Chapter 726 – Smiling With Devilish Charm

“It seems like it! However, today is only the eighth day, is it going to rise to its peak already?”

“Once it reaches its peak, the door to the hidden realm will be opened. I can’t wait for it to happen!”

“That’s right! Quickly open before everyone arrives, this will help us reduce some competition, heh heh…”


Huan Qing Yan lifted her head and look at the Blood Moon with the others, the Blood Moon has indeed gotten bigger. Earlier it had been just slightly larger than the sun, now it was significantly bigger.

In addition, the speed the Blood Moon rising had also increased fast enough that it could be seen by the eye.

On top of Surging Wave Academia’s flying ship, Zeta Hallmaster spoke to everyone on the ship with spirit energy, “Every student in Surging Wave Academia is to gather on the decks immediately, the Blood Moon Hidden Realm is about to open!”

Huan Qing Yan was startled and quickly followed the others.

Surging Wave Academia had several hundred True Spirit Masters, with abilities that seemed to be extraordinary.

Of the other three academia, two had already arrived. Apex Academia and Nine State Academia were both using large scale flying equipment as well, each of their members were no less than Surging Wave’s number.

When Huan Qing Yan reached the decks, she saw someone waving to her from afar.

It was Le Guo’er, Huan Qing Yan walked over.

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“Eh? You are not yet a True Spirit Master, how come you are here as well?”

Le Guo’er smiled, “Normally the Blood Moon Hidden Realm allows True Spirit Masters to enter, but other Spirit Masters can enter as well, just that their odds of entering differs! That’s why I am here to try my luck. I did not use the slot assigned to Surging Wave Academia but used my identity as a member of the Immortal Wave Empire to participate, you should know right?”

How could Huan Qing Yan not know, Le Guo’er was the princess of Immortal Empire!

Huan Qing Yan was enlightened, “So that’s the case, I hope the both of us are selected.”

“You have a sixty percent chance of entering, while I at most have a one percent chance, just testing my luck. The Blood Moon has appeared in our Immortal Wave Empire and since we have the slots, I came to try; it doesn’t matter if I am not selected.” Le Guo’er was cheerful and magnanimous.

The two continued to chat as the Blood Moon maintained its course of rising.

The people in their surroundings all erupted in chaos, “Hahaha, it looks like the hidden realm will open in less than 30 minutes time, yet the Frozen Ice Academia has yet to arrive.”

“It is said that the Frozen Ice Academia has many talents, it is good if they are unable to arrive, it gives us more resources…”

“Haha indeed, Blood Moon Blood Moon, quickly rise as fast as you can!”

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Huan Qing Yan looked around, Ji Mo Ya has not yet returned.

Huan Qing Yan looked around and the entire lake and its surroundings were packed with people, one could guess how prosperous humanity was just by looking at this scene, indeed one of the strongest races on Spirit Treasure Continent.

Huan Qing Yan was previously in the First-Class cabin that possessed an isolation spell formation, so no one could see her.

Now that she has come out and under the scrutiny of the masses, several gazes started to land on her.

She followed these gazes and looked back.

Over at Hanging Cloud Empire, cladded in an imperial yellow robe was the handsome Bai Cheng Feng who was emitting a domineering aura that held a devilish charm.

Bai Cheng Feng’s burning gaze landed on Huan Qing Yan like an electric current, causing Huan Qing Yan to uncontrollably frown.

Seeing Huan Qing Yan looking over, Bai Cheng Feng lightly nodded at her while smiling with his devilish charm; contained within that smile was a kind of indescribable stubbornness and determination.

‘What’s the matter with Bai Cheng Feng? Didn’t I clarified with him and told him to have a good life back at the Holy City?’

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