Chapter 8 – Devil God Bathed in Fire, Eternal Nightmare

[Magic Power: 127/1270]

Dark Flame Hell could only last for two more minutes.

Just as Lin Xiao Bei was getting restless, an aged voice with a foreigner’s accent came from outside the flames.

“Young friend, you have killed so many people, I believe your Trial Mission is completing soon? This old man has some reputation on the streets. Heh heh, let’s make a deal, this old man only wants the equipment you picked up and nothing else. Trade with me and I will guarantee your safety, I will also help you complete your mission.”

When his words were heard, a commotion erupted outside the flames.

“Old thing, are you thinking of hogging all the benefits?”

“Bro, be careful with your words. He is Trick, the Silver Fox!”

“That International Con Man, Silver Fox Trick? The one that even the FBI is helpless and unable to do anything about?”

“Yes, that’s him! His talent is Deceit, I have personally seen how he deceived a person into believing himself to be mindless rock. The person that was deceived was later stabbed several times without uttering any sound or resistance, even when he died, he still stood there like a piece of rock and did not move from his spot.”

“That terrifying?”

“Yes. Do not mess with him if your Spirit is not higher than him, or else you would be just a plaything for his deception.”


Everyone uncontrollably sucked in a breath of cold air before taking a few steps back.

Hearing that, the corner of Lin Xiao Bei’s mouth curled, someone gifted him a pillow when he was feeling sleepy.

“I have killed Silver Fox Trick.”

[Ding. Detected that Trick is not the other party’s real name, you also require the person’s appearance to target and perform the kill. Awesome Exchange failed.]

“F***! Damn old man! Why did you use a bloody fake name, how can I believe you!”

Lin Xiao Bei cursed.

“Kekeke, the Little Nii-Chan inside the flames. That old man is originally a conman, his kill points have already exceeded 90. Once you passed him your equipment, he would immediately continue killing and complete the Trial and will not be bothered about you. Why not follow Elder Sister instead?”

An alluring female Japanese voice was heard.

After the woman spoke, another wave of commotion broke out.

“Everyone quickly, get away from that woman! Faster!”


“She is the Japanese Drug Lord, Miss Kuroko! Her talent is Chemical Control, she could manipulate the metal microelements within a person’s body at her will, causing the person to unknowingly experience metal poisoning! Keep a distance away from her, or else you would die terribly!”

Lin Xiao Bei heard several movements outside the flame, it seems as though everyone was retreating in a hurry.

[Ding. Detected that Kuroko is not the other party’s real name, you also require the person’s appearance to target and perform the kill. Awesome Exchange failed.]

As expected, Lin Xiao Bei gritted his teeth.

Just as he was feeling disheartened.

“Kuroko, get lost. This murdering killer that posed as a member of the Ye Clan is mine!”

Another female voice appeared, Lin Xiao Bei was startled, it’s her! That blind girl.

“Eh, I thought who is it? To think that it is the Chinese assassin that is ranked 10 in the world, Ye Qing Ling. I heard Sister Ye has an ascetic heart, how come you got crazy for a man as well, are you fighting Elder Sister for him?”

The Japanese woman teased.

“Kuroko, do you want me to settle that score for poisoning me right now?”

The girl did not deny her name.

Ye Qing Ling, so that blind girl is called Ye Qing Ling!

At this moment between life and death, the instant he learned the Blind Girl’s real name, Lin Xiao Bei nearly spoke her name to kill her.

However, the Blind Girl had once saved his life before. Even if she was trying to kill him now due to a misunderstanding, he also did not wish to break his moral bottom line by repaying gratitude with vengeance. At the very least, Lin Xiao Bei did not want to do that until the very last moment.

He must think of a way to break this stalemate!

“Great Conman, Powerful Drug Lord, an assassin in the top ten world ranking! It looks like the people gathered here due to me are some of the most famous on Earth. I wonder if everyone else is the same as well? When the time comes, don’t become cannon fodder, you may have the life to acquire the equipment but not the life to use it!”

