Chapter 17: Mo Tiaoxiao


Mo Wentian laughed coldly. His nickname had truly spread far and wide in East Sword City.

“Kid, quickly scram! Our Big Miss will be taking this thing away!”

One of the disciples from the Yuan Family seemed eager to express his goodwill in front of Yuan Sheng and he spoke firmly to Mo Wentian.


Mo Wentian laughed. He looked at the four of them in front of him and he chuckled, ”When I look at the few of you, I’m reminded of an admirable animal.”


Yuan Sheng frowned as she questioned

Without a doubt, Yuan Sheng knew of Mo Wentian. He had a reputation as the cripple of the Mo Family. Everyone knew that he had no spiritual root in the past and when he finally managed to awaken his spiritual root…

It was only a 1st grade spiritual root!


Mo Wentian spat out a word mockingly.


“You actually dare to call our Big Miss a dog? What nerves! You think that you are the Mo Family’s genius? Even if we are to kill you now, the Mo Family wouldn’t say anything about it!”

“You are not afraid of death!”


The four of them glared at Mo Wentian coldly. Meanwhile, killing intent filled Yuan Sheng’s eyes. She felt as though Mo Wentian was too egotistical.

Within the Mo Family.

Other than Mo Qingcheng, Yuan Sheng didn’t place anyone as her equal at all. As for Mo Wentian……

He was only a cripple with a 1st grade spiritual root!

“Mo Wentian, I’m taking this demonic beast away!”

Yuan Sheng spoke with arrogance as she stared at Mo Wentian. She looked just like an arrogant peacock as she didn’t place Mo Wentian in her eyes at all.

“You want it?”

Mo Wentian grinned. In the next moment, he started to giggle, ”What do you count as? This demonic beast is killed by your father here. Why should I give it to you?”

“Looking for death!”

Killing intent erupted from Yuan Sheng’s eyes. “You really want to oppose me?” Yuan Sheng spat.

“Oppose you?”

Mo Wentian took a step forward. He had a haughty look on his face and he looked down on her just like how a king would look down on an ant as he said, ”Just a puny 6th grade spiritual root. You don’t even have to abilities to be called a piece of trash.”


The four disciples instantly became furious. Mo Wentian actually dared to call Yuan Sheng, who possessed a 6th grade spiritual root, someone who is not even fit to be called trash!

Someone with a 6th grade spiritual root could be considered rare in East Sword City. As long as Yuan Sheng cultivated to the Leaving Sword Realm, she could instantly enter the Three Great Sword Sect as an outer disciple.

She would enjoy countless amount of admiration and she would be worshipped by everyone.

“Break his four limbs for me before taking away this demonic beast. I want to see who will be able to hinder me here today!”

Yuan Sheng commented coldly.

“Yes, Big Miss!”

The four of them walked towards the demonic beast which was near Mo Wentian. When Mo Wentian looked at the four of them who were approaching, a murderous aura appeared in his eyes.

Mo Wentian had never gotten into a conflict with the Yuan Family.

However, Yuan Sheng, who was standing in front of him, wanted to snatch away his demonic beast and she even wanted to break all four of his limbs. It showed just how ruthless she was!

“Some people like to overestimate themselves…”

Mo Wentian laughed coldly.

Was someone with a 6th grade spiritual root very strong? Although he only had a 1st grade spiritual root, the quality of his spiritual root was comparable to a 6th grade spiritual root.

If his spiritual root were to reach the 2nd grade, Mo Wentian estimated that it would be comparable to a 7th grade spiritual root!

If it were to increase to the 3rd grade……

“Kid, you are courting death. Why did you provoke out Big Miss? In any case, you are just a cripple. The Mo Family won’t do anything to us even if we kill you.”

The four of them walked towards Mo Wentian with a sinister smile on their face.

Just as the four of them were about to move, a voice resounded in their ear.



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The four of them were startled. Immediately, they turned around. They saw a youngster in front of them as he walked towards Mo Wentian.

“Who are you? You actually dare to interfere with our Yuan Family’s affairs!”

One of the Yuan Family disciple went forward and spoke with an extremely arrogant voice.

