Chapter 166: 10 Million Contribution Points

Within a week, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and the rest were back at the Azure Water Sect.

Inner sect grand hall.

Zhao Wujin announced, “Amongst you, except for Cao Guang, everyone has progressed to the Earth Realm. According to normal procedures, if you don’t pass the direct disciple trials, you aren’t considered direct disciples. But that is just a formality, this is your direct disciple tablet. From now on, you are direct disciples.”

Zhao Wujin swung his arm and shot five tablets at Li Fuchen and the four others.

Receiving the tablet, Li Fuchen took a look at it. It was a silver white tablet which had an image of an ocean and a razor sharp sword. On the back of it was his own name.

Zhao Wujin continued, “This is a silver class tablet. Direct disciples are separated into two categories, silver class and gold class. Silver class direct disciples can get a 30% discount when redeeming sect items. Gold class direct disciples can get a 50% discount instead. In order to become a gold class direct disciple, you need to pass the first level of the Direct Inheritance Tower within a year. You only have three chances. Just for your information, out of our 500 Azure Water Sect’s direct disciples, only 30 are gold class direct disciples. I hope that amongst the few of you, there will be some gold class direct disciples.”

As he said that, Zhao Wujin took a quick glance at Li Fuchen.

He didn’t know what level Li Fuchen’s ability was at, but it should be easy for him to become a gold class direct disciple. Just like the Sword Maniac in the past who didn’t have any problems in becoming a gold class direct disciple.

Liu Wuhuang, “Grand Elder, what if we pass the second level?”

There was still one year left, he was determined that he could pass the first level.

Zhao Wujin laughed and shook his head, “Impossible.”

“Why?” Liu Wuhuang asked.

An inner sect elder at the side replied, “The difference between the first and second level is extremely wide. Many of the silver white class direct disciples can’t even pass the second level of the Direct Inheritance Tower even when they are at the 6th level of the Earth Realm. What’s more, from the second level onwards, for each level you pass, you would be qualified to redeem one of our Azure Water Sect’s true arts. Like a 3 star secret technique, mystic class, peak-tier techniques, or mystic class, peak-tier martial arts. In order for you to pass the second level of the tower, you would need to at least be at the 3rd level of the Earth Realm to have the tiniest bit of hope.”

“So difficult?” Xiao Libie and the group had a change in expression.

They weren’t expecting to become gold class direct disciples. As only 30 out of the 500 direct disciples were gold class. The difficulty was already imaginable.

“From the second level onward, each level passed would be one true arts?” Li Fuchen winched his brows thinking, in order for him to cultivate the True Inferno Technique, he would need to put in quite a lot of effort to get it.

Zhao Wujin then added on another statement that gave Li Fuchen a relief, “But, gold class direct disciples have the priority to redeem one true arts. It is the privilege of a gold class direct disciple.”

Clearing his throat, Zhao Wujin spoke again, “Alright then, you can submit your contributions to the sect along with the sect’s storage bag! We will calculate the contribution points that they are worth.”


Including Cao Guang, the six of them handed over their storage bags.

Li Fuchen had a total of 14 storage bags, two of them belongs to the Azure Water Sect. A pity that these two storage bags wasn’t able to be filled with resources for contribution points, Li Fuchen had no other choice but to submit all the herbs and ores within and return the bags.

Zhao Wujin smiled. He expected Li Fuchen to have plenty of storage bags, but as long as they weren’t the Azure Water Sect’s storage bags, they could be kept and he has no authority to ask Li Fuchen to hand them over.

After going through the list, they began to announce the contribution points.

“Cao Guang gets 760 thousand contribution points.”

Hearing so, Cao Guang’s let out a pleased expression. 760 thousand contribution points was a big sum and was enough for him to redeem plenty of sect items.

“Yu Wen Tian, 800 thousand contribution points.”

“Chen Fanghua, 960 thousand contribution points.”

“Xiao Libie, 1.9 million contribution points.”

“Liu Wuhuang, 2.2 million contribution points.”

Xiao Libie and Liu Wuhuang had killed disciples from other sects. The enemies’ bags contained quite a bit of resources, and with the additional storage bag, they could harvest yellow class, high-tier and peak-tier herbs as they pleased. Which was why the contribution points that they had was double that of Cao Guang’s, Yu Wen Tian’s, and Chen Fanghua’s.

Finally it was Li Fuchen’s turn.

Li Fuchen submitted too many resources, and it took some time to sort them out.

“Li Fuchen, 10.2 million contribution points.”


Hearing the announcement, everyone took in a deep breath of cold air.

Even the inner sect elders’ faces were filled with an envious expression.

10.2 million contribution points. What kind of concept is this? Most of the inner sect elders only received a few tens of thousands of points from their position contribution. Although there were other ways to get more contribution points, but to accumulate 10 million points would be a gigantic task. But Li Fuchen only spent seven days to do it. It was extremely heart wrenching.

Zhao Wujin only reacted after a while, “Good, very good. With these 10 million contribution points, your progress will be much faster than anybody.”

Within the sect, the thing that required the most contribution points was actually pills. Because the heaven and earth energy was very scarce, the higher one’s cultivation was, the more demanding for one’s need for pills. If not, just by relying on absorbing the heaven and earth energy, it would take an unknown time before advancing to the next level. Even if your cultivation technique was at the highest rank, the requirement for pills would not vanish, it would at best reduce the need for it.

In addition, there were many areas that used a lot of contribution points.

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Like the spirit qi hall of the direct disciples region. Because of the dense heaven and earth energy within that hall, it would require one thousand contribution points to cultivate in there for a day, one year would be over 300 thousand contribution points.

Of course, to Li Fuchen, 300 thousand contribution points was just an insignificant amount.

“Cao Guang, you have yet to progress to the Earth Realm, you may return first. The rest of you follow me to the direct disciple grand hall.” Zhao Wujin gestured for them to follow him.

Riding on the sect’s spirit beast, the five of them arrived at the direct disciple region swiftly.

The direct disciple region was much more glorious and grand than the inner sect region. But the population here was at least ten folds less than the inner sect region.

The direct disciple grand hall was still hosted by Zhao Wujin.

In fact, the inner sect elders were separated into two groups. One was a normal inner sect elder, the other a direct elder.

There has always been only ten direct elders. Unless someone died or was dismissed, it was near impossible to replace a direct elder.

“This is your direct disciple’s robes. As for your sword, it has already been gifted to you during the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. This is your courtyard key, after you leave from here, a deacon will bring you to your residence.”

Finishing his sentence, Zhao Wujin seemed to sense something, his face revealed a smile, “Welcoming the arrival of the Sect Patriarch.”

Li Fuchen and the rest were shocked, as they quickly turned around.

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Outside of the direct disciple grand hall, a light stream raced in and gently landed on the floor. A white robed, 40+ year old age man stood there. The qi presence from his body was concealed; yet he still gave off a overwhelming prowess. Facing the white robed middle aged man, the group couldn’t even raise their heads to look at him directly. They took a quick glance and quickly lowered their heads. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, but they couldn’t.

“Vitality class pressure, could it be…”

Li Fuchen had but one thought in his heart.

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