Chapter 283: Meeting the Mysterious Black Gown Man Again

“Therefore, I won’t stop you two if you want to go ahead and search for Death Shrine,” Cheng Yu replied nonchalantly.

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“…” Tian Xue and Tian Xing turned silent. What Cheng Yu said was right. They all had their own goals, own loved ones and people who waited for them to return home. This time, Tian Xue didn’t blame Cheng Yu. After all, ever since Cheng Yu saved her, he had been helping them. For him to extend his trip for a period of a month could already be an extreme benevolence on his part.

“Senior Brother, then do you think that the palace you are searching for might be the same as the Death Shrine we are looking for? Or perhaps, within that palace you are searching for, there might be god’s water?” Looking at how downcast Tian Xue had became, Tian Xing wasn’t feeling any better. After all, Tian Xing had grown up with Tian Xue and had always treated her mother as his own. So, he changed the topic. Hearing Tian Xing’s words, Tian Xue’s eyes immediately glowed. She lifted up her head and looked at Cheng Yu expectantly.

“What you said might be possible. I hope that the palace I’m searching for is Death Shrine as well. At least, I’m confident to say that I can locate it and it is just a matter of time,” Cheng Yu frowned as he pondered. Actually, Cheng Yu had thought of such a possibility before. Inside Death Forest, there were only five palaces. And that so called Death Shrine would be the Heavenly God Palace. However, before locating Heavenly God Palace, he couldn’t be sure of his conjecture.

“If it’s like that, it would be for the best. We also do not need to look for a needle inside such a big ocean,” Tian Xing laughed.

“Hopefully! The meat is done. Let’s fill our stomaches first!” Cheng Yu also hoped for that. It was the best possible outcome.

“Eh? Rabbits? Lots of rabbits! So cute! Here, let sister give you a hug!” Just when the trio was about to start their meal, a rabbit leaped and landed beside Tian Xue. The spotless white fur made it look exceptionally cute. The moment Tian Xue saw it, she had fallen in love with it. The maiden heart of her’s immediately sparked as she extended her hand out, hoping to get closer to the rabbit.

“Be careful!” Within the eyes of the rabbit, a flash of red flickered, catching Cheng Yu’s attention. He panicked as he hastily shouted towards Tian Xue. In the end, Cheng Yu was late by a step. Just when Tian Xue was about to come in contact with the rabbit, that rabbit suddenly opened its mouth and shot out a big red fireball.

Tian Xue was in the Golden Core Realm, but the energy brought forth by the fireball wasn’t any weaker as it actually possessed the might of a Golden Core middle stage. Since Tian Xue wasn’t in the least prepared, even if she had her Heavenly Dipper Armor on, she would still be blasted by the fireball. Cheng Yu’s reaction was the fastest. Instantly, he charged out and caught Tian Xue. However, Tian Xue’s body had already turned charred black and she was coughing out blood. Cheng Yu immediately took out a spiritual-grade Nirvana Pill, and gave it to Tian Xue.

“How is it?” Tian Xue swallowed the pill, causing her complexion to turn a lot better as her vigor started returning to her body. She laid in Cheng Yu’s bosom with a baffled expression as she looked at those rabbits. She had never expected that these cute rabbits would actually possess such a frightening strength.

“I have long told you not to randomly touch these animals. Now you believe me?” Cheng Yu said ill-manneredly. When Cheng Yu first entered the core area, he was already very curious. Why would there be so many ordinary animals living here? Didn’t they say that there was no demonic beasts around here? However, how could there not be any demonic beasts in Death Forest. Could this be a holy land? Cheng Yu would never believe such things. Therefore, Cheng Yu had repeatedly reminded them to be extra cautious and not touch these ordinary looking animals. However, it seemed like no one had listened to him.

“Ah! Senior Brother, I think it’s better that you put us inside the Mountain River Diagram! These furry animals seem not easy to handle!” Seeing how injured Tian Xue had become, Tian Xing was shocked. Before he had even reacted, he saw a rabbit jumping towards him. Tian Xing was frightened to the point that he quickly threw away the roasted meat in his hand as he dashed towards Cheng Yu. All of them looked at the rabbits that had leaped at Tian Xing astonishingly. They discovered that the supposedly vegetarian rabbit had actually started feasting on the roasted meat! They finally understood why there were so many rabbits encircling them. Turns out that they were carnivorous.

“Senior Brother, this place is exactly like you said. On the surface, it looks very normal, but the dangers are actually hidden inside this normality,” Tian Xing gulped. This world was truly too mystical. Even the rabbits had been turned into Golden Core experts and had even started eating meat. However, he was only a puny Foundation Establishment cultivator, making him worse than a rabbit!

“Alright. It’s better for us to quickly leave this place. These rabbits are getting larger in numbers. However, they seem to be more interested in the roasted meat!” Cheng Yu stored the duo back into the Mountain River Diagram before fleeing. Cheng Yu saw quite a number of rabbits were rushing their way here. However, what caused him to be glad was that these animals didn’t seem to be interested in attacking humans. Otherwise, with so many rabbits around, Cheng Yu would definitely suffer! Originally, he still harbored the intention of eating some rabbit meat, but now he could only give up on that idea. If he were to attract another group of them, he would certainly suffer.

