It shifts from Gilbert’s POV to a third person’s POV. There are some expressions of violence.

I am glad that I was able to get in touch with the teachers earlier. The stretcher came earlier than I expected and I ran along with it on the corridor, then we met the medical team’s stretcher along the way. With this, she will be sent to the hospital soon, I thought. But . . .

Meryl . . .

Her complexion still remained pale. Even with the harsh sounds of the turning wheels, her eyes remained closed. If the concentration level is minimal, detoxification would be easy but after that, it is a matter of compatibility. It is different from a wound which can be cured by magic.

If I could just substitute for her, anything . . .

Eventually, the exit of the special building came into view. The medical team’s communication is really quick, and it seems like the hospital nurses are waiting.

“Meryl, we’ll be in the hospital soon. Hang in there a little longer.”

The teachers handed the stretcher over to the people in white coats. I don’t understand it but I felt relieved when they firmly nodded to me.

From the school to the town . . . The group of buildings, which is also known as a “school district”, has establishments whose quality can only be trusted by other shops and agencies. Of course, the hospital is one of them.

She is going to be all right, I told myself while bowing to the nurses. They also bowed in return and carried Meryl.

I should also hurry. I have to inform those teachers who were supervising during lunch break and fetch Meryl’s things.

Suppressing my desire to follow her, I turned and retraced my steps towards the school.

………But I caught sight of someone in my peripheral vision.


Black eyes and long black hair, frighteningly white skin, and dark circles under the eyes that can be seen even at such a far distance. The ghost-like woman’s face is not suited with the sunny afternoon . . . and I remembered her. No, to be exact, I “have only seen” her.

It was during that time when I was dating Eliza. When I came to pick her up, that was the only time I saw them together. Eliza introduced her as a friend from her class while laughing, but she was actually treating her as a servant. A so-called harassment . . . No, I knew immediately that it was a form of bullying.

I only said this line after that. I did not want make a big deal out of it, but what my lover did rubbed me in a wrong way.

“If you’re only going to treat your friend that way, sever your friendship at once.”

When I told her that, Eliza immediately ceased to be involved with her to curry favor with me.

……Oh, was it during that time? My relationship with her was becoming cold. It became a great reason to break up.

Anyway, what I only know is that she is Eliza’s classmate. I haven’t talked to her.

……Nevertheless, the woman’s eyes are trained straight at me. Whether she was aware of her appearance or not, her lips were distorted into a smile.

“…What’s wrong? Do you need something?”

I asked in a low voice. It can’t be helped. I want to go to Meryl as soon as possible. I will ignore her even if she tells me her real intention, but it is too much to turn her sardonic smile earlier aside.

Ignoring my irritation, the woman replied in a hoarse voice.

“It was over. I was surprised at how the quickly the teachers responded, but if that girl ceases to exist, it would be a success.”


For a moment, I did not understand what this woman was saying. However, her weird smile is terribly creepy……

Nonsense. She said ‘that girl’?

Fighting the revulsion I felt, I looked at the woman. If I’m not mistaken, what she said just now is equal to a confession. Then . . .

“The one who set up the neurotoxin and the Box Dimensional Barrier, was it you ?”

“Yes, Kralvane-senpai.”

This time, the woman answered clearly with an ecstatic expression.

The next moment, a dull sound reverberated in the quiet hallway.

The feelings I have suppressed exploded. When I realized it, my hand grabbed the woman’s neck and slammed her into the wall. Her slender bones creaked. Yet still, the woman gazed at me with a smile. Her smile is really contained delight.

“What is your intention? My forgiveness will depend on your answer.”

“Ha . . . Because that . . . seedy-looking girl―ugh, is not suited with y-you . . .”

Her words were choppy but it sounded normal. No, she rather sounded happy. Creepy. To be exact, her weirdness is similar to the atmosphere in the reference room. When I loosened my grip a little, she coughed violently and laughed hysterically at the same time.

“Well, to be involved with such a plain and worthless pipsqueak, it is unbelievable! The dolled-up Eliza was rejected, and even those stupid women who instantly open their legs to you were out of the question! Every single one of them was not qualified to be your lover!”


This time, I couldn’t reply. What on earth is this woman saying?

“Strong, handsome and beautiful. Your existence alone is valuable! I will never forgive those insects, who flock to your family name, for defiling you!”

When she finally showed me an expression other than smiling, she emphasized vague things like a demon. Although she is speaking in a common language, is there anything she cannot communicate until now?

If I describe her, only one word . . .


I revealed the emotion occupying my heart.


She suddenly stilled like a doll. My face is reflected in her wide-opened eyes. Clearly, it was a disgusted expression I have not seen for a long time.

“Disgusting, is what I said.”

“Oh, no. Have you also inhaled the medicine? I have an antidote. I’ll prepare it immediately…”

“You are disgusting.”

It seems she misunderstood, so I told her clearly once more.

“I am . . . disgusting?”

The woman repeated the words like a broken doll. Did she not understand? What she is saying is obviously weird.

“Who are you? Are you Kralvane?”

I let go of her neck while I asked her. It felt like my right hand was gripping some insects. Disgusting.

“No. You are Kralvane, Senpai.”

“Then, why are you deciding the value of my lover? I am Kralvane. It’s not you, so what can you not forgive? We are totally unrelated.”

“………Eh? A―Wh-What?”

She still can’t understand even if I spell it out for her? Or maybe, she does not want to accept my rebuttal?

Her eyes wandered around.

“I don’t know your name and I don’t want to know it. You are a complete stranger. But Meryl is important to me, and you don’t have the right to speak about her value.”

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“M-My name is…”

“I said I’m not interested.”

With my whole being shrouded with bloodlust, I interrupted her.Hii, she screamed a little and clung to the wall.

“What you did is just a crime. It is not even a grudge. You only felt disgusted. Never appear before me again.”

*   * *

Gilbert Kralvane turned his back on the woman, clearly telling her his words of rejection. Although he pointed out her deed as a crime, she will not be penalized.

“Ah, ya―Senpai, please wait.”

She managed to voice it out, but the volume of her voice was almost like that of a whisper. Driven by her “feelings”, she moved her trembling body and went in front of Gilbert. However . . .


He did not see the woman in his eyes. Although he is just a step away from her, the woman is “not reflected at all” in his golden eyes. Not seeing, not looking, he denied her existence.

“N-No . . . No! Senpai, I-I am here! I was the one who sent your lover to the hospital! Hey?!”

Even if she screamed, he did not hear it nor get his interest. With a cold expression, the handsome man only stood there. “As if there is no one around him.”

“No . . . No, no! You even helped me! Why?! Don’t ignore me . . . Don’t ignore me! Even though . . . I . . . am here……”

Crying, she did not finish her sentence. However, it still did not reach him. After looking impassively at the sky , he rushed into the school building when he remembered. With a worried expression on his handsome face, he only thought of his lover who was transported to the hospital.

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The girl who was left behind broke down and cried while muttering indistinct words.

……There is no reason.

The woman, who is supposed to have become a victim, has succumbed to her delusions and harmed not only the (weak) first year student but also other people. It is indisputably a crime, therefore anyone can foresee the outcome.

If they are not aware, she is just a weird woman.

With this, the farce ended.

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