Chapter 33 – Smile Boldly

It seems that “crushing others from a strong point” is a common knowledge in exercises.

Although it is correct to say “I only trust myself” since everyone is graded individually in this class, it is also a fact that there are student who couldn’t win in a one-on-one match.

“First, unite to defeat the enemy and when it is over, split up. Well, even if this is not an exercise, that is an old trick in fighting.”

Gilbert-senpai laughed, mixing with the sound of the blowing wind as we pushed through. Truth be told, it is certainly true. “When opposing a mighty enemy, have a temporary truce and join forces” is a development that you often see in stories.

Though, I don’t see how it is applicable to reality. Especially if this battle becomes dangerous.

The current location is on the boundary of the fifth outdoor practice field (which seems to be its so-called name). When I looked at it from afar, it was completely covered with smoke, but when you go inside, the visibility is not bad; I can see Senpai’s countenance as he ran beside me.

……Although it does not change the fact that the ground is full of holes and the air is covered with sand!

At the same time, there are still sounds of explosion from here and there but I decided not to listen. I don’t care, it’s not my fault, I’m sorry I can’t help everyone!!

“Meryl, are you tired?”

“Ah, no. I’m still fine.”

Not good, not good. While I am escaping reality, Senpai is worried about me.

Running away is somewhat difficult but I am sorry for stopping and being caught up with a strange magic. A weak person should work hard on his own like a weak person would if anything goes wrong.

……is what I’d like to say but . . .

To be honest, I’m going to reach my limit soon. I am doing this for myself but my legs are not fast enough. Senpai is also running beside me at the same speed. The sound of the footsteps of the upperclassmen who were chasing us is steadily approaching.

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Even though I wanted to cry like the others, I don’t want to be attacked while being pursued. I want to escape reality.

Even so . . .

On the other hand, if I have to describe Senpai, he had been smiling ever since we returned to the practice field. The corners of his mouth were raised, occasionally showing his white teeth. Of course, he does not feel fatigued, not in the slightest. Perhaps for him, he likes this flurried exam……

……Oh, I see.

From what I heard from the conversation earlier, I finally understood the reason why he smiles.

“It seems you’re delighted, Senpai.”

Right, being chased by the upperclassmen means that Senpai is recognized as a “strong person they need to face by teaming up”. I heard that Senpai is strong and amazing but my impression is totally different when I saw him in action.

When he tried to answer me, he was only slightly surprised . . . He turned his head towards me and smiled wryly.

“It has been a long time since I could not win against the Second Placer (Duke), and ever since the prodigy* (Kirheinz) came I was always a challenger.”

*Original text: 飛び級 [tobikyuu] – means “skipping a grade”. I replaced it with ‘prodigy’ since it seems more suitable.

After that, he gave a soft smile that is not suitable with the scenery.  

“Yes, I’m happy. I am happy that I am able to look cool in front of you.”

A child in an adult appearance . . . Like a young boy begging to be “praised”, Senpai stared at me. Right in the midst of the battle. It is dangerous and frightening, and I want to run away, I can’t help but . . .

Telling me such things, I can’t possibly say that I want to escape.

He grasped my hand tightly. Gilbert-kun* wants to show it. His skills. His strength. He wants to charm me by protecting me.

Then, responding to him should be my duty as his lover. I bet he is fine. I am scared, but I also want to believe in him.

“Senpai, please stop.”

“Do you feel pain? Whatever it is, I will embrace you.”

“No. It’s time we fight back.”

Mustering up all my fighting spirit, I looked up at Senpai. The handsome man who is one head taller than me smiled boldly after a moment of hesitation.

“Leave it to me.”

* * *

A few seconds after we stopped, the upperclassmen caught up with us.

Five of them are my classmates. The rest, I think, are fifth year students. Looking at about twenty people, each one of them is grinning. Perhaps they are convinced that they are going to win.

Even with the battle formation in front of us, the person beside me is still smiling.

……Well, I also have some things to do.

Of course, I cannot use attack magic. I am out of my fighting power. That’s why, if I don’t do anything then I should not stay here and be not worth protecting.

In order to be not noticed by the people confronting us, I secretly went behind Senpai and summoned my “staff” while I’m at it.

I continuously cast spells in a whispering voice. Err, the magic that looks good in battle is……


Senpai doesn’t know what to say. Staring at me, there is wonderment in his eyes. I signaled using my hand that I had not done anything strange, and at the same time invoked magic.


For a moment, a small magic circle as big as a palm floated and quickly dissolved into Senpai’s body. It should not be painful or hot.

A beginner’s magic is easy, but it’s better than nothing! Even if it’s just a mere consolation!, is what I wanted to believe. But if I don’t, then what’s the point of me being here?

“………What did you do?”

However, Senpai closed and opened his hand in puzzlement. Whether the people in front of us will attack or not, they still haven’t made their move. The magic has been successfully done, but was it too weak that they fail to notice it?

“It is for the reduction of the use of magical power and strengthening of your body’s defense. Also, I added a little support to make your limbs easily movable…… Or was it just a placebo effect?”

“………Three―No, did you use four?”

“Ah, yes. You knew?”

I’m glad. It seems that he could understand the feeling that the “magic was properly applied”. Though I felt relieved, Senpai was frowning when he asked. There should be no harm, so why?

“Heeey, Kralvane~. Should we get down to business?”

Eventually, the students…probably the sixth year students, who got tired of waiting, called out and at last, Senpai returned his attention to them.

“So much fussing about. You can approach me from any direction.”

“Oh, yes. We’re sorry, but we need to quickly eliminate dangerous people!”

After answering, “staffs” appeared on each of their hands. Perhaps they were preparing. In accordance to their voices, several magical circles appeared.

……I do not know the details, but maybe those are attack magic.

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At the tense atmosphere, I unconsciously grasped Senpai’s uniform. He also has a black spear-like staff ready at hand and he held my shoulder. The corners of his mouth are turned up again.

“Don’t worry, Meryl. I’ll definitely protect you.”

As if the puzzled appearance earlier was a lie, the voice overhead was kind and confident. When I looked up, I saw the handsome face of Senpai, calm as usual.

“My body felt light and I’m surprised.”


It was a storm of attack shortly after a moment of confirming by touching the forehead. Even so, my shoulder felt warm and I felt I could confidently say that we will win.

Gilbert Kralvain is a much cooler man than I thought.

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