Chapter 161: Horrifying Qi Presence

The group was naturally the disciples of the three sects who were headed by Li Wuxue, Duan Hai, and Duan Muyou.

This time, Yan Qingwu was included too.

Sensing that out of the original nine; six of them had already advanced to the 2nd level of the Earth Realm, Xiao Libie looked to be unwell. He thought they would at most have two or three individuals advancing to the 2nd level of the Earth Realm, but he didn’t imagine for them to have six instead.

Other than that, the other four who were at the 1st level of the Earth Realm weren’t easy to deal with either.

Yan Qingwu, White Fiend, Ye Hua, and Shen Feihe, any one of them wasn’t any weaker than Xiao Libie and was obviously stronger than Yu Wen Tian and Chen Fanghua.

“These group of people sure are like tigers blocking the path.”

Xiao Libie let out a bitter laugh. He thought their luck was quite good, but who knew that their enemies’ luck were even better.

Li Wuxue and the group looked on with a serious mood. He scanned across Liu Wuhuang and Xiao Libie, he was slightly surprise but didn’t mind it. They were just at the 2nd level of the Earth Realm and only Liu Wuhuang was capable, the one named Xiao Libie was undoubtedly weaker. Once their gaze landed on Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, all of their faces darkened.

Li Fuchen was now at the 1st level of the Earth Realm.

Back when he was still at the 9th level of the Origin Realm, it was enough for him to battle all of them. Now that he was at the 1st level of the Earth Realm, wouldn’t he be heaven defying?

‘Damn it!’ Li Wuxue roared in his heart.

Li Fuchen swept his cold gaze at the ten and declared indifferently, “Scram before I change my mind!”

Among everyone here, only Li Fuchen had the capability to single handedly challenge all disciples of the three sects.


Duan Hai’s body let out a demonic killing aura, as he swiftly drew his Hundred Battle Sabre.

“So what if he progressed to the 1st level of the Earth Realm? We have six 2nd level Earth Realm and four 1st level Earth Realm martial artists!” Blood Sabre Ling Huang shouted.

Hearing the statement, the group was inspired.

Indeed, they had six 2nd level Earth Realm martial artists, if they retreated without a fight, they would be shaming themselves. Even if they were to kill Li Fuchen in the future, it would still leave a trauma in their hearts.

“Hand over all your storage bags and I can spare your lives.” Black Fiend sneered.

“And that woman. I want her.” Jiang Xiaomao licked his lips while staring at Chen Fanghua.

Hearing those words, except for Li Fuchen, Xiao Libie and his group all drew their black gold sword and ignited their qi presence.

“Seems like you guys aren’t going to listen to our orders.”

Li Wuxue was the first to burst forth with his qi presence. The rest of the disciples of the three sects followed up and let out their qi presence burst. Only Yan Qingwu intended to single out herself and stood far away.

She dislike using the numbers advantage. If she were to defeat Li Fuchen, she would do it fair and square.

With over a dozen of qi presences bursting forth, the courtyard seemed like it was doused in a rain storm, the air look like it was distorted.

Of course, the air couldn’t be actually be distorted.

What distorted it, was the spirit will of the individuals.

After all, qi presences contained the heart’s spirit will.

When the spirit wills all clashed together, it created a vision of distorted scenes.

Under the qi pressure from the nine qi presences, Xiao Libie, Liu Wuhuang, Yu Wen Tian, and Chen Fanghua felt some difficulty in breathing. If they truly started a fight, they would at best be able to utilize 70% or 80% of their true ability.

Standing in the middle of the two qi forces, Li Fuchen couldn’t feel anything. It was as though these qi presences were floating clouds that were unable to affect even a hint of his spirit will.

“You guys sure can’t differentiate the difference between life and death. Since that is the case, I don’t have to bother anymore, if you all want to die, I will grant you that desire.”

Activating the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique and displaying his technique form, a qi presence with heaven’s prowess bursted into the sky.

What kind of qi presence is this?

Under Li Fuchen’s qi presence, the 13 other qi presences were old and frail in comparison. They all crumbled like shaking little children.

