Chapter 199: I am Your Support (2)

K7 lifted his eyes and looked at the Ye Jian, who was tearing up from the smoke of the tear gas, and his eyes flashed a slight look of pity. “I’m going to look for Trainer Joseph. Return in ten.”

Trainer Joseph, the Russian sniper who had previously visited and trained the Chinese soldiers, had been ambushing and covering for them from the opposite building.

Shedding tears with her eyes closed, Ye Jian could tell that it was K7’s voice, and by the time she opened her eyes again, K7 had already jumped out of the window to leave.

“This is so touching. Come here, let big brother hug you.” J5 tiptoed and stretched his long arms to show that Xia Jinyuan could pass this little lady to his harms after bringing her down.

Ye Jian immediately recognized J5’s voice and also heard Xia Jinyuan’s non-joking retort, “How many so called little sisters do you have exactly? How many more people do you want to be a brother to?” She then heard Xia Jinyuan’s whisper against her ear, “Just close your eyes and let all the fear flow out.”

Ye Jian who had already reworn her gas mask did not answer, and her tears had stopped falling. Being wrapped in his arms made her feel so awkward that it overwhelmed her shock from before.

Downstairs, Xu Yu, G3, and J5 who were standing at the side of the table were looking upwards. They had their hands raised, ready to receive her.

“No need, you guys go ahead and clean up the scene. I’m going to go ahead and take her out.” Xia Jinyuan who ignored his comrades’ good intentions jumped down steadily whilst holding her. He walked out on them without turning back.

G3 raised one of his eyebrows and asked J5, “That’s him? The man who requested to be in our team?”

“Yes, a multi-skilled soldier ace.” J5 tugged at his helmet and watched the lean tall figure with interest. “Not bad. I heard he’s only twenty years old, his personal profile is a secret, and what we only know what is in his political commissar. No one knows anything else about him. Looks like he is not that simple.”

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But he immediately smacked his tongue and took off his gas mask revealing a pair of bright eyes. “Q king is not bad, but I think that that little lady is even better. She’s intelligent and has the guts to match.”

To all these people, Xu Yu was a person whom everyone else could not understand. He was originally dispatched from the Yun prefecture border patrol office. He stood there with these soldiers who had the same height, and while being silently taken aback, he spoke heavily, “It seems that other target knew about this and didn’t appear to participate in this deal. Thank you for your hard work. As a representative of the Yun prefecture border patrol officers, I express your cooperation and thanks.”  He did a salute to express his gratitude.

This whole mission was actually under Yun prefecture’s jurisdiction. Xia Jinyuan and the other soldiers were only reinforcements.

“No need to be strangers, we are all one family, so there is no need for thanks,” J5 laughed loudly and pointed at Red Scorpion’s corpse. “Let’s leave this for the Vietnamese soldiers to take take care of and the student for them to bring back. Our last mission… Let’s go, my comrades in this fight. We have to pay our respects to that great Caucasian commander.”

After a few minutes, the Vietnamese soldiers and the Interpol’s officers arrived, and what they saw was one Chinese soldier, one rescued student hostage, and… Red Scorpion’s corpse.

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After seeing the two special forces soldiers off from the window, Xu Yu turned around and proceeded with the aftermath of the Vietnamese soldiers. By the time the Interpol’s police officers looked out the window, there was nothing. The men had disappeared. The Chinese soldiers who showed up on the monitor screen had appeared and disappeared so suddenly without a trace, as if they were never here in the first place.

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