Chapter 167: Sect Patriarch

“Welcome Sect Patriach!”

Lowering their heads, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and the rest said in unison.

The white robed man smiled, “I already know of your encounters. Well done. You didn’t bring shame to our Azure Water Sect’s prowess. Where there is contribution, there will be reward. Where there are mistakes, there will be punishment. Except for Li Fuchen, all four of you can meditate by the Sword Monument for ten days for free. Li Fuchen, you can meditate for free for one month.”

“Sword Monument?” Liu Wuhuang and the group became excited.

The Sword Monument was one of the sacred places of the Azure Water Sect. It was made of a world renowned material called, Rock of Martial Dao. The rock by itself wasn’t any special, but it could store one’s martial dao intent. Since the founding of the Azure Water Sect, this rock monument has been here. On it were countless sword scars, and each of these scars were made by history’s strongest martial artists of the Azure Water Sect.

Meditating by the Sword Monument could allow one’s sword dao base to quickly grow. Many of the direct disciples relied on meditating by the Sword Monument to achieve the trance stage and comprehend sword intent for mystic class, low-tier sword arts.

Even though Liu Wuhuang and Xiao Libie has already comprehended sword intent, but the sword was an endless realm. Ten days was enough to drastically increase their sword dao base by a big chunk, as well as their sword intent. If they did not use the Sword Monument, even a hundred days wouldn’t be able to achieve the same results as ten days by the Sword Monument.

To meditate by the Sword Monument, required 100 thousand contribution points a day.

It was obvious how effective it was.

“100 thousand a day, a month would be 3 million.”

Saving 3 million contribution points, Li Fuchen was extremely pleased.

He decided he would not rush to use this one month of free usage. He would wait till his sword dao reached some bottleneck, then he would go meditate at the Sword Monument. He had to consider the best way to utilize this great opportunity.

“You lot, still not giving thanks to the Sect Patriarch?” Zhao Wujin asked.

“Our thanks to the Sect Patriarch!” The five of them replied in unison.

The white robed man waved his hand, “No need to thank me, this is something you deserve.”

Looking at Li Fuchen, the white robed man asked, “You are a normal bone frame?”

Li Fuchen replied, “Sect Patriarch, when in the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, I consumed a Seven Colour Glazed Grape. I should now be a 1 star bone frame.”

“Seven Colour Glazed Grape, huh?”

The white robed man showed a flash of astonishment. This kind of earth class herb was something that was even rare in the Azure Water Sect. Once a stalk is found, it would be kept in the treasure vault.

Of course, if it were any other earth class herbs, he may perhaps be envious. But the Seven Colour Glazed Grape wasn’t enough to make him emotional.

Although he had his own clan, and there were many clan members who were of a 3 star bone frame and below. To him, be it a 3 star or 2 star bone frame, there wasn’t a difference. He wouldn’t spend his efforts trying to nurture them, as it wasn’t worth it.

“That would mean that you were previously a normal bone frame. Intriguing.” The white robed man walked to the side of Li Fuchen, “Don’t be nervous, I will just check your body.”

He didn’t believe Li Fuchen was just a normal bone frame. Perhaps it could be some special bone frame that the ordinary bone frame test couldn’t detect.

He who was a Reincarnation Realm expert, could somehow still detect some peculiar traits if there were any.

Li Fuchen didn’t speak, but he wais still rather nervous. It was better to plan for the worst. What if the Sect Patriarch found out about his golden amulet? What should he do?

With his right hand pressing down on Li Fuchen’s shoulder, the white robed man released a gentle and subtle qi presence to scout Li Fuchen’s internal body.

This qi presence was amazing, Li Fuchen’s qi didn’t have any signs of rejection. It seemingly treated the qi presence as part of Li Fuchen’s qi. The only difference was that the golden amulet within Li Fuchen soul spirit was going through some drastic revolutions.

The white robed man gradually frowned, after an entire roundabout of Li Fuchen’s body, there was nothing to be found. The current Li Fuchen was indeed a 1 star bone frame.

“This child has an abnormally high perception, perhaps there may be some peculiarities in the head.”

