Chapter 168: True Inferno Technique

Because there wasn’t a lot of people, it was soon Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s turn.

Those that attempted the Direct Inheritance Tower didn’t leave, as they wanted to see if Li Fuchen could pass the first level.

“After becoming a direct disciple, there is one year to attempt three times. Isn’t Li shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple) in too much of a rush? If he fail at this attempt, it would be a huge blow to his confidence.”

“If he can wipe the floor with all the disciples from the three sects, he must have a certain level of ability!”

“I don’t expect much. This is just his second day, Li shidi is overconfident.”


First level of Direct Inheritance Tower.

The instant that Li Fuchen entered, the first level’s pattern formation activated… A class 3 mid-tier demonic beast, Silver Moon Demon Wolf was formed.

“Just the first floor and it’s already a class 3 mid-tier demonic beast. No wonder a majority of the people can’t pass.”

Li Fuchen narrowed his eyes.

A class 3 mid-tier demonic beast’s ability matched that of a mid level Earth Realm martial artist who cultivated a mystic class technique. It’s ability was extremely strong, which was why out of the 500 direct disciples, only 30 of them were able to become a gold class direct disciple. To pass the first floor of the tower with just the 1st level of Earth Realm was a much too high of a difficulty.


Even though the Silver Moon Demon Wolf was formed by the pattern formation, it’s speed wasn’t any inferior to a real Silver Moon Demon Wolf. The horn on its head sparkled as an electric light struck at Li Fuchen.

Pi, pa!

The electric currents propagated on the floor as Li Fuchen dodged it in a flash.

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“Fast. If I wait for the lightning to strike, it would be too late to dodge. I have to dodge at the precise moment before the lightning strikes.”

Drawing his black gold sword, Li Fuchen executed Meteor Storm.

Over a hundred meteor like sword qi flashed. With its extreme speed, it hit the Silver Moon Demon Wolf in the blink of the eye.

Pfff, pfff, pfff, pfff!

On the body of the Silver Moon Demon Wolf were shallow pierce marks, but it didn’t bleed.

In the next moment, it’s body flashed with a silver light as the sword marks vanished.

Li Fuchen didn’t flinch, demonic beasts that were formed by pattern formations had a near immortal body. Unless it was a fatal strike on its weak spot which causes it to dissipate; if not, a hundred or even a thousand strikes would be impossible to kill it.

A stream of silver light appeared as the Silver Moon Demon Wolf dashed at Li Fuchen, coming head on with a claw strike.


Turning his body, Li Fuchen stabbed the wolf in the neck and crossed shoulders with it.

Landing on all four limbs, the Silver Moon Demon Wolf remained injury free, it turned around and once again pounced at Li Fuchen.


Activating the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique, Li Fuchen’s scarlet fire qi was transmuted into mystical dragon qi. A magma like mystical dragon qi surged. It’s power now was a few folds stronger than when he was at the Origin Realm.

“Meteor Fall!”

This blade was unbelievably fast, like a true ray of light.


The Silver Moon Demon Wolf stopped suddenly in the midst of it’s rush.

This blade of Li Fuchen’s instantly penetrated the head of the enemy.

A few breaths later, the Silver Moon Demon Wolf dissipated.

At the same time, a lantern on the outside of the tower’s first floor lit up.

“He passed the first floor. So fast!”

The direct disciples who waited outside were all shocked.

They were debating whether or not Li Fuchen could pass the first floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower. Who would have thought that Li Fuchen would not only passed the first floor, but pass it with such a very fast time.

“Li shidi’s ability sure is shocking indeed. The direct disciple region is going to have a lot of commotion from now on.”

“Isn’t that right. There are too many demonic existences in the direct disciple region. Although we too are direct disciples, we only broke through at 30 years plus of age. We aren’t comparable to them.”

After passing the first floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower, Li Fuchen didn’t exit.

He wanted to see the difficulty of the second floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower.

