Chapter 568 (Part 2): Beautiful sisters

This tour was completed at dusk, and Nalan Ruyue prepared a dinner party for Long Yi and the others at the viewing platform located at the top of the castle. They enjoyed dinner while listening to the sounds of the sea waves. The table was filled with seafood and dinner was extremely sumptuous. Everyone had a rare chance to taste the local delicacies of Blue Moon City. Although Sharman and Midi’er had grown up in Dragon Island which was surrounded by the sea, there was no one on Dragon Island who could prepare such delicious seafood. In addition, for this special occasion, Nalan Ruyue opened a bottle of Sea Soul which had just been aged. It was not easy to make this fine wine and it was equally famous to the Hundred Flowers Wine of the Elf Clan. Even though the Hundred Flowers Wine was delicious, it wasn’t strong enough. Men who drank the Hundred Flowers Wine always felt as though something was missing. As for the Sea Soul, it was sufficiently strong. There was also a mellow aspect to it which made Barbarian Bull and Li Qing praise it repeatedly.

In this dinner party, everyone happily laughed and chatted. After the dinner, Midi’er proposed for everyone to go and stroll around the night market. Of course, it was because it wouldn’t be easy for her to come out again after returning to Dragon Island. As such, all of them went out and played to their heart’s content. Now, only Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue were left behind on the viewing platform as they snuggled up against each other to watch the sea under the moonlight.

“Are you planning to go to Dragon Island?” Leaning on the shoulder of Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue asked.

“Well, Liuxu’s parents are still imprisoned in Divine Dragon Island. If no one rescues them, Liuxu will forever be unhappy…” Long Yi nodded his head.

Nalan Ruyue also nodded her head. She wanted to follow Long Yi in his adventure but she knew that Long Yi would never agree. In the end, she was a woman with a sense of propriety and she clearly knew that she didn’t have to power to stand up to the dragons.

“I will return to Soaring Dragon City tomorrow and bring Liuli here. It has already been a long time since she left the sea. She is definitely longing for the sea…” Long Yi said with a smile. If there was still no news of Bifei and Xiaomi, then after dealing with the Liuxu’s matter, he would go and look for the legendary Undersea City.

“Well, it has been a long time since I last listened to Liuli playing the harp. I really miss her.” Nalan Ruyue said with a smile. Even though she was talking about something else, her little hand was restless caressing Long Yi’s lower abdomen and her breathing was starting to speed up.

Long Yi looked at Nalan Ruyue with a bad smile on his face as he grabbed her hand. He moved it downwards and placed it on his little brother which was already standing erect.

Nalan Ruyue bit her lower lip and looked at Long Yi. She started to caress his little brother from above his pants.

Now, the weather was hot and Nalan Ruyue was only wearing two layers of clothing. Long Yi easily pulled open her lapel and breaking the strap of her bra, her beautiful breasts popped out. A faint fragrant assaulted his nostrils.

“My husband, you are such a bad person… Let… Let us return to the room first, okay?” Under the teasing of the devil’s claw, the stirrings of love in Nalan Ruyue’s heart overflowed and her breathing became heavy.

Long Yi however just flicked the ** of Nalan Ruyue and he could feel that her bud was getting stiff. With a cheeky smile on his face, he said, “There is no one here. Moreover, it is such a beautiful night and we can hear the sounds of the waves. It’s much better to make love here than the room.”

Nalan Ruyue looked around. The imperial guards hiding in the dark were already dismissed and the imperial maids had already left. No one was there to disturb them. After thinking for a bit, she laid down her worries and passionately kissed Long Yi.

Long Yi undid the belt of Nalan Ruyue and slid down her clothing. Now, she only had transparent sexy panties covering her body. He could see a few naughty pubic hairs stretched out from her panties which made the vigor of Long Yi surge and he was unable to control himself.

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“Little bewitching spirit……” Long Yi sucked the bright red ** of Nalan Ruyue and one of his hands began to explore the place between her legs. He felt that this place was damp and slippery with a lewd fluid.

“My husband, don’t tease Yue’er any longer.” Nalan Ruyue felt hot as if her entire body was burning. Even the breath which came out from her mouth was scorching hot.