Many people outside were displaying a strong sense of fear towards those individuals, Lin Xiao Bei wants to bring out their deepest fear and split them up, this was Lin Xiao Bei’s trump card, psychological attack.

The effect to divide them was apparent as Lin Xiao Bei heard many shifting sounds of movement, however that was still not enough.

“They looked pretty strong and are likely to finish the Trial very soon. There are only 3 spots left in the top ten Apostles, yet why are they not fighting for the spots? Is it because the allure of the equipment is too big? Or because they felt that there are enough people here for them to kill?”

“Have all of you considered this before? Even if you obtained the equipment and fortunately complete the Trial, if anyone of those guys becomes one of the top ten Apostles, they could still find you and enslave you. When that happens, only a wretched end awaits!”

Step by step, Lin Xiao Bei bewitched them.

‘Ding ding dang dang’ a huge commotion started outside the flames as sounds of killing was heard.

“It is the mercenary, Blood Butcher! He is actually hiding here!”

“Stay away from him! Rumor has it that he likes to slice open the stomachs of people and spill their guts when killing, it is abnormally bloody!”

“Run! He is starting to kill!”

“Run for? Let’s fight him!”

“How to fight? He possessed a Job that is independent from the 5 Great Professions, called Blood Hall Knight. He also has a skill that makes him invincible for 10 minutes! He can kill us, but we are unable to kill him!”

“Then run!”

The psychological warfare was effective as chaos erupts outside the flames, Lin Xiao Bei now has enough time to properly use Precise Probe and obtain information for brag killing.

Just as he was prepared to retract his Dark Flames.

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!] [A Trialist has completed the Trial and has obtained the Eighth Apostle Title: <Eternal>. Special Rewards: 10 Skill Points, 10 Free Attribute Points, 1 Rare Skillbook. Apostle Moment Activated, please share your Apostle Glory!]

The familiar domineering pressure descended from the sky.

Lifting his head, within the mirage was a sea of fire, the sea of fire that Lin Xiao Bei was in. That Eighth Apostle was inside that group of people.

And as expected, a man covered in a bloody halo appeared within the sea of fire.

Lin Xiao Bei’s irises shrunk when he saw that the man was lifting the Blind Girl Ye Qing Ling with one hand, looking powerless against him.

The man’s serene voice resounded.

“I, am the Eighth Apostle [Blood Butcher (Mills.Flen.Pisali)], Boy inside the flames. Thank you for the enlightenment.

However, I have already learnt of your name from this girl’s memories, your relationship did not seem simple. If you do not want her, and all your friends and family on Earth to have their stomachs sliced open. Then hand over the equipment you got from dragon slaying, I give you 1 minute! The countdown starts now…”

Countless eyes turned and stared at the sea of fire.

Even the Trialists who were not present also stared at the mirage, looking at the sea of fire. All of them wanted to know, who was the person that was holding the equipment from dragon slaying!

As though in response to the curiosity of the hundreds and thousands of Trialists, the next instant.

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!] [The Sixth Apostle’s bug has been repaired! Apostle Moment Activated, please share your Apostle Glory!]

The strange domineering pressure descended once again, a second mirage appeared beside the Blood Butcher’s screen, projecting the deepest area of the Dark Flames.

Everyone was in an uproar, so the person being challenged within the sea of fire was the Sixth Apostle!

“The Eighth Apostle and the Sixth Apostle has collided, time for a good show!”

“Exactly. The Sixth Apostle, the Blood Butcher is riding up your head, quickly retaliate!”

“That’s right, or else you are just a useless coward.”

The Trialists were fervently trying to incite a battle between the High Apostles, they want to know how strong these so-called High Apostles were!

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Along with the cries of the Trialists, from within the burning Dark Flames that was projected by the mirage, Lin Xiao Bei walked on the fire and stepped onto the air. From behind the pale white Sly Smiling Mask of the Night, came a furious howl that has been suppressed to the extremes.

