Chapter 17 – Resistance Play

White filled my vision. When I realized that it was a “light”, I closed my eyes at once and retreated backwards.

Next, I felt a hot air blowing and it slightly grazed my skin. Just slightly behind, I heard a sound of a burning fire.


Just a few seconds after those surprising words. Fearfully, I jumped with open eyes, and the floor stone in the place where I was…… was burned black, smoke rising.

“Gee, Meryl-chan. Aren’t you reacting well?”

“……Thank you, I guess.”

My mind is getting more composed with this many incidents. Perhaps it was a flame attack magic. Even if it wasn’t deadly, had I stayed one step late, I definitely would have been hurt.

Threatening or not, they seriously intended to hurt me.

……If they just threatened me, I am willing to kneel down on the ground.

There is no time to object to this. What sort of education have these upperclassmen received?

While feeling my back sweat profusely, I saw another woman muttering something when I turned to look. She is showing no signs of chanting covertly. Is that so?

If you judge by the number of people or the ability by year level, it is I who is undeniably disadvantageous.

……I know that it is useless to do something, but I wonder if there is something I can do.

Otherwise, she is right. Hurting me just to torment me, I’m finished if the evidence will be concealed.

This is not a joke. What on earth did I do? We just had lunch together! I absolutely refuse to feel pain for such reasons!!

《My cane!!》

Imitating, I chanted the shortest spell. I felt the heat in my palms for a moment. In a blink of an eye, an important thing that was half my height appeared in my hands. The color is silver but it can be seen as gold due to the present light in the room. Although there is not much decoration, the top part is in the form of a cage, in which golden light balls were floating. A gentle-colored “cane” that has a soft contour.

This is one of my few pride, a tool in which its entire shape is a “reflection of the owner’s heart”.

I kept it close to myself so as not to point as much as possible towards the woman who said, “Fired up?”, looking at me with belligerent eyes.

《Defensive Wall Formation》

A piercing high-pitched sound similar to a tinnitus immediately followed those words. It continued until a transparent wall like a thin glass appeared. [Defensive Wall] is one of the barrier magic. Particularly, what I used is the simplest technique that does not require chanting. It is a basic self-defense technique.

I saw that the women who stood before me looked astounded, but I didn’t mind it… It can’t be helped, okay?! I’m still a sophomore studying elementary courses. Besides, I am not good at attack magic!

If these upperclassmen would make a mistake, it is better if I use this.

If they have strange powers, they will want to use it for personal use. This mentality is really bad. Magic is supposed to be an ability to help other people.

“Are you stupid?”


While thinking that way, the second attack came flying. The barrier disappeared with a shrill sound in an instant. Alright, even if only a shot was prevented, it was a success!

“What a thin barrier. Since we’re doing this, be more motivated.”

I am motivated and this is my strength, damn it!

Because there is no point in saying anything, I erected another one again in front of me. It looks like the wrinkles between Senpai’s eyebrows deepened even more, but should I be concerned? I will just make more and more.

“If you think you can prevent the attacks, offense is also nice!”

Crash. The second wall I erected from my side was broken. However, I just continued to generate a barrier.


Ah, she’s very upset. The face that was beautifully made-up kept on contorting, looking like a devil. Though that might be her true nature.

Anyway, I will resist as much as possible!

While scolding my still trembling hand, I made another barrier next to the third broken wall. It is a weak, elementary magic that can prevent one shot at a time. However, thanks to that, the consumption magical power is not so much. If it becomes a protracted war, the teacher on patrol might notice…!

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The piercing sound of destruction and the shrill sound of barrier formation continued. It sounded like a tinnitus. But I won’t stop. I will generate a number of barriers. If I set up repeatedly, the effect may somewhat improve.

“Stop bullshitting me. I had enough!!”


Immediately afterwards, an impact came from below at the furious voice of Blonde-senpai. I wasn’t able to build a layer of barrier and I fell on my backside, leaving me unprotected.


Had she guessed the specific location where the barrier will occur? That Senpai seems to be at least a fourth year student.

I did not get hurt but both of my legs were completely numbed now. I also don’t have any strength left.


I managed to create a barrier as I sat down because I was able to somehow hold on to my cane.

“That’s why I said it was thin.”


It was instantly broken by another woman. This time, the shock hit me from above, and pain ran from my arm to my shoulder like an electric shock.

No time to sit down. I have to hurry up and stand. I have to get away…!

“Stop this useless resistance. You can’t do anything anyway.”

Although it is supposed to be a high-pitched voice, the echoing sound feels like it is crawling on the ground. When I looked up, the blonde was coming closer as expected. Trying to lift my cane . . . my hand couldn’t move.

“I am also busy. Shall we end this?”

Then do not get involved with a younger student if you’re busy!! That’s what I wanted to cry but no voice came out.

Adopting a stance before her cane, more magic circles floated out of her spread hands. Wait a minute. The attack magic just a while ago was already intense. Such a big attack, isn’t it a size that cannot be prevented by putting up a barrier?

“………Going to kill?”

“She won’t die if you treat her immediately, right?”

It appears they were not thinking of the possibility of me dying on the spot. Points and points connected to form lines and the [magic] circle became obvious.

…Ah, really. I wish I had studied a little more so I wouldn’t have been useless. I do not know what will be done to me, whether I will be burned or frozen.

Neither my spastic arms nor legs could move. Preparing for the impact, I closed my eyes………


However, it was not my voice which was heard next. It was a gasp from the high-pitched voice senpai.

As I nervously opened my eyes, an unthinkable “thing” was before my sight.

That thing, which came from the door and included the five girls in its range, is a magic circle with a scale that fills more than half of the floor of the wide practical room. It is ten times bigger than what the blonde was about to shoot. Besides, shining red and black, I don’t know what magic it is.

Attack magic. It also gives off a sinister air with a level that certainly kills people.

……Perhaps, this magic is used to “slaughter”.

“When did this—……”

Those girls who were angry just a while ago are shaking in fear.

Perhaps, it was something the upperclassmen knew. That thing that caught them is “killing people in a certain way” kind of magic.

And within that magic circle’s range . . . only I was not included.

I wanted to think that I am saved, but it appears that I am not released yet so I still cannot move.

What on earth is going on?

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A voice called out to the girls with pale made-up face.

“What are you doing?”

What broke the tension was a familiar male voice. In front of the door that opened with a dull sound, in the middle of the still shining red-black magic circle, a blue and silver long silhouette similar to a blade appeared.

“Sen . . . pai……”

My whisper echoed in the large room.

Gilbert Kralvane, who I just saw during lunch, wore an emotionless expression. With his bottomless golden eyes filled with coldness, he just looked down at the girls.

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