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“Father, do you have a mistress?”


It happened on a certain afternoon. When I asked the question I suddenly remembered, Father looked very surprised that he dropped he documents on the floor with a rustle.

Hmmm? Perhaps I should not have asked that.

Today, Father unusually took a day off from his “magician” work. Since it was a rare opportunity, he promised to have fun with his family today but unfortunately, it rained ever since this morning.

With little choice, all of us gathered in the living room, Father worked while Mother and my younger brother were sitting at a distance, drinking tea leisurely. A lot of my favorite snacks were prepared. We could not go out, but our whole family spending time together for the first time in a long time is very fun.

While we were talking about various things, that idea just popped out of my mind. Father has been too busy recently so we could not talk, and I wanted to ask him before I forgot it.

Seeing the butler’s strange expression, I really should not have asked him.

While I was wondering what to do, Father made me sit on his lap.

“You know difficult words such as mistress. Where did you learn that?”

“At the tea party the other day. I heard that all nobles have mistresses.”

A big hand stroked my head. I love both Mother’s gentle hands and Father’s warm hands. I have always endured it since I am the older brother but I’d really be happy if they would caress me.

“Oh, is that so? You’re saying that you heard that word ‘mistress’ . . . at that tea party?”

“Uhm, she is a woman who is not a mother but has a special close relationship with the father, right?”

“Yes, that’s the case. You studied it very well. That’s great.”

His big hand slowly stroked my head.

……But when I glimpsed at his golden eyes for a moment, I felt a little scared. Did I see wrong?

Before I knew it, the butler has already gone somewhere.

“So, do you think Father has a mistress?”

“Eh? Everyone has one, right?”

When he replied a question to my question, Father was grinning. That’s the usual Father.

But an oneesan at the party said that everyone has one……

When I stared at Father, it seems that he will not answer.

……Oh, I see. If I’m not mistaken, a mistress is “a person one secretly meets”. That’s why that oneesan wants to secretly meet Father. Since it is a secret, it can’t be helped.

But I wonder if Father went to meet her secretly.

Father is always busy with work. He is working at home like today, and oftentimes, he would travel to far places and will not come home for days.

But Father always say, “I’m leaving”, to us and kiss our foreheads before going. Even if we were sleeping in the morning or at midnight, he would always do that. He will do the same thing when he returns. The longer he was not around, the more tight he hugs us . . . that sometimes, Mother would get angry.

That’s why neither Mother, my younger brother and I knew where Father went to. Did Father secretly meet her at a place we don’t know?

Besides, a woman who is not Mother……?

After we sleep, Father and Mother would drink alcohol occasionally. They always sit opposite each other but during that time, they would sit next to each other. Snuggling closely and smiling. I am also very happy that they are getting along with each other.

……So, when I imagined another woman who is not Mother, somehow my chest tightened with anger.

“A woman who is not Mother is strange.”

“Yeah, I agree.”

At my sudden comment, Father smiled and nodded. I often hear that Father is “handsome” and “popular”. There’s also someone who said that Mother is “not an unparalleled beauty”. (I hate that person.)

I love Mother the most in the world.

I wanted to marry Mother when I was little, but Father “suited” Mother the most so I gave up. Both Father and Mother are the best. That’s why―

“I don’t need Father’s mistress. Please do not get along with other women who are not Mother.”

“Father also does not need a mistress so I will not get one.”

When I pleaded honestly, Father smiled with a very kind expression and hugged me tightly.

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Although it was said that everyone has a mistress, Father did not have one. It may be strange but I was very happy.

After that, Father told me.

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Not everyone has a “mistress”. The oneesan from the tea party was merely teasing me. My expression turned strange.

“A mistress is needed by a lonely person. Since Father has a family to cherish, a mistress is not needed.”

“I see.”

Then when I asked if that oneesan was a lonely person, Father only laughed with a strange expression. I do not have to worry about him lying.

I wish that oneesan would be able to meet a man like Father someday. So that she would never have to lie.

While we were laughing, Mother and my younger brother approached us.

Since we were talking about “mistress”, Mother somehow wore a mean expression.

“It’s okay. I have the cute children with me. If you need a mistress, please do not hold back.”

For almost two hours, Father clung to Mother and did not release her, stopping his work. No matter how my younger brother and I poke and pat him, he did not budge.

The pitiful butler, who came back to the living room, looked like he was about to cry.

After some time, a little sister was born. The whole family rejoiced at the arrival of the first girl.

About having a mistress, it is useless to think about those who are increasing their family size――Rather, I am amazed at my parent’s good relationship but I am getting ahead of the story.

It is unlikely that their relationship will turn cold since the word “mistress” is engraved under “cheating” in our Kralvane family’s dictionary.

We really love these two people.

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