Chapter 163: Rage of the Three Sects

One’s bone frame was equivalent to one’s innate qualities. If one’s innate qualities were stronger, it would allow one to develop into a powerhouse faster too.

If one’s innate qualities were poor. Even if one slogged like a horse, the results would be limited.

Bone frames were similar to soul spirit, it was the basis of a human being. The shape of a human body uses bone frames as the fundamental foundation to be formed.

Consuming one of the grapes, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist felt countless amazing electrical currents traversing through his body. Then there was a pain that came from the deepest part of his body. It was indescribable, it was like the smallest molecule within his body were splitting apart.

Luckily this pain only lasted for a short moment.

After a period of time, Li Fuchen recovered his consciousness. Examining his body, on the surface of his skin was a layer of pale black material; traces of bad odour was emitted from it.

‘Is this the impurities from the deepest part of the body?’ Li Fuchen pondered.

“Li shidi8shidijunior brother (disciple), you are awake.” Xiao Libie and the four came over.

Li Fuchen asked, “How long has it been?”

Chen Fanghua, “This is already the morning of the seventh day.”

“Seventh morning already?” Li Fuchen was surprised, he felt like only a short moment went by.

“Li shidi, how do you feel?” Chen Fanghua was curious.

Clenching his fist, Li Fuchen replied, “It feels like my relationship with the heaven and earth got more intimate.”

Xiao Libie nodded, “The bone frame is the fundamentals of the human body which contains the mystics of the heaven and earth. Having a closer relationship with the heaven and earth is a normal phenomenon.”

The higher the grade of the bone frame, the higher the affinity with the heavenly dao. And the higher the infinity, the faster one is able to comprehend martial arts. As well as increase one’s cultivation speed.

“Pfff, pfff. Li shidi, you are already so formidable when you were a normal bone frame. Now that you are a 1 star bone frame, who knows how much more formidable you are going to be.” Chen Fanghua commented.

Hearing that statement, Liu Wuhuang’s and Yu Wen Tian’s expression changed.

They were consciously aware of this problem too.

A normal bone frame Li Fuchen had already surpassed them. A 1 star bone frame was something they couldn’t image.

Luckily the Seven Colour Glazed Grape could only be used once. The second time onwards would have no effect. If not, it would have allowed Li Fuchen to upgrade to a 3 star bone frame, and they wouldn’t any other way left but to live under the shadows of Li Fuchen.

Within the stone structures was a small stream of water. Li Fuchen went in to take a shower and change his clothes.

Before the five of them could exit the stone structures, the hidden domain was about to close.

In front of the five of them, was a quintuple coloured gate of light.

“This sure was a mystical journey in the hidden domain. It feels like a dream.” Staring at the light gate, Xiao Libie still felt a surreal feeling.

Li Fuchen, “This is our chance encounter. Even though it feels dream-like, it was all real.”

“Yes, this was a chance encounter.” Xiao Libie nodded.

“Let’s go out then!” Chen Fanghua took the lead and stepped into the gate of light.

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Following suit, Li Fuchen and the rest stepped in too.


“It’s about time that they start to exit. Haha! You guys should start preparing your gold coins!” The Heaven Fiend Sect’s grand elder Wei Yiping laughed heartily. He was very confident about his Heaven Fiend Sect’s prodigies.

If they were talking about numbers, their Heaven Fiend Sect had thirteen.

Talking about ability, they had Li Wuxue, the Twin Fiends of Black and White, Claw Ghost Zheng Xuan, and Yan Qingwu who may not be one of the elites, but was still formidable. Had it not been because of her young age, she would most definitely sweep all of the disciples from the three clans off their feet.

So, there was no possibility of the Heaven Fiend Sect losing.

“Hur hur, it may not turn out the way you want it. My Spirit Hidden Sect’s great survival skills isn’t just for show.” The Spirit Hidden Sect’s old hag laughed coldly and had the same confidence.

“Preposterous! I am afraid your Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples have all been killed by my Violent Sabre Sect’s Mad Sabre Duan Hai.”