Just as Li Fuchen expected, the pattern formation of the second floor spawned a class 3 high-tier demonic beast.

A class 3 high-tier demonic beasts was extremely vicious. There was a situation once during the opening of the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, where a class 3 high-tier demonic beast appeared and caused huge casualties to all of the four sects’ disciples, as no one could go against it.

This was a class 3 high-tier Red Patterned Bear. It’s body was covered in red patterns. Li Fuchen’s sword moves couldn’t even deal a single injury to it, not even breaking the surface of its skin. A simple roar from the beast was enough to disrupt Li Fuchen’s qi and blood.


The Red Patterned Bear sent a paw strike which was surging with qi waves, launching Li Fuchen for a straight crash into the tower walls.

“No wonder it is the Direct Inheritance Tower.”

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Wiping off the blood from the edge of his mouth, Li Fuchen turned and left the second floor.

He is still wasn’t an opponent for the class 3 high-tier demonic beast.

As Li Fuchen left, the pattern formation deactivated and the Red Patterned Bear vanished.

“Li shidi is out.”

A few of the direct disciples hurried over, “Li shidi, congratulations on passing the first floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower and becoming a gold class direct disciple.”

It was good to be on good relations with any gold class direct disciples.

As it was Li Fuchen’s first visit here. It wouldn’t be nice to ignore these people, hence he greeted them on by one.

Leaving the Direct Inheritance Tower section, Li Fuchen arrived at the direct disciple grand hall again.

“You passed the first floor of the Direct Inheritance Tower?”

Zhao Wujin was coincidentally here too. Seeing Li Fuchen, he instantly guessed that possibility.

Li Fuchen nodded, “I am lucky.”

“You fellow sure know how to give people a surprise. I thought you would only go there after a month or two.”

Zhao Wujin laughed but wasn’t too surprised. With Li Fuchen’s ability, the results wouldn’t be too different if he had gone earlier or later. Since his ability was already at that level.

“This is your gold class direct disciple tablet, give me your original silver class tablet. “ Zhao Wujin had long prepared Li Fuchen’s gold class direct disciple tablet. He passed it over to Li Fuchen.


Li Fuchen’s silver class direct disciple tablet was crushed into smithereens by Zhao Wujin.

“Grand Elder. Since I am now a gold class direct disciple, can I go redeem the True Inferno Technique from the martial hall?” Li Fuchen queried.

“Of course you can. Off you go!” Zhao Wujin replied.

“Thank you, Grand Elder.”

Li Fuchen exited the direct disciple grand hall and headed over the to direct disciple region’s martial hall.

The True Inferno Technique was valued at 1.8 million contribution points. At half price, it was 900 thousand points. But Li Fuchen could only redeem the first 18 ranks, the final three ranks was still not available for redemption yet.

‘It’s enough.’

Li Fuchen didn’t mind. For his current situation, he wasn’t expecting to be able to cultivate the True Inferno Technique to a high rank.


After being promoted to a gold class direct disciple, Li Fuchen was shifted to a courtyard above the mountain waist.

There were a total of five mountains for all the direct disciples, each mountain had 100 individuals residing there. With 6 gold class direct disciples per mountain.

The mountain peak that Li Fuchen was on had a total of seven individuals, including Li Fuchen.

For seven individuals to share the entire space above the waist of the mountain. One could imagine how much space each person was entitled to. Basically, no one else could be seen from a few miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters out.

“This sure is a great place.”

The courtyard was huge. It had three stories, the third floor was like a teahouse, with tables to invite guests.

Going into his chamber, Li Fuchen began cultivating the True Inferno Technique.

Three days later, Li Fuchen converted his 15th rank Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique to the 13th rank True Inferno Technique.

Although it was the 13th rank True Inferno Technique, it had yet to develop True Inferno intent. But the True Inferno Technique was an advancement technique of the Scarlet Flame Mystic Technique, so the scarlet fire intent could similarly be used along with the True Inferno Technique without any clashes.

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