Chapter 723 – Country Of Swamps

Over the past millennium, he had accepted no more than ten disciples. In the end, either they went missing or died, one after the other. Now he has Huan Qing Yan. Such a good seedling how could he not treat her with care?

Just as Huan Qing Yan was about to leave, Elder Snow called out.

“Lass, you have called me Master, yet I have not given you my trademark method.”

Huan Qing Yan was confused for a moment, “It seems like it.”

Elder Snow took out a leather bag and tossed it to Huan Qing Yan, “Look at my memory, these are Ice Shatter Bullets, invented by this Old Man. If you encounter an enemy who you are unable to defeat, you can throw one and freeze him; it will give you an opportunity to escape…”

Eh, there was such a trick?

Huan Qing Yan opened it and saw several ice beads the size of marbles, a rough visual estimate counted more than a hundred of these.

“Master, how many do I throw each time?”

“Depends on the strength of your opponent. Below True Spirit Master, one bead can freeze them for two to four hours. For a True Spirit Master, one bead could freeze them for fifteen minutes. As for Mystic Spirit Master, you need to use more than two to freeze them for a few breaths. You can act as what you deemed fitting…”

Huan Qing Yan look at these tiny beads, ‘Can they really freeze a person?’

“Thank you Master!”

Huan Qing Yan kept the bag inside her storage ring and bid farewell to Elder Snow; she returned to Hidden Fragrance Pavilion and entered the dimension.

She dug up ten Ink Jade Lingzhi plants to use them to make several hundred Large Spirit Buns, preparing them all for her own consumption.

Then she went to the stream and sliced a piece of Divine Ichthyosaur Scale, and used it to make some buns, preparing for Piggy’s share.

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Then she dug up several Immortal Scarlet Roots and cooked a huge pot of soup, preparing for Leafy’s share.

After that, she harvested the Spirit Grains and brewed several batches of wine, filling up all the empty vats inside the storage room.

She did not give Elder Snow any Spirit Wine as his body condition was currently not suitable. He needs to focus on healing his heart and cannot touch alcohol, what he needs was to eat light and bland food. Spirit Dishes was also not suitable as it would burden his bod, so eating medicinal food everyday would be the best.

Ji Mo Ya had collected several Spirit Plants for her and had passed it to her when he returned, she also used this timeframe to plant them inside the dimension. The dimension was now filled to the brim, giving off a thriving vibe.

Very soon, half a day went pass outside.

Several hundred people gathered on the parade square and all of them were displaying expressions of excitement.

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Surging Wave Academia’s signature large flying ship slowly descended and the impatient masses started to quickly board it.

Leaving behind those rookies who have yet to become True Spirit Masters, each of them were looking on with envious gazes…

Suddenly, a beautiful figure was hurriedly running towards them, “Wait, please wait for me!”

It was a panting Mu Rong Xin Nuo; the flying ship paused and allowed her to board.


Immortal Wave Empire, Country of Swamps.

Within this region was countless lakes of all sizes.

When looking down from the sky, this region would look like a broken sieve.

At the southwestern corner of Immortal Wave Empire, near an inner lake that was connected to Purple Cloud Mountains, people from every direction gathered there.

Directly above the lake, was a Blood Moon slowly rising into the sky. The speed of rising did not seemed slow; however, it has already been eight days but it has yet to reach the sky.

As the host, the moment the Blood Moon first started to rise, the Immortal Wave Empire had already segregated the central area of the lake for the various powers of the continent.

The Holy Court, The Four Academies, The Eight Great Clans, The Five Great Empires.

The remaining spots was left for the various lesser empires and famous powers, as well as the mid and small size clans, and finally the wandering cultivators.

When the members of Surging Wave Academia arrived, the place was already packed with people; nearly everyone that should have come has arrived.

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