“Eighth Apostle, Mills.Flen.Pisali, you have crossed my utmost bottom-line. I, in the name of the Sixth Apostle <Nightmare>. Order you to rise your butcher knife, aim it towards your chest, and stab yourself with it. Commit suicide and die!”

Anger! Lin Xiao Bei was truly angered!

He may not have relatives anymore, and the Blind Girl was also not closely related to him. However, he still has Shan Shan who has accompanied him for 5 years, he did not want her to experience any form of threats.

“Hahahaha, Boy, are you joking? Give me your equipment, or else, I will first slice… ke… why is my hand not listening to me! You… you are controlling me!”

The Blood Butcher’s mad laughter immediately disappeared, he watched in terror as his butcher knife aimed at his own chest.

“What happened? Can the Sixth Apostle use words to kill people?”

“Is this the power of High Apostles?”

“The Sixth Apostle is so intrepid; The Blood Butcher is likely in trouble now.”

“That may not be true, the Blood Butcher has the invincible skill [Blood Barrier], he is still in an invincible state and will likely not die! There’s more to come!”

“Correct, Blood Butcher, aren’t you one of the strongest mercenaries in history? Quickly counterattack!”


The countless Trialists were all startled when they looked at the strange scene of the Blood Butcher committing suicide, however, they still felt that the Blood Butcher would survive this crisis with his invincible skill. The show was just starting, several people still joked and discussed what would happen next.


‘Kacha…’ the invincible barrier shattered, the sharp blade pierced into Blood Butcher’s chest.

“The invincible skill has been broken?”

“No, that’s impossible!”

Witnessing such a strange scene has undoubtedly given a vicious slap to those people who were gloating at the situation.

“Ah… forgive me… ah! I beg you… please forgive me!”

The Blood Butcher screamed in pain, even the people who were watching also felt their heart twisting in pain as they witnessed what was happening.

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!] [The Eighth Apostle has died. His Apostle Title <Eternal> has been expropriated by the Sixth Apostle!]

He died! The famous mercenary, the Blood Butcher, has died just like that!

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Everyone went silent as fear swept through their hearts.

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!] [The Sixth Apostle has killed 2 Lv.60 Dark Flame Bone Dragon Lords, completing Main Mission 1. He has also earned 100 Kill Points, completing Main Mission 2. Special Prize: Talent Level Dice x 1]

So, the Sixth Apostle had already killed two Lv.60 Dark Flame Bone Dragon Lords!

Strong, numb, all they know was that they could offend anyone but never the Sixth Apostle!

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!] [The Sixth Apostle <Nightmare> has killed the Eighth Apostle, completing both Main Missions successfully and expropriated the Eighth Apostle Title <Eternal>. Apostle Moment Reactivated, please share your Apostle Glory!]

‘Shua’, the two mirages in the sky combined into one.

The domineering pressure descends, within the violent flames revealed a person wearing a mask with a strange smile.

“No matter what Apostle rank you are, remember this, do not provoke the Sixth Apostle. Or else, I will be your eternal nightmare! Skr!”

After speaking, Lin Xiao Bei opened passage and walked away on his flames.

[Ding. Stage-Wide Announcement!] [Sixth Apostle <Eternal Nightmare>. Rise!]

Lin Xiao Bei left. Yet he did know that, Skr, a term that was filled with extreme irony and sarcasm. Has imprinted a faint trembling terror within the hearts of all Apostles from here on.

(Cuppa: So, about Skr. I did some research and found that Chinese rappers like to use it in their raps for reasons I have yet to discover, maybe to make it sound catchy? As it turns out, a Chinese rapper used it in a formal interview, causing many Chinese netizens to make fun of that. I need confirmation about the truthfulness of this info, any readers who know about this term, do feel free to share what you know in the comments to clarify. Thanks!)

(Update: Please check out the link provided by ‘theluga’ for Skr. Thank you for sharing it with us!)

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