Chapter 200: I am Your Support (3)

The night breeze blew out the smell of gunpowder through the open windows. Outside, the police whistles were still sounding throughout the city’s night sky. The Interpol police officer who stood next to the window stretched his body out of the window, but didn’t see the silhouettes of the Chinese soldiers, who were facing off against them and hiding in the air vents.

“Sir, they have already left.” Someone spoke quietly through the walkie-talkie to the on-site commanding officer, “I’m sorry, we were late again.”

They had vanished into thin air without leaving a single trace.

In the confrontation earlier, the few Chinese soldiers had donned gas masks and their features simply couldn’t be seen. Now, the same people had disappeared, and no one had any knowledge of where they had gone.

This cold and raw feeling in their hearts made them feel uncomfortable, but there wasn’t any way for them to voice it out.

Are the Chinese soldiers really very weak? No one had an answer, and they could only answer themselves in their hearts.

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The on-site commander was stunned for a moment. Disappeared?

God! When did Interpol lose the ability to track down such huge figures?

Xia Jinyuan, who was still carrying Ye Jian, had already escaped the waves of police officers storming through the building. He stopped in front of the elevator, which had already begun moving. He noticed a few Australian police officers, who were carrying out inspections on-site, walking out of the elevator. He hid in the darkness and only proceeded after they had left.

Ye Jian, who was still being carried in his arms, woke up groggily. Her head was spinning and her small face was flushed red, similar to a crimson field of peach trees.

The air in the whole building wasn’t very clean because the Interpol had thrown smoke bombs everywhere when the Interpol stormed in, without a care of the money they were wasting. Even though the building was being ventilated now, smoke still filled the air. Ye Jian reckoned that she had stayed in the building for so long that the gas mask had been rendered ineffective.

Why else do I feel so dazed?

Ye Jian, whose head was spinning, was like a small turtle who had withdrawn back into its shell, and she continued to tell herself this reasoning to comfort herself.

As they were just about to leave, Ye Jian calmed herself down and coughed lightly, “Major Xia, I can walk by myself, you don’t need to keep carrying me. I’m not used to it.”

“Are you sure that your legs are not weak?” Though he chuckled whilst teasing her, he was still a gentleman who respected Ye Jian’s wishes. He slowly bent down and let her down. “If you can’t walk, just say it. I am confident that I still have enough strength to carry you.”

She was very light and skinny. His initial impression when carrying her was that she needed to build up her strength and gain energy to become stronger.

After leaving his arms and his warmth, Ye Jian felt her breaths became even for a moment, and her brain, which had seemed like it was filled with cotton, was no longer as dazed and gradually cleared up.

Sure enough, it was imperative to stay away from dangerous men. When he had treated her like a jewel and carried her in his arms, she felt like her entire being was floating. The minute her feet met the floor, it was as he had warned her… her legs were weak!

But she didn’t want to admit that her legs had gone numb, that was simply impossible.

She smiled wryly, “If I really have no way to walk, I wouldn’t take advantage of Major Xia.”

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Won’t take advantage of me…as if. This little lass can be as sly as a fox at one moment and as slippery as a fish at another, and she can also be as cute as a little rabbit. Looks like getting to know her is really going to be difficult.  

“Ok, feel free to take advantage of me.” Hearing her usual calm voice, Xia Jinyuan silently let out a sigh of relief, his usual teasing and sarcasm returning, “You need to know that a man is born to take care of pretty ladies. Little lass, I welcome you to take advantage of me anytime.”

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