Chapter 7 – Dark Flame Hell

[Ding. Your right arm has been scratched by a Wind Blade, your opponent is unable to break through your defense, Health -1. Current Health: 269]

Despite being chased by over ten thousand people, Lin Xiao Bei had only received one minor scratched.

He could not help but sigh. Fortunately, this was a hardcore game, the accuracy of long-range attacks was based on the Player’s own judgment and guidance. If the attacks were assisted, Lin Xiao Bei’s over 200 Health would likely be emptied within seconds.

[Ding. You have been struck by lightning, your opponent is unable to break through your defense, Health -1. Current Health: 268] [Ding. The lightning possessed a paralyzing effect, your Agility has dropped by 10%. Current Agility: 49]

“This is a tragedy!” Lin Xiao Bei wanted to cry but found no tears, the only reason he managed to maintain a distance advantage over his pursuers was due to his Agility. If he was struck by lightning a couple more times, it’s likely game over for him. In addition, the buff time for [I Am Omnipotent] was about to end soon as well.

Just as Lin Xiao Bei was despairing.

“Player Lin Xiao Bei, do you want to complete your Trial immediately?”

A familiar voice came, it was the Fairy Guide. It is alive? The running Lin Xiao Bei’s spirits perked up.

“Yes, what ideas do you have?”

“This is a one in a million opportunity, start massacring! Kill another 99 people and complete both Main Missions. Not only could you reactivate Apostle Moment, but you can also obtain a chance to retain your Talent Level.”

This was simply perfect. Lin Xiao Bei had thoroughly experienced the benefits of Awesome Bragging, he was willing to take the risk if it is possible for him to retain the level of Awesome Bragging.

“But 99 people is too many, I can only use Awesome Exchange one more time. Even if I start using my skill to probe for their information, there is not enough time as well. Do you have any suggestions?”

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The idea was good, but these people that were filled with bloodlust would never give him the time to slowly discover their names.

“The people chasing you are all fiends that have committed countless crimes, there is no need to feel psychologically burdened about killing them.” The Fairy Guide said.

“Elder Sis? The fire is already burning my butt, why would I worry about feeling psychologically burdened? Give me the solution!” Lin Xiao Bei was anxious, how come the Fairy Guide was talking about irrelevant stuff.

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“Player Lin Xiao Bei, do you want to complete this Trial immediately?”

“Elder Sis, are you playing with me?” Lin Xiao Bei’s mouth twitched.

“This is a one in a million opportunity…”

“Stop! I will think of a method myself.” Damn NPC! Lin Xiao Bei weakly complained.

However, complaining aside, time is pressing. Lin Xiao Bei did not dare to dally as he quickly opened his Status Panel to familiarize with his current situation. Since killing via bragging was not practical, he could only kill one by one until he reaches 99.

[Name: Lin Xiao Bei] [Age: 23 (Male)] [Title: None] [Level: Lv. 9 / Lv.10] [Experience: 4010/6000] [Rank: Private] [Talent: Awesome Bragging] [Talent Level: Max (Restore to Lv.1 after Trial)] [Awesome Exchange: 1 Time Remaining (Awesome Points: 88,070)] [Free Attribute Points: 19] [Skill Points: 18] [Set Equipment Trait: Fire Immunity (Exist for Set Equipment Skill)

A new trait, Fire Immunity, has appeared within his status information. It seems like the Set Equipment Effect was not bad, Lin Xiao Bei turned to the Skill Page to check the Set Equipment Skill.

[Precise Probe: Consume 5 MP, provides more accurate information of the things you wish to know about. You cannot probe anything higher than 5 levels of your current level]

(Explanation: General Skills do not count as Profession Skills, they cannot be leveled and will not occupy any Profession Skill slot)

Not this one.

[Dark Flame Hell: Dark Flames will appear and burn everything within a 5m radius, burnt targets would receive (100% Spirit + 1% of Magic Attack Power) Magic Damage per second]

(Explanation: Consumes 1 MP per second. Set Equipment Skill, cannot level up)

An AOE skill, not bad, this is the one!

Lin Xiao Bei quickly flipped to his Attribute Page.

