Chapter 165: Life Sword Energy

The fame of the Sect Origin Swords was rather well known.

When mentioning the Azure Water Sect, many experts’ first thought would most probably about the Sect Origin Swords.

The reason why the Azure Water Sect is able to maintain its influence within the Azure Water region for so many years, is definitely due to their ultimate secret technique, the Sect Origin Swords.

Within the several tens of thousands miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters radius, everyone from the various regions unanimously agreed that the Sect Origin Swords is the strongest 5 star secret technique.

Back when the first Azure Water Sect’s Patriarch founded the sect, he relied on the Sect Origin Swords to slaughter many experts. Those who were at an equal ability standing as him, were mostly killed with a single move without any chance to resist.

Every sect had their own trump cards, and it was without a doubt that the Sect Origin Swords was one of the Azure Water Sect’s trump cards.

“So this is the Sect Origin Swords? It can create thousands of sword qi in an instant, and every sword qi is filled with might. It is completely different from an area attack sword move.”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had sharp eyes.

He identified that each and every sword qi in mid air was overflowing with firepower. The dense sword qi felt like it was about to slash the heavens and penetrate the void. Don’t even mention facing it head on, even if you took a side glance at it, your scalp would turn numb.

As for area attack sword moves, it would require one to sacrifice one’s firepower to increase the attack quantity.

Take for example Li Fuchen’s Meteor Storm. Every one of his sword qi was only 30% or 40% of Meteor Fall. No matter how far Li Fuchen’s cultivation progressed in the future, 40% would be it’s limit and there was no other way to increase it.

Even though Meteor Storm’s sword qi count may seem limitless, it was only about over a hundred. It was totally incomparable to the Sect Origin Swords.

Li Fuchen was not the only one who received an emotional shock, Xiao Libie and the rest were also mentally shaken.

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Liu Wuhuang clenched his fist tightly and swore to himself. One day he would master the Sect Origin Swords and with this secret technique, then he would be able to conquer the world.

Wei Yiping tried his best to suppress his shock and emotions, he then spoke with a dark tone, “I didn’t expect for you to have learned the Sect Origin Swords. Seems like you are highly regarded in the Azure Water Sect.”

As a 5 star secret technique, even if it was the grand elder, it would be hard to gain access to it. It would require the approval of the sect patriarch and also the support of numerous chief elders.

It was mainly to prevent the secret technique from leaking out. Afterall, a 5 star secret technique was of utmost importance. Other sects would think of all different kinds of ways to obtain their enemies’ 5 star secret technique to increase their number of trump cards.

With his right hand raised high, several thousand sword qi was ready to strike, Zhao Wujin said, “Didn’t you want a fight? Then let’s fight! It’s just the right time, as my Sect Origin Swords has yet to kill any Heaven Realm peak state martial artists. I can finally get rid of this empty fame.”

As he spoke, Zhao Wujin’s right hand gradually moved forward, the thousands of sword qi advanced along too.

“Keke, Grand Elder Zhao, why the anger? We are just playing a joke.” The Spirit Hidden Sect’s old hag let out a fake laugh.

She was truly afraid that Zhao Wujin may make a rash decision and order the thousands of sword qi to kill.

In truth, she didn’t have any confidence to block the sword qi of the Sect Origin Swords.

This strongest 5 star secret technique within multiple regions has slayed countless experts. If no attacks were made, it was still ok. But once an attack was made, it would claim a life. Its fame was built upon all those kills.

He Lianhu let out a cold snort and forcefully withheld his fury. Facing a Zhao Wujin who cultivated the Sect Origin Swords, he didn’t want to be the nail waiting to be hammered.

Zhao Wujin glared at Wei Yiping.

Wei Yiping said, “To cultivate the Sect Origin Swords, the prerequisite is to nurture life sword energy in the dantian. The stronger the life sword energy, the more quantity in sword qi. I am guessing with your life sword energy, you can at best store a few thousand sword qi!”

The terrifying thing about the Sect Origin Swords was it’s endless supply of sword qi. This wave may be a few thousand sword qi, the next wave another few thousand sword qi, the third wave could be ten thousand sword qi. Even if the opponent cultivated a 5 star secret technique, they still may not be able to withstand the sword qi blast from the Sect Origin Swords.

