Chapter 43 – Apologize?

How long has it been?

Gilbert-senpai, who was peacefully sleeping, woke up. He corrected his posture, faced me who was lying down straightforwardly, and bowed his head.

“Eh? What’s the matter?”

“There are two things I need to apologize to you for.” [T/N: (T^T) ]

Both his voice and expression just now is serious, as if he was a different person. Even if he said that, I could only remember him helping me during the exam and now.

“I have no idea what you are talking about, but did something happen while I was asleep?”

“It was more than sleeping, and I was the cause of that. Even though you just got involved with Eliza.”

Having said that, he told me who the culprit was. But unlike that time with Eliza, his tone sounded bitter somehow. Because he is a kind person, perhaps he has lot to think about.

“Like the previous case, it is not your fault. Those women were wrong for acting on their own, and aren’t you also a victim, Senpai? You shouldn’t apologize.”

“Had you were not involved with me, you would never have been subjected to this, right? I like you, Meryl, and I will not stay away from you even if I’m told to not to get involved with you. That’s why I apologize.”

“S-Such reason . . . is cunning.”

I cannot reject if I’m told, “I’m sorry, I like you.” Trying to suppress the heat from gathering in my cheeks, I stared at him intently. I wanted to object, but I felt happy so I did not contradict him.

“If you accept my feelings, I also want you to accept my apology.”

“F-Fine. I will forgive you. So this conversation is over!”

When I assented, he smiled back at me, still wearing an apologetic expression. Senpai did nothing wrong, so how kind can he be?

“You told me there were two things, so what is the other one? Is it also not bad?”

“No, the second thing was a mistake that I made. I think you will not accept my apology but . . . don’t you remember?”


This time, Senpai, looking like he is about to cry, hung his head. He committed a mistake, and I was aware of it?

“…No, I really could not think of anything. I appreciate it but there’s nothing for you to apologize.”

From the start, I can only recall recent memories where Senpai have been cherishing me. “Did you misunderstand me?” he asked as softly as possible, and silently drew his face nearer.

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Thump, our foreheads touched. It is a close distance, our breaths overlapping. My ignorant face is reflected in those gently narrowed golden eyes.

Could this be a hint?

Then, he is reminding me of something. However, I still don’t get what Senpai’s mistake was.

I wonder what he is trying to tell me. While staring at each other, I waited for his answer. The warmth at the junction of our foreheads felt comfortable.



“……Don’t you remember our kiss?”

I shuddered.

Feeling an emotion that was not fear, goosebumps erupted all over my body. Through the connection of our foreheads, Senpai’s low voice vibrated from my back to my toes. My body temperature increased at a surprising rate. I felt hot and very embarrassed.

When I tried to wrest my numbed body, his arm encircled my waist, showing me he does not want us to separate.

“So you don’t remember…”

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“Senpai?! Didn’t you say you will apologize?!”

With a blush dying his cheeks, he seems to be sulking and his words were indescribably seductive. And he looked cute.

But you don’t look apologetic to me, Senpai!

“I want to apologize. But if you don’t remember. . . Honestly, it is a bit regrettable.”

This time, his other arm encircled my waist. Pulling me with both hands, the close distance between us became zero. The intense beating of our hearts overlapped one another.

“I-I remember . . . I thought it was a dream but I was aware. I remember.”

I averted my gaze and somehow grumbled. I like him but I still feel embarrassed to be pressed down by a very attractive man with uncontained sex appeal. I am too embarrassed that I cannot endure it any longer.

My hands resting on his chest were involuntarily trembling.

“………I see. That’s good.”

He looked at my face and hands for several times, then slowly closed his eyes.

The next moment, he released me.


While I was feeling lonely when the warmth was suddenly gone, he bowed his head deeply this time. Sitting on the bed, I scratched my head.

“I am sorry.”

He clearly expressed his apology. The sweet atmosphere a while ago was gone. He assumed an apologetic posture, the atmosphere turning tense.

“Huh? Huh?! Wait, why are you apologizing for kissing your girlfriend?!”

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