as him, he might not necessarily win. This was truly frustrating!

“Aish! This is life! The heavens always bestow strength to those who carry heavy responsibilities and are willing to take hardship. I believe that once you understand the meaning behind it, immortals might even become your stepping stones!” Cheng Yu laughed. In fact, Cheng Yu was also astonished by the black gowned man’s strength. Although he wasn’t as strong as him, he was certainly the first person Cheng Yu saw who possessed fighting power beyond their own cultivation level. Cheng Yu was actually more curious about this black gowned man’s identity. Because from him, Cheng Yu could feel a sense of familiarity. This caused Cheng Yu to be extremely puzzled. This was the first time he had been to the Cultivation World and he had never met such a person before.

“For you people to become a stepping stone for me, you should be happy even if you have to pay with your lives!” The black gowned man laughed.

“Just with your abilities? Dream on!”

“Haha! Then I shall let you experience my true strength!” That black gowned man slashed out, forcing everyone to retreat. After that, he chanted some incomprehensible words. Suddenly, countless bats flew out from that black gowned man’s body as they dashed towards the five of them.

When the five of them saw so many bats flying towards them, they turned pale. They hastily slashed out their sword, chopping away numerous bats. However, because these bats’ speed were too quick and there were countless amount of them, the five of them were surrounded very quickly.

“Not good! These are Qi absorption bats! Everyone quickly charge out!” Although the five of them had the heavenly dipper armor to protect their bodies, one of them realized that the Qi on their bodies were being sucked away very quickly, making their heavenly dipper armor become extremely unstable. Five golden lights flickered, repelling all those Qi absorption bats away. However, very quickly the other bats went forward to stick themselves onto them. Thus, the five of them continuously fought and repelled the bats. Momentarily, they had not fallen into a disadvantaged situation, but the Qi consumption was very high. If they were to not escape, sooner or later, they would die.

“Split up to open up a path out!” One of them howled! When the five of them split up, the bats also divided themselves, but each of them was still entangled by countless amount of bats. Meanwhile, the Qi on them was leaking out very quickly.

“Want to escape? It’s not that easy!” Suddenly, the black gowned man’s appearance caused everyone to be shocked. A large yin spirit flew out from him and split itself to become five small yin spirits. Five yin spirits made their move simultaneously. They instantly destroyed their heavenly dipper armor. When the bats latched themselves onto the five of them, their Qi disappeared even more frantically.

“It’s a yin spirit! You are from a demonic sect!” Seeing such a scene, the five of them were astonished. Instantly, they understood this person’s identity. Yin spirits were an extremely wicked object. The righteous sects would never touch them.

“Keke! So what if you know? All of you will become its offering!” The black gowned man laughed.

“Since it’s like that, even if I have to die, I will not let it happen!” This person knew that they were no longer able to escape. Now that the heavenly dipper armor on them had already been broken through and their Qi was more or less absorbed, he made a firm resolution as golden light surrounded his body as he prepared to self-detonate.

“Hmph! Want to self-detonate? You think you can?” The five yin spirits extended out their black claws towards the five of them. Five brightly lit golden cores immediately appeared on those five yin spirits’ hands! Meanwhile, when their golden cores were being extracted out, those five of them had instantly been turned into a pile of bones!

The five Yin spirits swallowed the golden cores. Then they fused themselves and turned back into a large yin spirit before returning to the black gowned man’s body.

“This! Demonic arts! This person is from a demonic sect!” Witnessing such a cruel massacre, Tian Xue covered her mouth as she shouted out her astonishment.

“Could it be him?” The moment Cheng Yu saw the yin spirit, Cheng Yu recalled a person. It was the person who had cursed Keke. When he had exorcised the curse from Keke, he had also eliminated a big amount of yin spirits, inflicting a heavy wound to the caster. Could that person be him? No wonder Cheng Yu felt this person very familiar. It was because of the yin spirit inside him!

“Who!” At this moment, that black gowned man discovered the hidden Cheng Yu and slashed over. The Jewel Cauldron shined in divine light and blocked that attack. At that instant, the Jewel Cauldron made its appearance before that black gowned man.

