Chapter 19 – After One Danger

I wonder how long has it been since Kralvane-senpai came. He let go of my hand at the same time my tears have stopped.

Cold air touched my body, and I think I am still reluctant to part. I ignored it, thinking it was just my imagination, but since Senpai laughed, perhaps he noticed. Because he helped me, I felt relieved so I’ll leave it at that.

“Can you stand?”

Once again, he elegantly held my hand and I put strength on my legs. However…



Pain suddenly shot through my legs and I slumped back on the floor. Senpai supported me so I did not stumble, but I can’t stand very well. The numb feeling had disappeared but…

“I think…”

He touched my strange-looking ankle and my face contorted the next moment. Following him, I also touched it and I found that the area around my ankle beneath the sock was hot and swollen.

Ah, that time?

I remember, it was when Eliza had blown off my double barrier. I tried touching the other foot, and although the location is slightly different, it was similarly swollen. I can’t stand up with my legs.

“……I hope they are not fractured.”

Touching it like a breakable, I head a soft murmur. Looking up, I saw his narrowed golden eyes became filled with worry and anger at the same time.

“Uhm, I can use recovery magic so it will be fine. I did not notice until I was told, but it is not broken, okay? It’s just I don’t have enough magical powers right now…”

Returning as gently as possible, Senpai opened his eyes for a moment, leaned his head on my shoulders and said, “Sorry.” Even though he intends to plead for them, I don’t want to see again the kind of Senpai earlier. Although it wasn’t meant for me, it was very scary. I want him to be with his usual gentle smile.

Even though I was the victim, I stroked the back of Senpai, who looked like a depressed child, for a while.

* * *

“……I do not think this is necessary.”

“It can’t be helped because you can’t walk. This is better than carrying you on my back.”

A few minutes after that, Senpai apologized to me in great haste…… and for some reason, lifted my body in a horizontal position. His right hand is on my back, and his left hand is around my thighs. Yes, that way. He is carrying me like a princess!  

“It’s embarrassing, so why don’t we wait for my magical powers to be replenished? It’s no problem if you leave me alone.”

“Can I just leave you alone injured even though I was the cause? Don’t worry. I will not let your underwear be seen.”

Indeed, Senpai’s arms were securing my short skirt so it will not turn over. However!

Prior to that, did he touch my thighs—!?

I certainly cannot walk but I do not want to stay longer in this room! To be healed, this is what I thought. I was definitely not touched, and I wanted to hold back.

…Ah, stop. It’s not the time to criticize.

I tried to ask but I unconsciously swallowed the words. On the face of Senpai that was near me, there are wrinkles between his lowered eyebrows, looking like he is about to cry.

……The victim, isn’t it me?

“I understand. Then please, until the treatment is available.”

Having no choice but to entrust my body to Senpai, he smiled with relief as he understood clearly and added strength in his hands. Although I said that he looked frightening until a while ago, he looks like a child at the moment. I wonder which of the two he is. He really is a strange person.

When the two of us left the practical room, another person was waiting outside the door.

“It seems you were able to rescue the princess, huh, Kralvane-kun?”

Not in a uniform, but it was a man in a long robe. He looks about the same age as an academy student, but is he a teacher? The blue-haired person with a hidden eye smiled gently, not minding our princess-carry position.

“Yes. Thank you for waiting.”

“It seems like it. Let’s deal with it later.”

So he is really a teacher. He lightly waved his hands and Senpai lightly bowed to him in return.

“Ah, yes, Kralvane-kun. No matter how much you threaten, do not use dangerous magic, okay? Had you activated something in an instant, you would have had five cases of murder.”


Ah, that would be the red-black one that was under their feet. Although it disappeared when we got out earlier, it was a life-and-death, dangerous magic after all!

“…It’s because of the fact that I am very angry to the point that I want to kill.”

“Please exert self-restraint above anything else. Because a crime will trouble the academy. Well then, please be careful on your way home.”

Leaving us with a disturbing speech, the teacher went inside the practical room while laughing. Senpai just murmured a reply, immediately became expressionless again, and left the practical room.

“Could it be . . . the teacher just now summoned you, Senpai?”

“No, this area is in his jurisdiction…… Oh, do you know a second year student (Meryl)?”


I thought he called for Senpai when he was patrolling but it didn’t seem that way. While he is slowing his walking pace, I will explain about the “Practical Room”.

As it is well known about this room, the wall is thick and it is said that there are many boundaries that makes it durable and also serve as soundproofing. However, a very precise monitoring magic is built in the moment they thought that there is a possibility that it may be used for “something not good” like what happened today. Its precision is not only to see the inside, but also to hear the conversation if you want to.

Moreover, it seems that it is written inside the barrier magic circle at a “level that you can see if you look closely”, so the academy students who were aware never do bad things in the practical room. In other words, those girls did not notice.

“That teacher has a strong, influential voice regarding fights in the academy. He is aware of the movements. Eliza and the others will be subjected to disciplinary actions and there will be some sanctions on their grades as well.”

“I see… If there’s a public punishment, then that’s good.”

It will give a “tacit understanding” that things will be seen in the monitoring, and not “bad guys will not be noticed”. It looks like Eliza is a little dumb. After dragging me in a dangerous situation for strange reasons, my heart feels empty for her.

“Huh? Then why are you here, Senpai?”

“Ah, your classmate came after me.”

Yellow hair, wearing eyeglasses… and the other characteristics of my classmate recited by Senpai, of course, I remember. It is definitely Monica.

“She said something is strange since I called you. I was about to leave the school at that time so her instinct was right.”

“That girl is my roommate in the dormitory. She has helped me a lot…”

What a nice girl, bothering to search for Senpai. Senpai smiled at me who became emotionally touched and replied with, “I see.” I will do something for her next time!

The corridor of the academy where the setting sun shined.

The golden ornament that spread throughout the place has also made Senpai’s hair shine. There is a resounding footstep of a person. Because it is a special building, there are no signs of other academy students.

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It is just a quiet and beautiful space. The silence was kind, and the hands that touch me were very warm. It is calm, as if the crisis earlier was just a lie.

Comfortable, I certainly think it is. Although I was involved in strange things due to Senpai, I do not feel like holding a grudge against him… On the contrary, I only feel nothing but gratitude for coming to help me.

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I don’t dislike us being together. But I want to make sure.

I was annoyed when others told me their observation, but I cannot just pass the time in this entanglement like this.

“Does it hurt?”

I responded to him, who was worrying, as normal as possible.

“Senpai, can we talk a bit?”

My body also became stiff when he stiffened at once.

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Author’s note: Annoyed with the compilation of a romantic disturbance. By the way, the waiting teacher that appeared in this volume is Barrett. Monica only mentioned his name in Renai Jijou but this fellow who belongs to the battle group is called “The Academy’s Unrivalled”.
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