Chapter 717 – Good Girl!

Seeing how energetic she was, Ji Mo Ya knew she was not traumatized by the assassination incident and he was relief.

“Yan Lass, you have suffered grievances this time! I did not tell you earlier was because I am afraid you might reveal something by accident and the assassin might hold back and not act. Had that happened, we would have been in a very passive position that require us to be on constant guard.”

This assassin was the left and right hand of Madam Ru; since she no longer took their mother-son ties into consideration anymore, this incident was a good time for him to remove the person.

Huan Qing Yan hugged her head, “I am fine, I believe you. Just that Hallmaster Zhang’s spirit treasure is too power, my ears are stilling buzzing now…”

She knew long ago that being together with Ji Mo Ya would be filled with hurdles; this was only the first of the assassinations, being able to successfully survive it was already a good thing.

Ji Mo Ya carried her and transferred some spirit energy to her, but Huan Qing Yan was still feeling uncomfortable as her mind was filled with the echoing voice of the Skyward Howler.

“It will be better after a couple of days, you should go inside your dimension to rest; I will stand guard.”

Huan Qing Yan pondered and knew that her current condition was not good; earlier on Ji Mo Ya has not returned while the Hidden Fragrance Pavilion just experienced an incident, so she dared not entered the dimension. Now that Ji Mo Ya has returned, she can be at ease and enter it to rest without any worries.


Ji Mo Ya lightly kissed her lips, “Good girl!”

After Huan Qing Yan entered the dimension, he picked up the mini bowl and kept it inside his sleeves.

After that, his gentle warm smile turned cold.

After using the fastest speed he could to fly back from the island, he did not even take a breather and went to look for Huan Qing Yan.

He said with a cold voice, “Mo Si, where is the assassin?”

“He is being imprisoned in Zero Light Hall.” Mo Si’s figure came out from a hidden corner.

“How is Mo Liu’s injuries?”

“Nothing serious, it is all thanks to Young Mistress being powerful. Mo Liu said that by combining powers with Young Mistress, they were actually able to fight against a Mystic Spirit Master. In addition, Mo Liu obtained some enlightenment during the battle and went into closed door cultivation; he wants to try breaking through and become a Mystic Spirit Master.” It was unknown if Mo Si sounded happy or sad.

The Ink Guards were all ranking up one by one, yet he still showed no signs of breaking through.

His Parrot Spirit Treasure, except for having a fast mouth and talkative, has an exceptionally slow cultivation speed. At this rate, his future will be bleak.

Ji Mo Ya nodded, “Mo Liu has been a Late-Stage True Spirit Master for many years; it is lucky for him to obtain enlightenment this time, not bad.”

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“Young Master, will you ignore Mo Si?”

Ji Mo Ya glanced at him, not saying anything, “Lets go to Zero Light Hall and meet that assassin…”


In a clear blue sky, a blood red crescent moon slowly rose  from the horizon where the boundary between Purple Cloud Mountains and Immortal Ripple Empire was located.

Where ever this blood red crescent moon’s light fell upon, it would turn that area into a patch of red.

Turning mountains into red mountains, turning forests into red forests, turning water into red water…

Of course, it did not really turn red, just a tinting for the eyes.

When a certain hunter of the Immortal Ripple Empire saw this scene, he kneeled onto the ground and prayed, “Possessed! The sun has been possessed! Instead of the sun, a blood moon raised in the morning! Too terrifying! We must beg the Sages for blessing…”

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Those were the reactions of commoners; terror and panic, a feeling of forbiddance.

On the other hand, when cultivators saw it, they felt excited as though a huge treasure had appeared; every one of them started to spread the news as waves of Spirit Cranes were sent out.

“The Blood Moon has risen on the Purple Cloud Mountains and Immortal Ripple Empire, come quick!”

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