Long Yi pulled down the panties of Nalan Ruyue and he made her bend over. She supported herself on the railing which was made of cold sea stones and her perfectly round buttocks was stuck up high in the air. Moreover, her private part which was dripping was completely exposed in front of Long Yi. Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva as he held on to her slender waist. Trusting forward, his little brother squeezed into a moist and warm passage. Moans filled in the viewing platform.

With her ** pressed against the ice-cold railing, she felt Long Yi rubbing against her continuously. Nalan Ruyue felt a peculiar pleasure rising up in her body.

Moaning sounds resounded in the night sky as these two people were immersed in this unparalleled pleasure.

At this moment, a figure was hiding behind the heavy curtain of this viewing platform. She watched the battle between Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue without blinking her eyes. Her breathing was heavy and her legs were tightly clamped together. Looking closely, she was Nalan Rumeng who had appeared after everyone had left.

Nalan Rumeng and Long Yi also had come into intimate contact. However, she was still a virgin girl and when she saw this kind of intense ** battle, her heart was jumping like a fawn and her feeling was already in chaos.

Before long, she could no longer restrain her ** feelings. She suddenly ran over and she hugged Long Yi from behind as he was in the middle of attacking Nalan Ruyue. She started to rub her body against his.

Nalan Ruyue obviously felt the change in atmosphere and she quickly turned around. When she saw that her younger sister had appeared, she was instantly flabbergasted. She wanted to struggle free, but Long Yi still held tightly onto her waist as he continued to attack her with even more strength.

“My husband……” Nalan Ruyue began to tremble. This was the sign of her **. Finally, when she became a little clear-headed, she was defeated once again and she fell into a state of confusion.

Of course, Long Yi had already sensed Nalan Rumeng the instant she appeared. With this Little Lolita delivering herself to his doorstep, how could he object? In any case, she had already entered the namelist of his women long ago. Eating her up a little earlier or later made no difference. Besides, when he thought about how the sisters would service him together, he became excited.

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Nalan Ruyue trembled even more violently and with Long Yi continuously pounding her buttocks, she reached ** and she felt like she was flying through the air.

Long Yi gently laid down the limp Nalan Ruyue on the bench before turning to Nalan Rumeng. His little brother which had already faced a battle became even stiffer.

“Brother-in-law, this fellow is not obedient, I will help you treat it.” The pretty and innocent face of Nalan Rumeng showed a hint of tenderness. Grabbing little Long Yi, she squatted down in front of him and her pink lips parted slightly. She moved her head forward and little Long Yi disappeared.

Long Yi inhaled a mouthful of cold air. Although this little Lolita was not sufficiently skilled with her mouth, he was incomparably excited. Just looking at her immature and innocent face, he felt a kind of pleasure which he had never felt before.

Not long after, Long Yi pulled up this little Lolita and he peeled off all her clothes. He became a little surprised. He had not expected that the figure of this little Lolita was already nearly developed. Her skin was fair and tender and her ** was big. It wasn’t much smaller than her big sister’s. As long as he massaged her, she would definitely develop and surpass her big sister in the future.

“Brother-in-law, I grew up.” Little Lolita proudly stood up with her big breasts exposed. She seemed to be telling him that she was already qualified to become his woman.

Nalan Ruyue came back to her senses from her lingering ** and she sat up on the chair. She knew that, tonight, the both of them sisters would not be able to escape from Long Yi.

“My husband, take us back to the room.” Nalan Ruyue coquettishly said. She knew how strong Long Yi was and since it was her little sister’s first time, she knew that she couldn’t allow him to ** his little sister to his heart’s content.

Long Yi smirked and carrying the young and beautiful sisters, he returned to the sleeping quarters of Nalan Ruyue. He threw them both onto the soft big bed and he pounced on them.

A young girl let out a muffled groan and a plum blossom burst into full bloom as she crossed the first hurdle of a woman.

Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night. Lingering night sonata resounded throughout the night and when the last piece of lingering music disappeared, the first light of the day had already pierced through the clouds. It lit up the water surface.

Long Yi was half lying on the big bed and there were two beauties who were sleeping beside him. On their spotlessly white jade skin, one could still see the hint of flush which showed the intense battle which had taken place just a few hours ago.

