Chapter 198: I am Your Support (1)

He didn’t directly voice his concerns because he was worried that he would scare her. He treated her carefully, as if she were a precious jewel he was carefully guarding in his palm.

Xia Jinyuan’s voice not only had the ability to pierce through the darkness, but it could also calm a person down.

Blinking lightly, Ye Jian was still in the midst of her own thoughts when she gave out a long, dull sigh that seemed to be stained with blood. She looked into the depths of the eyes of the handsome face before her which were filled with worry, and the corners of her lips curved upwards. “I’m fine, I’m just in the midst of recovering from the shock of my first experience.”

She shot and incapacitated the two enemies earlier without a thought because if  she and Gao Yiyang were discovered, they would not survive. Those hits were out of necessity for survival; therefore, she was not afraid and fought to protect her life.

This time, however, there had been enough preparation to kill the target. But she seemed to have thought too highly of herself.

She tightly gripped his outstretched palms and laughed bitterly, “Major Xia, I want to take off the mask and take a breather. The sweat got into my eyes, and it’s making me uncomfortable.” Normally, even while training, when sweat got into her eyes, she didn’t feel bothered. Yet at this very moment, she could no longer bear the uncomfortable feeling.

The room had not been contaminated by the tear gas; allowing her to take a breather was possible.

That light voice however pulled on Xia Jinyuan’s heartstrings. This lass was too strong to the point that she made everyone’s heart hurt for her.

“Okay, take it off and get a breather,” he replied in a caring voice. He signalled by lowering his hand to his comrades downstairs to open the window and let the fresh night breeze enter.

Xu Yu and the others heard her words and picked up the trembling beneath the calm and collected front she was putting up.

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A young, fourteen-year-old girl should be wearing a pretty skirt, have her silky black hair tied up, and treated as a precious jewel by her parents.

This little lady… Even though she was afraid, she still took the time to calm them,  a group of old, adult men.

K7 turned and opened the tightly sealed windows, allowing the night wind to sweep in and remove the scent of blood from the room quickly.

Maybe such a gesture would allow this little lady, who was only fourteen years old but acted as brave as a soldier, feel a little better.

When she took off her mask, revealing her pale face and lips, Xia Jinyuan’s heart stung as if a needle had stabbed through it. “Here, after coming down, let’s sit down over there and take a breather. The place here is too small, so lying down wouldn’t be comfortable.”

Without parents to care for or to protect her, she was still able to become this strong. But this only made others’ hearts throb when looking at her.

She felt slightly better after rubbing her eyes and taking a few breaths of fresh air. She then moved forward slowly.

The minute her head poked out, she felt multiple worried stares directed at her.

Looking down, she noticed three young soldiers about the same height as her, who were all wearing a special army uniform. All of their gazes were on her as they stared at her intently.

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In a split second, the closet doors leading to the machine room, which had been tightly sealed, opened suddenly. Two Vietnamese soldiers walked towards them, allowing the tear gas and smoke to fill the engine room.

Ye Jian, who hadn’t been wearing her mask, immediately donned her gas mask in seconds. But it wasn’t enough to stop her eyes from hurting. Following that, tears instantly began flowing from her eyes, and they were uncontrollable.

In a flash, Xia Jinyuan’s cold voice resounded, “Back off!”

The voice was intimidating like that of a soldier’s, and it was also extremely terrorizing, making it difficult for others to reject the order. The Vietnamese soldiers who had just pushed the door and entered were so shocked that they withdrew their necks back in, and they immediately retreated back into the machine room behind the closet.

K7 walked over to the closet door and quickly locked the door hinges before telling them, “Carry her down first and take her to the hospital. She needs a thorough check up.”

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