Chapter 164: Sect Origin Swords

“Fuchen, is what they said true?” Zhao Wujin asked Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist.

Li Fuchen nodded, there was nothing to hide, everyone knew about it.

Seeing Li Fuchen admit with his nod, Zhao Wujin laughed, “This old man has never seen such a formidable disciple as you since I was the Azure Water Sect’s grand elder. Amongst those in the same generation, you are definitely the king. Perhaps, there would only be another similar existence like you in a more powerful sect.”

He had decided, in the future, if Li Fuchen was unable to breakthrough to the Heaven Realm due to his bone frame restrictions, he would do his best to assist Li Fuchen in breaking through. Once Li Fuchen was a Heaven Realm high leveled martial artist, anyone below the Reincarnation Realm wouldn’t be a match for him.

“Grand Elder. I have killed so many of the disciples from the three sects, would there be any trouble?” Li Fuchen queried.

Zhao Wujin replied, “This year’s situation is rather special. Since our Azure Water Sect has been founded, this never has happen before. But don’t you worry, as long as you didn’t kill all the disciples from the three sects, it isn’t the worst case. There would at most be some conflicts, but it wouldn’t cause a war between the four sects.”

Had Li Fuchen killed all the disciples from the three clans or killed the young master of the Heaven Fiend Sect’s Patriarch, Li Wuxue, the situation would be uncontrollable. Luckily this sort of situation didn’t come true.

“Li Fuchen, what a vicious child, you actually dare to kill so many of my Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples. This old man will not spare you!” A horrific qi presence surge into the sky. In mid-air, there seemed to be a black skull that was aggressively putting pressure on Li Fuchen.

“Li Fuchen, you killed my Violent Sabre Sect’s disciples, you must pay me with your life!”

The Violent Sabre Sect’s grand elder He Lianhu went into a frenzy. Inside of the violent and domineering qi presence was a tiger growling towards the sky.

“Jiang Xiaomao was a prodigy that my Spirit Hidden Sect could not be without. Cripple your two arms and I will let this go.” The qi presence of the Spirit Hidden Sect’s old hag expanded. Like a night curtain, blocking all the sunlight.

“You all better not take this too far.”

Zhao Wujin was infuriated, a qi presence like an ocean gushed across and clashed with the qi presences of the three grand elders.

“Zhao Wujin, your Azure Water Sect cannot save him. Abandon him while you have the chance.” Wei Yiping’s eyes was bursting with a killer aura.

Zhao Wujin laughed coldly, “You all sure are shameless. Killing is approved within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain. If they die, it means their ability is incompetent. If everyone behaves like you do, then can I settle the score with you about all the disciples that my Azure Water Sect has lost in the past?”

He Lianhu commented, “The past is already over. I, He Lianhu only look at the present. Today, if your Azure Water Sect insists on saving him, then don’t blame me for being rude.”

“Zhao Wujin, you cannot save him.” The voice of the Spirit Hidden Sect’s old hag drifted.

“These people sure are despicable.”Chen Fanghua spoke with hatred.

Within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, if you don’t kill, others would kill you. And from the beginning, it was the three sects’ disciples that were provoking them.

Li Fuchen said softly, “The strong rules supreme. They are just making all this nonsense up and looking for an excuse to eliminate me.”

The qi presence released by martial artists who were at the Heaven Realm peak stage was too overwhelming. Even when 90% of the qi presences was blocked by Zhao Wujin, the balance of the remaining 10% was already giving Li Fuchen an intolerable pressure.

Li Fuchen looked at the three grand elders with deep eyes.

“Zhao Wujin, you think you can withstand the power of the three of us? Get lost!” Wei Yiping’s black skull qi presence viciously bash into Zhao Wujin’s ocean qi presence.

At the same time, He Lianhu’s ferocious tiger qi presence and the Spirit Hidden Sect’s old hag’s night curtain qi presence were both suppressing the ocean qi presence.

Zhao Wujin inhaled loudly, like a whale siphoning water, the ocean qi presence began to swell and black against the black skull, ferocious tiger, and night curtain qi presences.

