Third person POV.

That day was surely an unlucky day for the academy teachers.

The preparation period until that day was also disastrous but it would be lovely if this day would end. It’s because it is troublesome to proceed with the classes that have resumed.

There were black smoke and roaring sound here and there. The renowned academy’s best buildings were reduced to rubble. But that is not a problem. With the abilities of the academy teachers, even repairing buildings is easy for them.

The real problem is a person’s incurable heart. Before the sighing teachers, a few academy students were holding their knees as they cowered. Even the elementary course students, the magicians-in-the-making who may have promising futures. About 40% of them will become graduating sixth year students, but frankly speaking, it was too early to break their hearts. Those who enrolled this school year were pitiful. But then, those who were present in this place today were unfortunate.

They have been running around the school the whole morning, pursuing others. Finally it ended, and the lunch break was welcomed with full of emotions as they could finally sit down . . . when it happened, as if making fun of everyone. For example, like finding a crack in a pillar while crossing the bridge. Or when someone discovered a person’s face in a gap of a wall.

The shock became fear. Could not do anything, could not take any measures, it was a feeling that sent chills to their spine. After they stilled for full five seconds, they turned pale and everyone murmured, “Just now, what is it?”

Unfortunately, the teacher-in-charge Barrett, who was focused on a separate case, still has not come back. It gave them a strong eerie feeling and it couldn’t be dismissed as something borne out of their imaginations. Students who possessed great abilities also noticed it.

Addressed as teachers in the academy, they won’t tolerate rude behavior. Even if they know that it is an extremely dangerous situation (death flag), still they would face it if it poses a problem.

With minimal struggle, they managed to get a teacher from the medical team and then proceeded to their destination. The location was unexpectedly at the end of the special building, specifically the reference room that is unrelated to the exam. Indoor fighting is possible but there are also some places in the special building that are off limits. A student would not prefer to be imposed with penalty but . . .

After exchanging glances again with each other, the teacher who is the best in defense pushed the door with his hand. Along with the books that emitted a characteristic smell, what they saw was . . .

“Have they . . . finally found us?”

“Kralvane-kun?! Why are you here?”

The one who was preparing for action asked in a loud voice.

He (Gil) is one of the top students in the sixth year, the heir of the prominent Kralvane clan. Most of the teachers not only take note of the names but also their conduct. He can’t be the one responsible for that eerie feeling earlier . . .

“What happened? You look very exhausted.”

He is not a problematic student. However, he obviously does not look normal, breathing heavily while kneeling on the ground. Is he involved in this or . . .

He (Gil) slowly blinked his eyes and gestured to the teachers who were waiting for his response.

“A fool poisoned us. I can still move so I took care of her.”

This time, the teachers stood still when they heard his surprising words. He presented the small girl lying in his arms . . .

“Th-The poison . . . Please examine her first!”

The one who quickly reacted was the teacher who was the person-in-charge of the medical team. He hurriedly took her and checked her condition.

……Her pulse and breathing were barely perceptible.

“I am not sure if it is poison, but she is in danger. We should immediately transport her to the hospital!”

“Ye-Yes. I should have contacted the others earlier in case something happened. Immediately, get a stretcher.”

The other teachers also made preparations. Seeing the situation, Gilbert Kralvane finally smiled in relief.

“What on earth happened? No matter how extensive the exam is, this is just a part of the lesson, right?”

“That is also I wanted to ask. But then, what happened was real. An idiot harmed an important person in my life. It seems someone wants to become the Kralvanes’ enemy.”

The teacher was intimidated again by his narrowed golden eyes. He was not included in the list of the top students this year, but still his lineage and abilities are acknowledged. The whereabouts of the fool is still unknown, but that person should not have sparked an unnecessary incident.

“Anyway, you should rest a little. You haven’t used up your magical power, but you have consumed too much of it. As for your exam, we will give you a recommendation.”

“No, I will withdraw. Please help me tell that to Barrett-sensei, too. I wonder who is in-charge of the second year students . . . Anyway, I also want to accompany Meryl. *I am sorry for being discourteous.” [T/N: The original text was [失礼します] (shitsureishimasu). T^T ]

He gently refused the concern of the teacher from the medical team and then looked behind him.

“My uniform is on the floor inside but it contains the neurotoxin. Please let an insusceptible person check it.”

As soon as he said that, Gilbert Kralvane slapped his knees in an exhorting manner and left the reference room together with the stretcher in a rush.

“…What do you think?”

“No doubt, there is a low possibility of it being a lie since there is an injured person. He watched over his team carefully by increasing his vigilance. Because he was allowed to be grouped together with his girlfriend.”

“He did not look like he was lying. He supported that female student very carefully, so it doesn’t seem to be a crime of passion. Also, he is not the type of student who would abandon an exam . . .”

“Apart from that, the cause is a ‘poison’. It is permitted to a certain extent, but what were they thinking, bringing neurotoxins during an exam?”

The remaining teachers started to inspect the reference room while expressing their own opinions. Other than the strange smell, there is nothing unusual. There are no signs of fighting, but why was Kralvane so exhausted?

What was that chill that made them come here?

“Whatever it it, we must relay this incident to the academy. If we handle this poorly, the lives involved . . .”


Something broke at the feet of the anxious teacher.

…In the reference room, there is a sound that tells them they are treading on something other than books.

There are glass-like pieces scattered beneath their shoes. However, the only window in this room is the small window in the upper part of the room that is used for ventilation, and it is not broken.

They picked it up, and the teachers then shivered “because of the information”.

Only allowed on

Those were uniformly arranged square patterns. Impeccably arranged, those were debris of a lot of magic. “Those” were something they know even if they do not want to.

“Impossible . . . After all, this magic technique . . .”

…should have vanished. The words were left unsaid.

A barrier that is destroyed in a legitimate way will disappear without a trace. If they would describe this, it was dealt in an “unorthodox method”.

And his exhaustion and the fear they felt were connected.

“How to say this, I really despise it.”

The fear of what should not happen. The fear they felt, there’s no mistaking it.

“Is Gilbert Kralvane the magician who will destroy the world?”

The ability to do the impossible, which is equal to ruining a country. They remembered the words of a great man.

They completely failed to notice an excellent student. If they made a mistake in their interaction earlier, what would have happened to them if she was hurt?

While feeling the chills running down their spine, the teachers inhaled deeply, relieved from the bottom of their heart that they were able to stay here.

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