The white robed man wasn’t afraid that the gentle qi presence would hurt Li Fuchen. He was very confident. With his thought controlling his qi, the qi presence slowly travelled to Li Fuchen’s head area.

After a moment, the white robed man shook his head with some disappointment in his face. But the disappointment quickly vanished.

“Seems like your bone frame is truly normal. But because your soul spirit is innately strong, this is why you have an abnormally strong perception.” He was unable to detect things of the soul spirit. To mortals, the soul spirit was a forbidden area, it was the god’s domain.

“Even though your bone frame is ordinary, do not mind it. As long as you perform well, the sect will not mistreat you and nurture you well. What’s more, I would like to see how far you can go.”

His trip here was specially for Li Fuchen. But it was a pity that he didn’t discover anything special.

“Alright. Elder Zhao, I shall leave the rest of the arrangements to you. I will take my leave.” The white robed man lost his interest and didn’t plan on staying any longer.

“Sect Patriarch be at ease.”

Zhao Wujin respectfully sent out the white robed man.

Only after the Sect Patriarch left, did the golden amulet within Li Fuchen’s soul spirit stop revolving. Cold sweat profusely came out from Li Fuchen’s body.

Sensing the nervousness of Li Fuchen, Zhao Wujin laughed, “No need to be so nervous. The Sect Patriarch’s status is esteemed. To personally check your body means that you are highly regarded. Even Sword Maniac didn’t receive this treatment in the past.”

Sword Maniac naturally didn’t receive such treatment. He was a 4 star bone frame, no matter how heaven defying his performance was, it was still considered a norm. Li Fuchen was definitely an anomaly, which was why the higher ups erre curious.

Looking around, Zhao Wujin spoke to the five, “Work hard everyone. Becoming direct disciples is just the beginning. The world is large and wide, even more so than you can imagine. If you want to explore the mystics of this world, you will first need to raise your cultivation. Do not be complacent and neglect your cultivation.”

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Finishing his statement, Zhao Wujin handed the five of them over to the deacon apprentices to bring to their residences.

Just like 1st class inner sect disciples, the courtyard of a direct disciple was also in a mountain.

But the mountains within the direct disciple region were all higher than the clouds. The spirit qi there was of a higher density than elsewhere.

“Below the waist of the mountains is where the silver class direct disciples resides. Above the mountain waist are the residences of the gold class direct disciples.” The deacon apprentice that guided Li Fuchen explained.

Li Fuchen lifted his head to look, the mountain was piercing through the clouds, the peak couldn’t even be seen. From the mountain waist were rings of clouds layering above each other, giving off a surreal scene.

“Shixiong, your residence is here.”

In a short moment, the deacon apprentice had brought Li Fuchen to a courtyard below the waist of the mountain.

“Many thanks.” Li Fuchen nodded his head, pushed open the gates and walked in.

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It was clean and tidy within the courtyard, it didn’t require any additional work.

Looking at the environment of the courtyard, Li Fuchen’s thoughts were already no longer there.

After arriving at the Azure Water Sect for many years, he hasn’t gone back home yet. It was about time to head back.

But before he headed back, he needed to pass the first level of the Direct Inheritance Tower first. To become a gold class direct disciple and redeem the True Inferno Technique.

“Cloud Mist City, it been such a long time. I wonder if there are any changes.” Li Fuchen’s eye had a smear of chilling glow.


The next morning, Li Fuchen arrived at the Direct Inheritance Tower.

The Direct Inheritance Tower is an extremely grand tower. It has a total of ten levels and outside of it was a queue of direct disciples.

“Mm? This shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple) looks very green.” A few of the direct disciples had their eyes on Li Fuchen.

“You are outdated from the current news. This shidi is the famed Li Fuchen shidi and titled Sword Demon. During this year’s Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, he slaughtered the disciples from all three sects. He is even more ferocious than Sword Maniac shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) from back then.”

In just a single day, Li Fuchen’s achievements were already spread across the direct disciple region. It was expected that in a few more days, it would extend to the inner sect and even the outer sect regions.

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