In the blink of an eye, the entire courtyard turned into an inferno hell. Everyone could feel their bodies being boiled. Xiao Libie and the group were fine as Li Fuchen’s qi presence didn’t intentionally target them.

But for Li Wuxue’s group of nine, every one of them was feeling thirsty with dried up tongues and mouths. Their skin was beginning to burn up.

Especially White Fiend and Shen Feihe. As they were the ones with the weakest cultivation, their skin developed blisters. This was a side effect that the body couldn’t control due to the spirit will being distorted.

In a certain degree, this was considered illusion arts. But it was a rough and wild illusion art, without any skill. It was just pure overwhelming spirit will and qi presence suppressing it’s enemy.

“Such a horrifying qi presence.”

Even though Ghost Girl Ye Hua’s cultivation was also only at the 1st level of the Earth Realm, she was adept at illusion arts, which was why she wasn’t affected. Looking at the others though, made her heart not help but tremble.


Not even needing his sword, Li Fuchen sent out a palm strike.

The palm strike crashed out together with a blinding qi wave.

Mystic class, low-tier palm arts, Iron Smelting Hand.

Bang, bang!

Among their group, White Fiend and Shen Feihe who were the weakest link, had their bodies charred and sent flying back.

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Li Wuxue and the rest trembled in fear as they frantically fled from the courtyard.


With another palm strike, Li Fuchen put down Jiang Xiaomao.

“Why didn’t you flee?” Li Fuchen didn’t chase after for the kill, but instead looked at the corner of the courtyard where Yan Qingwu stood.

Yan Qingwu replied, “Only killing three. You did the right thing.”

Li Fuchen didn’t speak.

Yan Qingwu then continued, “If you had eliminated all disciples from the three sects, even the Azure Water Sect couldn’t have saved you. Especially Li Wuxue, he is our Heaven Fiend Sect’s young master, if you killed him, the Sect Patriarch would be so furious that your Azure Water Sect would definitely abandon you to your death.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you?” Li Fuchen stated.

“Although I am not your match; if I wanted to leave, even you can’t stop me.”

As Yan Qingwu swayed, multiple Yan Qingwus appeared concurrently and each left in multiple directions.

Li Fuchen laughed but didn’t make any move.

Even if he had made his move, he only had a 50% certainty that he could make her stay.

But he didn’t want to.

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As for what Yan Qingwu said, he had some concerns too. It was certainly satisfying to go on a killing spree, but there were consequences after doing so.

If he wiped out all the disciples from the three sects, the Azure Water Sect would definitely have to face the wrath of the three sects. Under the unison of the three sects, the probability that the Azure Water Sect would hand him over was at least 90%.

This was how the world worked. Whoever’s fist was harder, had words that were more logical.

If not, no matter how logical your words were, it would just all be nonsense.

He was currently not ready to go into a direct conflict with the three sects.

But one day, when he was above all these sects; that would be the day when he could act as he pleased. People that deserved to be killed will not be let off. If anyone obstructed him, he would kill that person, even if it was a deity.

‘Golden amulet, you gave me an entirely different life. I will not let you down.’ Li Fuchen thought to himself.

Within his soul spirit, the golden amulet wriggled abit as though it had a consciousness of its own.

After killing the three, Li Fuchen naturally claimed their storage bags, which came to a total of seven.

As of now, Li Fuchen was in possession of 14 storage bags.

“Li shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple), you did the correct thing. Luckily you weren’t rash.” Xiao Libie approved of Li Fuchen’s actions.

Although the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain was a place where killing was allowed. And death could only be blamed on one’s incompetence. That it didn’t mean you could go around killing everyone.

To be honest, this year’s group was too special, with the appearance of Li Fuchen this anomaly.

During Sword Maniac’s era, there was still one or two enemies who could be a match him. Even though Sword Maniac’s ability was that of an elite class, he still wasn’t able to kill as he please. But Li Fuchen’s abilities were too overwhelming, he could easily eradicate everyone here and has completely destroyed the balance within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain.

If it was the previous Sword Maniac, he would most likely have to take the second seat after Li Fuchen.

There were still three more days before the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain was closed. The five of them had to hurry up and explore the rest of the stone structures.   

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