Violent Sabre Sect’s grand elder He Lianhu wrapped his arms around his chest, as though the results were already set.

Among the four grand elders, only Zhao Wujin was feeling unsure.

From the gathered information, for this year’s hidden domain opening, the Azure Water Sect’s disciples were definitely the bottom feeders. He had already forsaken the betting, he was only hope for more of his disciples to survive. If he viewed it pessimistically, it would be great if two or three of them survived.

From the history of the past groups, at least half of them would die, but this year’s participants from the three sects were too overwhelming. Having two or three of his Azure Water Sect’s disciples survive this would be a great feat.

“Li Fuchen, Liu Wuhuang, Yu Wen Tian, the three of you better survive.”

Zhao Wujin didn’t bother about the rest. There were plenty of 4 star bone frame disciples, even if a few of them died, it didn’t really mattered. But the three of them could not die.

Li Fuchen was the one that he highly regarded

Liu Wuhuang and Yu Wen Tian were 5 star bone frames.

If any one of them died, it would be a great loss.

As time passed by, a thick fog appeared. The quintuple coloured gate of light that vanished seven days ago, had now re-emerge.

Seeing the scene before the,, everyone held their breaths as they looked closely.

Some were expectant, some were nervous, various feelings appeared on various faces.

The first to emerge were the Violent Sabre Sect’s disciples.

One, two, three.

Violent Sabre Sect, only three.

Then it was the Heaven Fiend Sect, one, two, three, four, five.

The Heaven Fiend Sect has five.

Spirit Hidden Sect..

No wonder they were a sect that specialized in assassination and concealment. They had a total of five disciples exiting.

Then it was the Azure Water Sect.

One, two, three, four…

When the headcount came to four, Zhao Wujin’s mouth began to smile. This wasn’t too bad, there  was actually so many still alive.



The Azure Water Sect had a total of six survivors.

The last one was surprisingly Cao Guang.

He who was still at the peak state of the Origin Realm, hid within a small mountain for seven days straight. He silently collected herbs which allowed him to escape with his life. It was rather those that broke through to the Earth Realm that fell one by one. It was such irony.

“Haha. Seems like it is my Azure Water Sect that won. This old man gives his thanks.” Zhao Wujin laughed heartily.

It must be a miracle to have six out of ten alive. It was a heaven’s made miracle as among the four sects, his Azure Water Sect’s disciples were the bottom feeders.

“Impossible, this is absolutely not possible! Tell me quickly, what exactly happen?” Wei Yiping was furious as he questioned Black Fiend.

His Heaven Fiend Sect had thirteen, now there were only five. A total of eight dead, which was the highest casualty out of the four sects. This was undoubtedly a mockery.

Similarly furious was He Lianhu, he could not tolerate the fact of his Violent Sabre Sect having the least amount of survivors.

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The Spirit Hidden Sect’s old hag also began questioning the disciples from the Spirit Hidden Sect.

She needed to know what happen within the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain, why did the weakest Azure Water Sect have the most survivors.

Black Fiend glared at Li Fuchen with vengeful eyes and replied to Wei Yiping, “Grand Elder, half of our Heaven Fiend Sect’s disciples died in the hands of Li Fuchen. He is fiendish and cruel, even White Fiend was killed by him.”

Black and White Fiend were like brothers, the death of White Fiend developed a deep hatred for him towards Li Fuchen. He swore that he would personally kill Li Fuchen and take revenge for White Fiend.

On the other side, Blood Sabre Ling Huang said to He Lianhu, “The majority of our Violent Sabre Sect’s disciples were also killed by Li Fuchen, Shen Feihe too.”

“At least three of our Spirit Hidden Sect’s disciples suffered the same fate in Li Fuchen’s hands too. Including Jiang shidi.” Duan Muyou explained to the Spirit Hidden Sect’s grand elder.

Looking at everything unfolding, Zhao Wujin was flabbergasted. The reason why the three sects had such casualties was because of Li Fuchen?

A single individual, slaughtered disciples from the three sects?

It sounded similar to Sword Maniac in the past, but he only managed to dominate the group, not something as drastic as slaughtering.

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