Chapter 16 – Snake

This time, it is delicately serious.

Receiving stares from the people around is an unavoidable part when spending lunch with Gilbert Kralvane. Those who look because they know the “famous person” and those who look because they do not know the “good-looking person”. Curiosity, envy, longing, jealousy, and fear. I thought that the stares directed at “him” roughly said so. Everyone’s eyes were looking at him only, and I who sat next to him was only seen as an accessory and 90% as part of the background.

……Thinking that way, I want to hit myself now with all my might for getting accustomed to those days. With a little calm, I understood. That can’t be true!! I wonder how many days I sat next to him.

At least, to the extent that we became an eyesore by being together, I guess…

Looking at the girls who blocked the only entrance, it is clear that such thing is obvious. From the beautifully made-up face, I feel wrath . . . No, I feel only murder. The glares directed to me from any of these women were cold and sharp enough to penetrate my skin.

…Ah, really. I should’ve known how popular Senpai is. Even though the number of people so far was unexpected, I should have expected it to a certain extent. Really, how much half-hearted thoughts did I have… I’m pathetic.

“Hey, don’t you have anything to say?”

“P-Pardon?! Something to say…?”

I instinctively squeaked a reply when I heard a cold voice. It is a high-pitched, feminine type of voice. But I think I heard that voice somewhere.

Even if she orders me to say something…

It seems everyone is getting angry so I should apologize for the meantime. However, I don’t know what I should apologize for to these girls whose names I do not know. Apologizing thoughtlessly seems to be rude……

When I had trouble answering, I heard a sigh and a clicking of the tongue. It seems they were quite irritated. What, what should I do? Maybe I really should apologize first since that is all I could do.

“Hey, you’re the second year, Meryl Foster, right?”


I was about to apologize when the question, this time from a short black-haired woman standing near the door was thrown at me. Low for a woman… I guess it is a voice that is used to threatening. With just a few words, I instantaneously had goose bumps. Because I somehow lost my voice, I nodded in reply.

“Hmm . . .” Glancing at me with disinterest, her eyes were frighteningly cold. And then, with those cold eyes, she started to scrutinize me.


I think she is looking at me as if evaluating me. I want to hide my exposed legs. I didn’t know that it hurts to be looked at like this.

Eventually, when she finished her observation, she broke into a smile and hid her nose and mouth evenly, looking down at me. Mockery and contempt. But I do not care about such things. I could laugh if I want to. I want to escape from here as soon as possible.

I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared. I’m scared.

When I curled up my back to avoid her gaze, a blond woman in front asked a question with a sharp glare.

“Hey, what are you to Gil?”


“What are you to Gil?”

The angry voice had put pressure on me.

“I, I am……”

I tried to answer but I couldn’t continue. What am I to Kralvane-senpai?

I became pale. I cannot answer to that single question.

Upperclassman and underclassman… this is the correct answer. However, it is a relationship based on “age”. We’re not doing the same research, so I cannot specially mention something like exchanging ideas. Kralvane-senpai and the girls in front of me are my upperclassmen.

Then, a friend? Or a comrade? No way, that kind of relationship is impossible. He is completely different from Monica and my classmates. The more I try to label it, the more it becomes apparent that we do not have a close relationship. It is rude to him.

Then, what am I to him? If it’s from him, he would say “a woman with the necessary constitution for the sake of the family”.

Then, what is he to me?

How come I was with that person?

When I cannot answer again, the blonde woman exhaled loudly. The way she combed her hair with her hands was strangely sexy… I wonder why, but I just thought that this person is suitable to be with him.

“Look, you don’t have any use, yet you’ve been following Gil for days? What are you planning?”

“Surely, you’re not thinking you can become lovers, are you? Have you seen yourself in the mirror?”

Giggling and laughing, the girls behind asked. Of course, I’ve seen myself in the mirror. I am aware that I am not suitable to be beside him. However . . .

“It-It’s not me. Senpai . . . comes to pick me up for lunch . . .”

“Huuuh? That can’t be true, right? Gil does not do something for others.”

Are you stupid? is the added reply but it was completely unsaid. Moreover, with her face contorted with anger, she continued.

“You see, Gil does not struggle like any other guy. One should understand what he has. He is a person who selects among those who beg only those who are well-matched with him and grants their wish. He is different from the other scums in this place.”


I thought she was angry, but Blonde-senpai was speaking somewhat ecstatically… I can’t help but become speechless. Who is this person talking about? Isn’t the Gil she mentioned Kralvane-senpai?

The Kralvane-senpai that I know behaves excessively. There is too much skinship, and I might have asked but I do not remember being given. I also immediately remembered his soft smile and the feel of his big hands. I cannot imagine the Senpai she described.

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I was dumbfounded when I heard it. I wonder if she did not like that attitude anymore. Deep wrinkles between her eyebrows appeared and she repeated the question.

“I’m asking you, what are you to Gil?”

“I am . . .”

I can’t answer.

Maybe it’s better to say that “I became involved in the circumstances of his family”. But I also deny that “that’s not the case”. I don’t know what to answer.

When I bit my lip and endured the cold stare, she said “I don’t care anymore” in an exasperated voice.

I wonder if they will release me.

I expected that, and when I raised my head…


I shuddered with fear at the voice that echoed beside me.


A necessary article for magicians. It is a higher magical tool, made by processing the branches of the “tree of the origin of magic” that has lived for over a hundred years. It is a tool that facilitates the use of magical powers, and it is a part of the entrance exams wherein the academy student formally obtains this “staff”.

Of course, I also have one. It’s a valuable item I got when I was admitted to the school. However, we didn’t have opportunities to use this “staff”, which is classified as an elementary course. Although it is used during examinations and the like, second year students are still learning safer magic.

A big magic that needs the use of staff, let alone point it towards another person . . .


A hoarse, astonished voice of someone was sucked in the high ceiling.

What? What the hell is this?

Five “staffs”, each with a different shape, appeared. Those were directed straight to me.

“You understood at the time you were summoned to the normal practical room, right?”

That sadistic remark was mixed with laughter.

“The wall here is so sturdy. Because the sound won’t leak out, we don’t have to worry.”

What? What are you not worried about?

I unconsciously took a step back. The sunset shining overhead looks extremely red.

“Ah, don’t worry. You see, I am good at recovery and treatment magic.”

Why is there a need for that explanation now? Recovery? Treatment? That . . . what for?

“When you go home, you will return with a nice clean body.”

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I don’t know, because a part of my blood won’t return.*


What are you talking about? What, you people, what?!

Even if I retreat two to three steps backwards, I will be driven into the room. I can’t stop trembling. No! Someone! Please, I’m scared!

“D-Don’t come here……”

I managed to squeeze out a dainty voice, but even I couldn’t hear it.

With the faint light that she started to aim at me, the beautiful blonde murmured.

“You’re just a kid yet you’re audacious. Why don’t you die?”

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