“Your True Azure Water Technique is at the 19th rank?” He Lianhu was shocked.

Mystic class, peak-tier techniques were extremely difficult to cultivate. Most of the prodigies would be able to reach the highest rank for their mystic class, mid-tier techniques during their time in the Earth Realm. But once they switched to a mystic class, peak-tier technique, even at the Heaven Realm, they would be stuck at the 16th or 17th rank. Only a few rare individuals would be able to reach the 18th rank.

So don’t even mention reaching the 19th rank.

“So what if your True Azure Water Technique is at the 19th rank? Do you think a single rank difference can turn the tables?” Wei Yiping sneered.

If it was 1 vs 1, he would be fearful of Zhao Wujin. But right now, it was 3 vs 1, it didn’t matter even if Zhao Wujin had three heads or six arms.

“Zhao Wujin, do not conduct your actions with your emotions. This kid is just a normal bone frame, forsaking him wouldn’t cause the Azure Water Sect to have any losses.” The voice of the Spirit Hidden Sect’s old hag was like poison, slowly trying to corrode Zhao Wujin’s spirit will.

Zhao Wujin spoke sternly, “If I cannot even protect one disciple, then how would I have the face to continue living on in this world. Aqua Qi Subsistence, activate.”

As Zhao Wujin voice went silent, the ocean qi presence expanded once again. Now it had swelled to twice its previous size, a boundless qi presence exploded in all directions. The Hundred Herbs Lake raked up waves of violent waves.

“It’s the 4 star secret technique, Aqua Qi Subsistence.” Xiao Libie gasped.

If a 3 star secret technique was considered elite, then a 4 star secret technique would be the ultimate secret technique of Azure Water Sect. It was extremely precious, but once mastered, it was extremely formidable and could allow one to exceed levels to defeat enemies.

“You think only you have a 4 star secret technique? Hundred Ghost Night Walk, activate.”

“Desolation Battle Qi, activate.”

“Underworld Mystic Shadow, activate.”

Wei Yiping’s black skull qi presence grew with additional ghost shadows. These ghost shadows were screaming constantly. As his qi presence surged into the sky, it was extremely dense with ghostly qi. Had it not been for Zhao Wujin blocking it, Li Fuchen and the others would have been obliterated.

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As He Lianhu activated his 4 star secret technique, his body seemed to grow constantly. He was now over 2 meters tall and an aggressive qi got mixed into his ferocious qi presence, causing it to metamorph into a giant beast qi presence. The giant beast roared at the sky, as though trying to swallow the sun and moon, setting fear and panic into everyone.

As for the Spirit Hidden Sect’s old hag, an illusory shadowy figure appeared. The shadow was giving a creepy laugh, causing the night curtain to extend its range. The old hag hid in the darkness and was nowhere to be seen.

The four qi presences clashed once again. For a moment, the entire sky changed colours. Violent winds blew everywhere, thunders could be heard subtly in the sky, a lightning bolt suddenly struck.

When the four qi presences clashed, it actually created a change in climate. Such terrifying results.

Under the suppression of the four qi presences, the only thing the inner sect elders could do was to protect their disciples. They couldn’t interfere as they wished.

“Not good, the Grand Elder’s qi presence cannot hold on anymore.”

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Xiao Libie’s face changed. In his view, Zhao Wujin was slowly being forced to back off. His originally valiant qi presence was slowly trimmed down.

“Wei Yiping, you guys are too overbearing. Since this is the case, I shall show you the my Azure Water Sect’s sect defining secret technique – Sect Origin Swords!” Tens of thousands of swords resonated and thousands of sword qi appeared above Zhao Wujin. With the appearance of the sword qi, it felt like the heaven and earth was breaking apart. The three individuals that Zhao Wujin intentionally targeted felt that their qi presence was being punctured multiple times, as their bodies could feel the stinging pain.

“Sect defining secret technique – Sect Origin Swords.” Li Fuchen’s eyes widened.

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