Chapter 202: I Am Your Support (5)

Pulling up the police tape, Xia Jinyuan walked out and peered at Ye Jian, who was hidden behind a tall wall, out of the corner of his eyes. His eyes were filled with the warmth of a smile as he strolled towards her.

The ambulance arranged by the Chinese had arrived and drove over under his directions. The doctors and nurses sitting inside were people arranged by the embassy. They immediately gave Ye Jian a simple checkup once she got on the ambulance.

After the checkup was completed, they gestured an “OK” sign to Xia Jinyuan, to indicate that everything was normal. Then, the two of them sat at the front and pulled down a partition cloth.

Xia Jinyuan placed the gas mask aside. He then fixed his gaze on the small face, that was no longer pale, before him. His lips curved upwards at a perfect radian to form a smile, “Your heart rate is normal… It looks like you’re not afraid anymore.”

It was even more painful to look at a smiling Xia Jinyuan. Just now, his scent of peppermint had overwhelmed her senses and made her dizzy. And now, he was grinning warmly, …This man is dangerous.

Ye Jian quietly lowered her head. Massaging her wrist, she smiled, “Well, as long as I don’t think about it,  I’m not afraid.”

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“Congratulations, little lass. You’re now a big step closer to becoming a qualified soldier.” He smiled faintly, raising his hand and lightly massaging her head, before continuing in a softer tone. “Also, although I can’t award you this time, your name will forever be recorded in the military archives, everyone will be proud of you.”

She was only fourteen, yet she had experienced being kidnapped, sacrificed herself for others, participated in live combat, and fearlessly killed the main target… At the age of fourteen, Ye Jian had done things that her peers couldn’t possibly surpass.

Ye Jian was content with her current state. Nodding, she calmly replied, “This is good enough. I don’t need any awards, nor do I need too many people to know about this. This is sufficient.”

“The glory that belongs to you is always yours. Accepting the reality will let you relax even more. You’re very mature, little lassie.” Ye Jian was indeed very suited to join the army and become a real soldier.

At the hospital, the four guards in casual clothes that were sent by the embassy quickly went over to greet them when they saw the ambulance approaching. In the ambulance, Xia Jinyuan ensured that no one had followed them before taking the gas mask off of Ye Jian’s face. He whispered, once more, “Don’t reveal yourself too easily. The Embassy guards will escort you back to the hotel. After you return, don’t speak of the things that happened tonight to any of your classmates.”

“I have some things to deal with. I’ll see you tomorrow afternoon.” Without even taking off the half-finger combat gloves on his hands, Xia Jinyuan patted Ye Jian’s head lightly, “Have a good rest, focus on your examinations tomorrow.”

Unsure whether to cry or laugh, Ye Jian replied, “I thought that you would say to have a rest and that I don’t have to go for the exam tomorrow.”

“Silly little lass, students should focus on their examinations, don’t think too much.” Xia Jinyuan beamed when he heard her words. He gave a respectful bow to the four guards, then headed straight back into the ambulance without looking back.

When Ye Jian came out of the ophthalmology room, she spotted Director Li walking back and forth in the white, clean corridor; whereas a stern-looking middle-aged man was sitting on a chair… It was Gao Yiyang’s father.

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He had deliberately come here to thank Ye Jian. For a young girl like her to be able to stay calm in this kind of situation and give a boy the a chance to leave…this type of attitude really gave him a shock.

The Gao family owned a large share of the hospital. As Mr. Gao asked the doctor about Ye Jian’s condition with a serious look, Director Li’s eyes were already tearing up, “Thank goodness you’re alright. If you still hadn’t returned, I’d have fainted right here in this hospital.”

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