Chapter 18 – The Third-Rate Stage is Over

Why is Senpai here?

What is going on?

There were many things I wanted to ask him, but I couldn’t voice any of them. It just won’t come out.

Why can’t I talk to him, whose bloodlust was emanating from his whole body and whose bottomless coldness was expressed? Right now, I can easily tell from the gazes of the women in front of me. I do not want to die yet.

For this reason, I think the blonde woman was . . . clearly saying, “Have you lost your mind?” Or maybe, “Just reckless”?


The voice of the first one who saw him seemed happy and relied on the whole appearance to draw his attention. The voice, which was intentionally raised higher than before, sounds unpleasant to my ears.

And then, rushing over to him with a distance of just a few steps, she embraced Senpai, pressing her voluptuous body.

I wonder if the other women haven’t seen his face became stiff.

On the other hand, Kralvane-senpai called out, not paying attention to her.

“What were you doing?” He repeated the same question.

…However, although they are the same words/same content, it sounds completely different than the first one. It is completely different from the familiar voice of Senpai. It is low and there are no emotions as it echoes through my spine. It doesn’t contain “anger” like the girls earlier, only the meaning of the words.

I didn’t know that humans can produce such an inhuman sound. Perhaps, it is not just my imagination that my numbed feet tremble in a different meaning.

This is a man of prestige, an inhabitant of the chosen society. In addition to his title, he would have been able to carry it properly.

“…We haven’t seen each other for a long time. That’s a cold reply, you know?”

Contrary to us who cannot move with fear, only the blonde woman’s voice is strangely bright and lively.

…This person, is she really okay? Even the women around who were about to cry became somewhat pathetic. The flickering magic circle at their feet is still activated, though.

With a movement like a spider, her fingers crawled on Senpai’s chest, and she burrowed her cheeks following that movement. The precise description of her expression is “ecstatic”.

If the circumstances were different, it looks like a scene of a pair of lovers. To me, it looks more vulgar than a dog and cat’s act of claiming territory (marking). I’m sorry to all the dogs and cats out there.

While the pale-faced women and I were watching, Senpai didn’t move and let her do anything she liked. Thinking it was a good thing, she circled her arms around him and laughed satisfactorily as their bodies fitted perfectly. As if she was showing off to us. Yet, nobody cares about it right now.

It went for several minutes, possibly tens of seconds.

Slowly, Senpai’s hand reached out to her head. He’ll hug her, I think. The blonde woman closed her eyes in satisfaction.


The next moment, she cried out with a frog-like voice and rolled on the floor.

Apparently, it appears like she was hit. She pressed her mouth as she coughed violently. I did not see anything that happened all, but there’s no mistake that Senpai did it. It is because he grabbed the collar of her blouse with his right hand and dragged it halfway.

Senpai glanced at her as if nothing happened. For a moment, he frowned as he said, “I touched something filthy.”

“……Wait…Wait a minute, Gil!”

While she was spluttering, the women around also eyed her with contempt as she tried to cling to Senpai more. Senpai did not look at her when he was called and his expression remained emotionless.

“Wh-Why? I don’t want to part with you yet—!!”

To part . . . Don’t tell me, this person is Senpai’s lover?!

Anyway, I turned my eyes to see how Senpai will respond but . . . Unchanged, he remained cold and expressionless. Say, does he feel happy hitting his ex(?)-girlfriend on the floor?


Hearing her name called after a short silence, the blonde woman Eliza suddenly raised her face. With a fawning smile that seems entreating.

“What do you know about me? Not about being a ‘Kralvane’, but about me. Can you tell me anything?”

“Th-That . . . As much as you like……”

Eliza’s face shone. She seems glad, as if saying, “Leave it to me”…… However, that expression stiffened before our eyes. The corners of the mouth were lifted, leaving a forced smile.

“Like what my favorite food is or what subject I am good at. Anything is fine. Can you tell me?”

“Eh, ah……That……”

From here, I can at least see that her totally stained made-up face became bloodless. It’s just a lie, right? Acting like a lover…….

“You can’t answer, right? But you can recite the history of the Kralvane family from the start.”


“I can answer. The details of the clothes you wanted, the tailor you prefer, the size of the accessories you ordered… I remembered it properly, because you told me.”

The smile completely disappeared from Eliza’s face. Step by step, Senpai drifted away from her, not sparing her a glance.

“Isn’t it obvious why we broke up? First, it was more than six months ago.”

Speaking with an indifferent voice, I cannot distinguish his feelings. His words feel like it is just a “report”.

With strange, clicking sounds of his big footsteps…… he looked back at her just a little the moment he walked out of the magic circle.

“Or do you want me to use ‘it’?”

With those few words close to a death sentence, this time the women other than Eliza shrieked. Soon, while the other four embraced her, they ran away from the practical room.

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In the very large room, he and I were left.


Should I say something? Both my hands and feet were hardened like stones and I cannot stand up. Even though I was very scared a while ago, various things happened at once and my mind was collected.


Eventually, Senpai sat down in front of me and called my name as usual. As usual. With the familiar gentle voice of Senpai.


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When I raised my eyes, his beautiful face was too close to the point that our foreheads almost hit. His eyebrows were lowered, and his sharp golden eyes were tinged with worry.

It was not the inhuman Senpai.

“……….Isn’t it unfair to ask for your favorite food? Don’t you always eat the daily special at the cafeteria?”

On the other hand, I haven’t seen you avoid any food, I wanted to add.

“…That’s the right answer.”

Posun. While we were sitting, I was hugged by Senpai.

“……I’m glad you’re all right.”

“I’m not all right at all.”

The low voice that reached my ears was so gentle.

Losing my strength at once, it was our secret that I cried a bit as I was pressed on his hard chest.

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