But the prerequisite was to have a strong enough life sword energy. Wei Yiping didn’t believe that Zhao Wujin’s life sword energy could be strong until such an extent.

“You shall know when you try it.” Zhao Wujin replied indifferently.

“Forget it, there will be chances in the future. Now is not the time.” Wei Yiping was not stupid, just a few thousand sword qi was sufficient to kill him.

Zhao Wujin let out a cold snort, “You made the right choice, Elder Liang, bring your two precious babies over!”

“Yes.” Elder Liang nodded.

Finishing his sentence, he made a loud whistle.



15 minutes later, the Golden Bird and Winged Tiger came flying over.

But the Golden Bird and Winged Tiger were both in an injured state, with their bodies being covered in claws and bite marks.

“What is this? Who did this!” Elder Liang roared.

The Golden Bird and Winged Tiger were his life’s work, to meddle with them was to meddle with his life.


The cry of a baby echoed from a distance, but this cry was a thousand times louder. Then, the Heaven Fiend Sect’s Four Winged Heaven Fiend Beast came chasing after.

“Wei Yiping, your Heaven Fiend Sect’s Four Winged Heaven Fiend Beast dare injure my Golden Bird and Winged Tiger!” Elder Liang clearly knew that his precious babies were injured by the Four Winged Heaven Fiend Beast.

Wei Yiping laughed with a darkened tone, “Useless spirit beasts, aren’t they better dead than alive?”    

As though reacting to Wei Yiping’s voice, the speed of the Four Winged Heaven Fiend Beast rose drastically and caught up to the Golden Bird and Winged Tiger.


Zhao Wujin shouted with anger, one of his sword qi shot over.


With the sword qi penetrating its body, the Four Winged Heaven Fiend Beast let out a pitiful scream and fell from the sky.

“Such dominance, a single sword qi is enough to seriously injure the Four Winged Heaven Fiend Beast?” Everyone was flabbergasted.

“Zhao Wujin, you dare!”

Wei Yiping was infuriated, as he sent a punch qi towards Zhao Wujin.

Pfff, pfff, pfff!

A dozen sword qi shot out and punctured the Wei Yiping’s punch qi into a beehive, causing it to vanish.

“Wei Yiping, if you dare make another move, then don’t even think about going back today.”


Wei Yiping was bursting with anger, but he didn’t make another move. He was confident that he can withstand a few hundred sword qi, but against a few thousand sword qi, he didn’t have any certainty to withstand it.

He Lianhu and the old hag of Spirit Hidden Sect swallowed their saliva.

This was their first time witnessing the Sect Origin Swords in real life. What’s more, this was just the tip of the iceberg of the Sect Origin Swords. They could not imagine what would the scene be like if a few thousand sword qi came assaulting.

“This is practically invincible!”

Previously Li Fuchen didn’t know how formidable a 5 star secret technique was, but now he knew.

The Golden Bird and Winged Tiger were seriously injured, but luckily they weren’t fatal. After feeding them some pills, Elder Liang waved his hand, “All of you get up here!”

Hearing the order, everyone from the Azure Water Sect all leapt onto the two beasts.

Zhao Wujin was the last.

Glaring at all the members of the three sects, Zhao Wujin kept the thousands of sword qi, “Go.”

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An endless stream of violent wind blow as the two spirit beasts flapped their wings, swiftly leaving the Hundred Herbs Lake.

“Damn it!”

The water from the Hundred Herbs Lake wa blown up. Wei Yiping’s expression was extremely ashened.

“Let’s go then!”

The Violent Sabre Sect and Spirit Hidden Sect both summoned their sect’s spirit beast and left one after another.

Saying more vicious words now would be a waste of breath. As long as there weren’t any sect wars, they couldn’t do anything to the Azure Water Sect nor Zhao Wujin. Staying here any longer would just be humiliating themselves.

The final sect left to leave was the Heaven Fiend Sect.

“Azure Water Sect, I will eradicate them sooner or later.”

Li Wuxue swore to himself with agitation.

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