[Physique: 27] – Health: 268/270

[Strength: 27] – Physical Attack: 27+20 (Weapon Physical Attack)

[Agility: 27] – Speed: 54-6 (Paralyze Effect)

[Spirit: 27] – Magic Attack: 27+55 (Weapon Magic Attack), Magic Power: 270+1000 (Boosted from cloak)

[Perception: 27-27] – Probe: 0 (Skill Effect)

[Defense: 30] (Boosted from robes)

“Dammit. It is only a Lv.50 Green Set Equipment, so I can accept that the attribute boost is not much. However, what about that Lv.60 Orange Mask? Did the system eat up the attributes? F***!”

Lin Xiao Bei scrolled down to the Equipment Page.

At that time, Lin Xiao Bei felt himself falling.

[Ding. A Player used a Body Lock Technique and pinned you to the ground, unable to move, unable to release skills]

When he came to his senses, Lin Xiao Bei discovered that he was being pressed down by a burly man, the stance he was using seems to be the Cross Grappling of Judo.

When it rains, it pours.

After being held down, the people that were chasing Lin Xiao Bei immediately surrounded him, not even a waterdrop could trickle through the crowd.

“Equipment with no level requirements! Kill!”

There was no need for communication and had even lesser need to discuss how to split the spoils, the Trialists were all displaying greedy expressions as they start to randomly attack anyone near them while throwing countless long-range attacks randomly. Fighting, injuring, killing, the entire area fell into utter chaos.

[Ding. You have been struck by a rod, your opponent is unable to break through your defense, Health -1. Current Health: 267]


[Ding. An arrow hit your knee, your movement is hindered, your opponent is unable to break through your defense, Health -1. Current Health: 156]

His health bar and body condition were deteriorating rapidly, the immobile Lin Xiao Bei was feeling extremely anxious. He had become the Sixth Apostle after great difficulties, is he going to meet his maker in such a sad state?


[Ding. The Player that used the Body Lock Technique has died, you have escape control.]

Lin Xiao Bei spirits raised immediately.

“Damn you! Everyone freaking go to hell! Activate Dark Flame Hell!”

‘Hong…’ with Lin Xiao Bei as its center, scorching black flames violently spread out!

“Fire! What happened!?”

“Ah, it hurts! My Health is dropping quickly! Argh…”

[Ding. You killed one enemy, obtain 1 Kill Point. Main Mission 2 Progress: 2/100. Obtained 20 Experience] [Ding. A Player stepped on your finger, your opponent is unable to break through your defense, Health -1. Current Health: 135]



Injured, kill, injured, kill. Lin Xiao Bei did not know how many notifications he had heard.

[Ding. You killed one enemy, obtain 1 Kill Point. Main Mission 2 Progress: 97/100. Obtained 20 Experience]


[Ding. A Player stepped on your head, your opponent is unable to break through your defense, Health -1. Current Health: 63]

After being trampled by countless people, Lin Xiao Bei was covered in injuries. However, the pain that he felt was unable to prevent the excitement he was feeling. The second main mission would soon be completed.

[Ding. You killed two enemies, obtain 2 Kill Points. Main Mission 2 Progress: 99/100. Obtained 40 Experience]

When he heard the notification, Lin Xiao Bei who was covered in wounds perked up. One more! Just one more!

At that moment.

“Stop charging into the fire! If not, he will complete the second main mission!”

“But the flames are too high, we are unable to locate his position. Even if we found him, the attacks of the Magicians and Archers will be burnt to ashes due to this demonic fire.”

“Let’s wait, the price for maintaining this flame is definitely not small. We wait, wait till his MP is depleted!”

After those words, no one rushed into the sea of fire to attack Lin Xiao Bei anymore. However, it also meant that he was unable to complete the Trial and cannot leave the Trial Grounds.

[Ding. Consumed 5 MP to use Precise Probe. The flames are blocking your vision, you are unable to probe the target. Precise Probe failed]

“F***!” Lin Xiao Bei roared furiously within the Dark Flames.

He needs one more kill to complete the mission and he could kill one easily by using Awesome Exchange. However, these damnable Dark Flames were blocking him, he was stuck.

With his current MP, he could at most last for 3 minutes.

Lin Xiao Bei could easily imagine the amount of largescale attacks that would be thrown at him the moment he retracts the Dark Flames, he has fallen into an impasse.

What to do?

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Burn baby burn.
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