As such, Cheng Yu had no choice but to call out the Jewel Cauldron and continue his journey. A few days passed and Tian Xue had been inside the Mountain River Diagram recuperating her injuries while Tian Xing had also stayed inside not daring to come out. Only Cheng Yu would occasionally come out to survey. The current Mountain River Diagram had a total of eleven spiritual veins positioned in different places. The density of Spiritual Qi inside had grown denser. To cultivators, it was certainly an optimal place for them to cultivate. With the increase in the density of Spiritual Qi, the speed at which one could cultivate would also grow.

If the cultivators in the Cultivation World were to see this, every one of them would definitely turn frantic. And Cheng Yu would definitely become a public enemy of the masses. In the whole Cultivation World, no one would be able to ensure his safety. Even Limitless Palace might become his enemy as well. Therefore, Cheng Yu had kept on reminding Tian Xue and Tian Xing that regardless of what they had been through or whatever they obtained in this trip, they must not divulge it. Regardless of who, they mustn’t tell them. Otherwise, the three of them would definitely suffer from assassinations.

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Five Days Later…

The Jewel Cauldron still continued flying around the forest and Tian Xue’s injury had more or less recovered. The trio spent most of their time cultivating or chatting. They would also roast meat. These days, Cheng Yu had told them about the lifestyle he had experienced in the Secular World. During the day, the world was filled with skyscrapers with trains and cars being a means of transport. Planes would occasionally fly the skies with ships sailing out the seas. Women would all be dressed fashionably, making themselves look exquisite and charming while guys would don office wear, looking smart.

During the night, it was the time to seeking pleasures. Everywhere would be beautifully lit with all kinds of bar and restaurants. All the places would be filled with men and women, both genders wearing very exposed clothing. The night was filled with places for entertainment that were filled with pleasure and services. Although the mortals had a weak constitution, they possessed extraordinary intelligence. Their handguns and bombs were all small but destructive. Weaker ones would injure one’s skin while powerful ones could easily kill masses, making it threatening to those in Qi Training Realm as well. However, those heavy weapons were not in the least weaker than a Golden Core’s self detonation. Although the nuclear weapons were prohibited weapons, Cheng Yu could tell that it would easily kill a Nascent Soul Cultivator. Hearing how Cheng Yu recounted his experiences in the Secular World, it caused Tian Xue and Tian Xing to be astonished completely. Both of them suddenly had the intention to travel to the Secular World to take a look.

“Senior Brother, is the Secular World as free and easy as you said to be?” After Cheng Yu finished speaking, Tian Xing asked expectantly.

“Of course. What I said is only a tiny portion. In the future when you travel there yourself, you will know what I mean. Perhaps, you might even not want to return to the Cultivation World anymore,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“En. After we have delivered the god’s water, I will certainly go over to experience it myself. However, Senior Brother are those mortals as smart as you said they are? To actually develop equipment that can bring hundreds of people to fly?” Tian Xing inquired curiously.

“Of course. Although it doesn’t have any offensive or defensive weapons, making it seem extremely weak, it is because it is simply being used as a means of transport, saving those mortals a lot of time when travelling around,” Cheng Yu nodded. When he recalled to when he came to this world, he was also stunned by these mortals’ technologies.

“But Senior Brother, you said that the weapons they made are able to even injure Golden Core cultivators, so much that even Nascent Soul cultivators could be injured as well. This is hard to believe,” In Tian Xing’s opinion, these mortals were like the mortals in the Cultivation World. He had never seen any extraordinary things from these mortals. In their eyes, these mortals were no different from ants, as they could easily kill them in a pinch. Yet, how could these mortals possibly invent a weapon that could injure a Golden Core expert? Wouldn’t it signify that these mortals were able to kill him easily? This was simply impossible.

“Haha! I said before, some things you need to experience yourself before you understand what I mean. As to whether you believe…killing intent!” Cheng Yu was just analyzing it with Tian Xing when he suddenly sensed an extremely intense killing intent. His eyebrows furrowed immediately, as he hastily maneuvered the Jewel Cauldron to fly towards the side of the forest.

“Seems like it’s a group of people ganging up against a single person!” With the holes in between the leaves. Tian Xing saw the situation that was happening meters ahead of them.

“Not a group of people ganging up against one, but it is one massacring a group!” Cheng Yu corrected Tian Xing. That black gowned man held onto a pitch black sword. His swordsmanship was very weird, yet it brought forth an extremely frightening might, making it extremely domineering. Although it seemed like he was surrounded, most of the people in the group were all his enemies. Most importantly, this was the mysterious black gowned man Cheng Yu saw in Luminous City.

“Who the hell are you? We have not offended you, why are you killing us?” A Golden Core middle stage cultivator asked the black gowned man.

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