“Soul artifact?!” That black gowned man was surprised and joyful. Originally, he thought there was someone peeping, but unexpectedly, it was a soul artifact! This was simply a god sent opportunity. He had just absorbed five golden cores and now, a soul artifact had appeared before him. The heavens were truly looking after him. That black gowned man charged over, hoping to restrain the cauldron. However, the cauldron actually shined in divine light again, and banged him. The black gowned man was startled. He quickly slashed out trying to block the incoming attack.

As Cheng Yu did not wish to reveal himself, he controlled the Jewel Cauldron as it soared. All of a sudden, it grew bigger as it descended from the sky and dropped itself towards the black gowned man. With it growing so big and descending at such a shocking speed, the black gowned man was unable to escape in time. He felt that the whole sky had been covered up by the Jewel Cauldron as it descended. His complexion changed. Without a choice, he lifted up his sword and charged up and hoped to overcome this hopeless situation.

“Crazy Devil Confusion Dance!” The black gowned man roared, colliding with the Jewel Cauldron. An intense explosion was seen. Even the trio hidden within the River Mountain Diagram could feel their blood churning. Fortunately, they were within a soul artifact that was within another soul artifact. Or else, Tian Xing might have been severely injured by this attack. Even with such a fierce collision, the Jewel Cauldron was still unable to suppress the black gowned man. It changed its direction and retreated away in another direction. Meanwhile, the black gowned man was in shock. He couldn’t help but vomit mouthfuls of blood. This soul artifact was too powerful. Even with his strength, he was still unable to restrain it. This was made him feel unjustified!

Not all artifacts had a storage space. Only storage-type artifacts possessed it. It didn’t mean that all cauldron-type artifacts would possess a storage. It depends on the person who crafted the artifact. Therefore, the black gowned man would never imagine this cauldron to be a storage-type artifact. Moreover, he wouldn’t expect that there was actually a person hiding inside this cauldron that possessed ability not any weaker than him. The only thing that was in the black gowned man’s mind was that since this cauldron is so powerful, regardless of how he did it, he had to obtain it! However, what he couldn’t understand was if this soul artifact was so hard to be restrained, how did the other Golden Core cultivators do it?

Some powerful Golden Core experts had a lot of spiritual artifact restraining experience, but when it came to soul artifacts, it could be close to none. The only thing they knew was that there was a soul inside the soul artifact. Therefore, the black gowned man felt that it was the soul that was inside this soul artifact that was very powerful. Thus, it aroused his resolution. The black gowned man extended out his hand. Countless bats flew out from him once again as they pounced towards the Jewel Cauldron. Although he did not have any experience in restraining a soul artifact, it didn’t mean that he knew absolutely nothing about it.

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A complete soul artifact was similar to a normal cultivator. It could absorb the surrounding spiritual Qi to control themselves and also display different powers. If a soul artifact is not complete or was badly damaged, that soul artifact would not be able to display formidable attacks or might not even be able to attack and could only utilize it’s defense mechanism. It was also because of this that the black gowned man was even happier. This signified that this cauldron might be a complete soul artifact. Even if it wasn’t, it wasn’t any worse. So, he intended to use his Qi absorption bats to suck away its spiritual Qi. This way, it would not be able to generate any attacks.

“Senior Brother, what should we do? We have been surrounded by these hateful bats,” With their vision turning dark, they were no longer able to see the situation outside, so Tian Xing became very worried.

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“Hehe! What are you so afraid of? Can’t you have some confidence in me?” Cheng Yu laughed. Although this person did possess some strength, Cheng Yu was not any weaker. Recall how he even dared to fight against Golden Core Realm cultivators when he was still in the Foundation Establishment Stage. All this occurring before him was just like a child’s play.

In the past, in order to save Keke, he had even managed to injure him. What he had done in the past, he could also do today. So much that he could even kill this person! When it came to such an evil person, Cheng Yu would never tolerate their existence. He might not be a saint, but if he came across an evil person, he should also do his part in eliminating them. Besides, he also intended to take revenge for Keke.

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