Looking at the sky outside, Long Yi gently got out of the bed and he kissed the face of the two sleeping sisters. He went to the balcony alone.

Below him, waves crashed against the cliff and water droplets filled the air. A fresh, salty, and humid air blew against his face.

Long Yi took a deep breath. He felt very relaxed and it seemed that after making love, after merging the yin and yang, Long Yi felt truly good.

At this time, Long Yi looked to his right side as he felt something in his heart. He saw Wushuang standing at the relatively small balcony next door as she looked at him with a smile on her face. Her beautiful eyes had a hint of spring which had yet to disperse.

Long Yi smiled and flew over. Hugging her from behind, he whispered into her ear, “It seems like your heart is saying that you are very dissatisfied. Did I do something wrong?”

Wushuang smiled and she turned her head to face Long Yi. She lightly kissed him and she said, “Why are you asking even though you knew the answer? With big and small beauties in your bosom, you didn’t even care a little about my feelings. You made me suffer for an entire night.”

“How about I compensate you right now?” Long Yi fondled the breasts of Wushuang and said with a bad smile.

“Don’t move randomly. Do you think that I am a licentious person who has no principles? Yesterday, I saw Liuxu looking towards the sea throughout the night. She definitely misses her parents.” Wushuang slapped away the hands of Long Yi and said.

When he heard what Wushuang said, he stopped playing around. He looked towards the sea and pondered for a little while before saying, “We should settle the matter of Liuxu as soon as possible. How about this, I’ll return to Soaring Dragon City and bring Liuli back now. Immediately after that, we will set out… Is that okay?”

“Well… For starters, I think that you should lay out a transfer magic array in the imperial palace first. When all is said and done, there are too many people using the transfer array outside. It will be extremely inconvenient in the future if something happens.” Wushuang suggested.

Long Yi also thought so. Since he was very familiar with the Nalan imperial palace, he found a secret room and set up a transfer magic array. As long as he had enough materials, with his current spirit power and magic power, he could set up a transfer magic array within two hours.

After setting up the transfer magic array, Long Yi stepped into it and he felt that everything in front of him going dark. In the next instant, he was teleported.

When a ray of light appeared in front of Long Yi again, he was surprised and he could smell a faint fragrance. He was surrounded by beautiful faces and all around him, there were beautiful eyes which resembled stars which were staring at him. They had a pleasantly surprised expression on their face.

“Eh…… Why are all of you here? Could it be that all of you knew that I was coming back?” Long Yi looked all around and saw that inside this secret room where the master transfer magic array was located, Nangong Xiangyun, Beitang Yu, Long Ling’er, Linna, Shui Ruoyan, Feng Ling, Leng Youyou, Liuli, Qing Wu, Piao Xue, Si Bi, Ximen Wuhen, Murong Shuyu, and even his mother, Dongfang Wan, were present.

The girls just chucked and Dongfang Wan walked over. Pinching Long Yi’s cheeks, she explained, “Just a moment ago, the imperial magician guarding this magic array said that this transfer magic array had begun to establish a connection to Blue Moon City. Mother heard that Blue Moon City is a very beautiful place. It’s a good place to spend the summer. I planned to go there with my daughters-in-law. Who would have thought that you would return all of a sudden.”

Long Yi looked at the magic map hung on the wall of this secret room. This magic map was associated with the master transfer magic array. As long as the transfer magic array was built, a white dot would appear on the corresponding place located on the magic map.

Long Yi excitedly looked all around and his gaze finally rested on the excited Leng Youyou. Stepping forward, he hugged her and he said softly, “Youyou, you have suffered… Are you doing well?”

Leng Youyou smiled and nodded her head. However, she was unable to stop the tears which were rolling down her face. Only god knew how much she had missed this man.

After hugging for a little while, Leng Youyou’s face turned red she pushed Long Yi away. With her mother-in-law, Dongfang Wan, watching from one side, how could she dare behave wantonly?

“Are all of you ready? I hereby announce the beginning of the first beauty tour convention. Our first location is Blue Moon City!” Seeing as Leng Youyou was fine and the other beauties around him, Long Yi’s mood became great. Then, leading these beauties into this transfer magic array, he smiled and shouted loudly as they disappeared from this secret room.

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