Chapter 42 – Safe

When I woke up, I saw an unfamiliar ceiling. It is obviously not my dorm room and the clean air was mixed with the scent of medicine.

……Where am I?

When I tried to talk, I noticed that my throat is parched. My voice did not sound right, as if I have slept for a long time. My head also felt heavy, and somehow the joints all over my body creaked.

Whatever. I’d rather sleep again.

Maybe I am still half asleep. I cannot recall when I fell asleep, but it is strange that I am in an unfamiliar place.

……AMm, I’m sleepy . . .

When I tried to think about complicated things, I was sucked into the futon again. Drifting off, I closed my eyes . . .


…and suddenly opened them.

It was the voice of the person I like that I am very familiar with. Not too loud, not too soft, his gentle voice echoed through my spine.

“Where?”, I asked, this time looking around with a different purpose. The room is white all around, then my sight finally landed on my left hand. Big hands held it firmly.


When I turned to him, his tired golden eyes met mine. Somewhat wet with tears, those eyes were staring right through me.

“Thank goodness . . . Thank goodness, Meryl―!!”

Burying his face on my neck, the tall Senpai hugged me like a spoiled child. His warm body stiffened and became cold then slowly separated from me.

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Oh…… I see. I was……

I’m glad. It seems I was able to survive.

*   * *

After that, doctors soon came and explained my condition. I am in a hospital in the school district, and it seems that I was unbelievably unconscious for a day after the exam. More surprisingly, I fell ill because of a neurotoxin.

Well, the poison itself was not that strong. But in my case, the ingredient was lethally incompatible with me and I was on a critical condition for a period of time. The only salvation was that I did not feel any pain because I was asleep.

Anyway, they strongly emphasized, “Never use it again even for class lessons!”, and handed the list of chemicals they have written. I would like to think that I will never be poisoned again but still, I will be careful. Finally, the doctors have finished their hurried inquiry and advised us to stay for one more night.

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We were left alone in the hospital room again. I threw Senpai a glance and saw dark circles under his eyes.

“Have you always been with me?”

“Only after you were transferred to this room. I wanted to be beside you. You do not have to make such a sad expression.”

Interrupting me before I could apologize, Senpai gently smiled. The hand touching me is warm and I felt relieved.

“I have never felt this alive. I am really glad that you woke up.”


I let him pull me and the two of us laid down on the white bed. I could hear the beat of his heart clearly when I tried to listen.

“Meryl . . . Meryl.”

“I’m fine. I’m alive, Gil.”

His hot breath sounded like sob. I stroked his back and he clung to me like a child.

It was somewhat an unexpected situation, but I am happy that I am able to stay with him like this.

And for a while, we did not say anything to each other and just cuddled together.

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