“Yuan Family’s disciple?”

The youngster laughed in contempt. Following which, he drew out his sword and it lightly streaked across the void. A resplendent radiance appeared as it shot towards the disciple’s arm.


A miserable shriek filled the skies.

“I’m talking away you arm. If you have anything to say about it, you can ask for Yuan Potian to look for me!”

That apathetic voice echoed out throughout the void.

“Yuan Potian?”

The expression of the Yuan Family’s disciples instantly changed. Yuan Potian was the patriarch of the Yuan Family. He was also the strongest expert in the family.

“You are……”

Yuan Sheng seem to have thought of something as her question got stuck in her throat. She cried out in surprise, You’re Mo Tianxiao!”

“Mo Tianxiao!”

A figure appeared in Mo Wentian’s mind.

Mo TianxXiao. He entered East Sword City along with Mo Wentian. After entering the city, Mo Tianxiao was sent to the Three Great Sword Sect when he awakened his 9th grade spiritual root.

Meanwhile, Mo Wentian stayed in East Sword City and he was adopted by the City Lord.

“Wentian, wait till you awaken your spiritual root! I’ll bring you to somewhere good. That place is there you should be!”

There were all sorts of complications hidden in Mo Tianxiao’s voice.

“It’s actually Mo Tianxiao. Why would he appear in this place? Didn’t he go to the Heaven Sword School?”

“He’s the only disciple in our East Sword City who has a 9th grade spiritual root. Right after he awakened his spiritual root, he was sent to the Three Great Sword Sect. No one knows how strong he is right now.”

“I’m afraid he’s already in the Leaving Sword Realm!”


The 3 Yuan Family disciples stared at Mo Tianxiao in shock. Their eyes were filled with respect, fright, and worship!


Mo Tianxiao glared at the Yuan Family’s disciples and yelled.


Yuan Sheng’s face grew red. However, she didn’t say anything when she saw the ice-cold but arrogant expression on Mo Tianxiao’s face. Since she was unable to vent her anger, all of her resentment fell on Mo Wentian.

If it wasn’t because of Mo Wentian, would she suffer from such humiliation?

“Let’s go!”

Yuan Sheng whispered as the five of them left gloomily.

A moment later.

The only people left in the valley was Mo Wentian and Mo Tianxiao.


Mo Tianxiao’s gaze fell onto Mo Wentian.


Both of them smiled happily. It seemed as though they were friends who were separated for a long time as they grasped each other’s fist.

“Wentian, even though you have a 1st grade spiritual root, you are not weak! As long as you cultivate properly, you will certainly be the top few experts in East Sword City!”

Both of them sat in the valley. Mo Tianxiao spoke to Mo Wentian as he gnawed on the leopard meat.

“Top few experts?”

Mo Wentian smiled indifferently. East Sword City would never be his final destination. He was going to become the supreme expert in this Sword God Continent.

“What’s your current cultivation realm?”

Mo Wentian enquired curiously.


Mo Tianxiao smiled faintly before replying, ”Pinnacle of the Leaving Sword Realm!”

“Pinnacle of the Leaving Sword Realm!”

Mo Wentian cried out. As expected of someone with a 9th grade spiritual root.. Just the aptitude alone was comparable to him in his past life!

“The reason I came back was to take a look at you. I heard that you managed to awaken your spiritual root but it’s only a 1st grade spiritual root. I thought that you would be depressed. However, you don’t seem affected at all!”

Tianxiao patted Mo Wentian’s shoulder firmly.

“So what if it is a 1st grade spiritual root? Who said that someone with a 1st grade spiritual root will not be able to become an expert. Even though I only have a 1st grade spiritual root, I will definitely step into the pinnacle of sword dao!”

Mo Wentian spoke arrogantly.


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Hearing Mo Wentian’s words, Mo Tianxiao slowly became excited. Looking at Mo Wentian, he continued, ”You and I are brothers. In the future, you will inevitably become an exceptional sword emperor!”

“What does a sword emperor count as? Both of us are going to break through this world and roam freely in the outer world!”


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